Special Chapter 4: Forgotten

Adriel rolled down the car window to let the fresh gush of wind run through her hair. She closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of the sharp grass and the fresh flowers.

She was already eight months pregnant, and it's been getting harder and harder to manage her pregnancy each day since her due date was getting nearer. She's been feeling more nauseous in the city with all the pollution, so Zeth decided for them to stay in the province while waiting for her due date.

Zeth chuckled as he watched his adorable wife smiling widely at the green scenery. Even if he'll be swamped with work the second he comes back to the city, he knows that it's better for them to stay here for the sake of Adriel's health. He's willing to do anything just to always make her feel at ease.

"Aren't you feeling dizzy, angel?" he asked.

Adriel looked back at him and shook her head. "No. The air over here is so fresh that I don't feel nauseous at all. Thank you for bringing me here despite your busy schedul
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