Is This Okay?

Nova’s POV

I find him leaning on the wall in the alley next to the building. His eyes are closed and he is humming a song as he takes a long drag off of the cigarette, inhaling before slowly breathing the smoke out in a steady stream. “Gotta a light for me?” I ask quietly.

He looks at me inquisitively but pulls out a zippo lighter and lights my cigarette for me. I notice his eyes traveling my body. “I got it from Chantelle, you don’t have to wonder where I have them hidden. I don’t always smoke. I used to do it more in Atlanta, especially when Cassie and I snuck out to the clubs.” I chuckle before continuing “Everyone is talking about going to Mariposa in a little bit. I told them I wouldn’t mind a smoke and got a cigarette from Chantelle, knowing she has the ones that I prefer, but I also told them I would see if you were up for joining us. Sidney wanted to come ask you, but Neville convinced her that I could do that while having my smoke.”

His eyes meet mine and his voice i
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