Snarl saw his friend out trying his best to ignore the

sympathy in his eyes. Whatever happened was up to Hazel. He wouldn’t try to

influence her decision. If the alphas found her suffering from some syndrome or

another, he’d lose her either way. So it wasn't about Damon's decision ? He was in love with her. The thought of losing her

left a giant hole inside his chest.

Clawing out his heart wouldn’t be half as painful even

if he would be dead. Hazel was upstairs in their bedroom. She rarely spoke over

dinner leaving him and Shadow to talk business. He was tired of meeting and the

incessant need to avoid war with certain clans. What was the point of trying when it eventually happens.

Staring at his reflection in the mirror Damon let out a

breath feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders as he stepped out. He’d been a good alpha,

and he hoped to be a good help to him as well as reward him .


He turned to see the love of his life standing in the

doorway. She wo
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