Special Chapter 3: Bouquet

"Why are you so nervous?" Kian asked, looking at Zeth, who was pacing back and forth in the hotel room.

"Fuck off," he said.

Kian raised his hands up in surrender. "Damn. You don't have to be so sensitive."

Zeth groaned and attempted to run his fingers through his hair. However, when he realized that his hair had already been styled, he quickly placed his hand down and continued pacing back and forth.

"You're making me dizzy, man. Sit down," Kian exclaimed.

"Where's Cedric when you need him?" Zeth asked under his breath.

"Hey," Kian said in an offended voice. "Your best man is right here!" he exclaimed, pertaining to himself. "Don't look for another person when I'm literally right here."

"Yeah. You were my second option," Zeth deadpanned. "If Cedric didn't have to leave too early, then he would have been my best man."

Kian rolled his eyes. "Whatever, man. You're stuck with me. And because you said that, I'm not going to comfort you. Instead, I'm going over to the bride's room upst
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