Special Chapter 5: Good Old Mansion

"Kian, Kian," Aria shook Kian awake as she looked at her phone in awe. Zeth had just sent her a text message, saying that Adriel had already given birth to their daughter, and there's nothing she wanted more but to travel to the province to see the precious little girl herself.

She clicked her tongue as she shook awake her lover. "Wake up, Kian," she exasperatedly said. "Baby," she tried calling out her sweet nickname for him, but to no avail.

She sighed and decided to bring out her final weapon.

"We're not going to have sex for an entire month if you don't wake up right now."

Like a magic spell, Kian woke up from his slumber and looked at Aria with wide eyes. "No sex? What? What's happening? What time is it?" he said, still drunk from his sleep.

Aria smiled and held onto his arm, pulling him to stand up from the bed. "Let's go!" she excitedly said.

"Where are we going, Aria?" He looked at the bedside clock. "It's literally 4 AM in the morning! Where do you want to go in this ung
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