Special Chapter 8: Weak

"Ooh la la," Adriel said as he ogled the man in front of her.

Aria sat down next to her and also couldn't take away her eyes from the new gardener who was tending to grandpa Earl's garden.

They had been in the villa for about a week now, and they were planning on going back to the city together in the next weeks or so. Right now, they were having afternoon tea on the porch. Adriel had already sent her kids to take a nap, so she invited Aria to eat outside on the grass since the weather was lovely.

However, they were in for a surprising treat when they saw the new gardener that grandpa Earl had hired tending to the plants and grass. He was probably a 40-year-old male, and he seriously had lumberjack vibes. You know those types of men that you see in forests chopping wood up? Tall, muscular, and mature. It also doesn't help the fact that he's wearing nothing but a thin, white shirt that has already been drenched by his sweat, causing it to look transparent under the soft afternoon
Sand Kastle

And that's it! It's the last special chapter and the official last chapter of this book. I hope you guys enjoyed the book as much as I enjoyed making it. I also hope you stay tuned for all of my next works. Thank you, and see you!

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please write about Cedric
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good reader
I lo e these story thanks
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Jennifer Ashman
I think the 3 of them should had got together. and Aria help them learn to love.

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