Tongue Tied

Aldo’s POV

Candace leaving Aiden put him down in the dumps for a short while, but really he had been kind of walking on eggshells for months with her which is why he had proposed to her in the first place. He was hoping that putting a ring on her finger would help her see that he was serious and ease her jealousy. It just seemed to make her worse rather than better and now I am extra glad that both I have this new posh gig that I signed the contract for on Tuesday, but also that Aiden was called into the producer’s office and informed that he was up for a big promotion at the label he works for, because now it’s just the pair of us paying rent.

Aiden’s love life aside this has been a really great week and I am looking forward to tonight’s gig. I haven’t been able to flirt with any girls, it just felt wrong and Tom called me out for not being flirty.

Flashback to Monday Night:

“Dude! You haven’t flirted with any of the ladies once today, not even Adia! What’s up with that?
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