Special Chapter 6: His Past

"Oh my gosh," Aria exclaimed as soon as they arrived in the vicinity of the Zhang mansion. It was her first time coming here, and she couldn't believe that Kian hid the fact that they owned this kind of home from her.

She knew that his family was rich, but she never even imagined that they were rich RICH.

Kian scratched the back of his head, looking around the house where he spent his childhood in. All the good and bad memories came rushing to his mind—mostly the bad memories, though. Because of his family, he had quite a hard time growing up. If it weren't for Cedric, who was always with him when they were younger, then he reckoned that he must have gone insane.

It's a good thing that his parents don't meddle with their lives anymore. As they grew up, they just started caring less and less. For Kian, that was better, though. At least now, he can choose the life he wants to live.

"You okay?" Aria asked, looping her arm around his.

Kian snapped out of his thoughts and tried his be
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So nice I’m touched

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