“Well, that was awkward,” Cole announced the moment Snarl stepped out of the room, leaving

Damon and Hazel to talk. He was already at his wits’ end with tension, and he cast a warning glare at his

friend who knew how much he hated witches. Malia, who had clearly been stood talking to Cole the entire time that Snarl and Hazel had been

busy in the bedroom, at least had the decency to glance away the moment that she saw he was still

practically half-naked. There might have been a time when Snarl would have joked that she could look

if she wanted, but the thought of anyone but Hazel seeing him made him angry, and so he quickly

dropped his boots and pulled on his t-shirt.

“Cole, I think maybe we should give your packmates a little space,” the witch suggested, and

Snarl almost thanked her, though he was too busy trying to listen in on what was being said inside the

bedroom. He hated the thought of Hazel facing Damon alone, especially after having just found the two of

them in such
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