SEAL Team Quinn and Devon

SEAL Team Quinn and Devon

By:  Jordan Silver  Completed
Language: English
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They had a pact. SEAL Team Seven, seven men who had formed an unbreakable bond while fighting to protect their country. None of them would marry until their service to home and country had been fulfilled. Now five of the brothers have found love, smack dab in the middle of them trying to chase down a madman who’s out to destroy them and everything they love.As the only two left standing, Quinn and Devon decided that their job now was to protect their brothers and their women. Though they got a kick out of watching the by-play between their brothers and their new sisters, neither man believed that life was for him.Seal Team Quinn and Devon is created by Jordan Silver, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

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Tammy Tilbe
I can't put this whole series down great reads this is a series you have to read
2024-04-07 12:54:15
user avatar
Really good book. This is last in the series. I think there are five before it. I read this one first, and it is fine as a stand-alone, but it would have probably been better to read the series in order. Well written and edited. I definitely recommend this book.
2024-01-29 07:24:18
user avatar
Vai Maaka-Gordon
Suspense and great writing make for a great read. It's a story you can't wait to see what happens. I highly recommend this.
2023-04-08 12:41:37
user avatar
Cheryl Brownson
enjoying it so far
2022-10-28 10:27:54
112 Chapters
Chapter 1: KELLY
"Where are you taking me?" I struggled against the restraints as I tried to take stock of my surroundings. My heart was still beating too loudly in my ears, and the tinny taste of fear lingered in my mouth. I held my breath as best I could and strained to hear what was going on around me over the vicious thumping of my heart. That saying 'blind fear' is very accurate. It felt like all my senses, especially that one was on have the fritz. I worked my jaw when I realized I was gritting my teeth too hard to stop myself from wetting my pants. My body was tense, poised, and ready to take flight, but I couldn't have moved even had I not been tied up and immobile. I slowed my breath, if only to stop the unhealthy racing of my heart, and started to settle down once I realized that there was no immediate danger. It took a sec for my mind to send that message to my body, but my limbs soon started to relax, bit by bit. Once I finally got my bearings, I used my shou
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Chapter 2: KELLY
Of course, I wanted to curl into a ball and cry until he came and got me, but I could hear his strong, reassuring voice in my head. Yelling at me to use everything I had in my power to survive. Fresh tears started as I envisioned our nighttime ritual from my youth. Ever since I was old enough to remember, daddy would tuck me in. Whenever he was at home, that is and not off saving the world. He'd sit next to my bed and read to me before brushing the hair back from my face with his reassuring hand. Then he'd lean in close and kiss my forehead before whispering in my ear what a precious person I am, how no one was better or stronger, how I could do and be anything I want because I was made special and there was only one me. Those words always made me feel taller, stronger braver. Like I could take on the world. Thinking of him and mom, the strength they'd tried to instill in me, made me all the more determined to fight. Though my mind struggled to sway f
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Chapter 3: KELLY
Now I've awakened here in the belly of a dark, dank container, and every depraved act man had perpetrated against man since the beginning of time played itself out in my head. That's the flip side to having a daddy who protects you from everything and tries his best to give you all the tools you'll need to stay safe. Some day he'll have to tell you just what the hell it is he's keeping you safe from. My daddy, being who he is, never sugar coated shit for his only daughter. I wanted to scream, throw up and go back to sleep so I could wake up from this nightmare, but there was no shying away from reality. This shit is happening in real time and if I don't come up with something, my life is never going to be the same again. I know the odds though, and they're not good. Is this it then? Is this the end of the line for me? But why? Isn't there supposed to be some kind of logic to life? Why should these people, complete strangers no less, get to decide what course m
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Chapter 4: KELLY
My mind flashed to a story I'd read years ago when I was too young to understand the severity of the situation. It was the story of a young girl, one much younger than I am now. A girl who'd been taken from her bed in the middle of the night. A family torn apart, a city on edge as the nation watched. That girl had found her way back home. I too can do the same. The thought gave me solace and I held onto it for as long as I could, keeping the fear at bay. I'll bide my time until I get the lay of the land so to speak, and then I'd go from there. I won't fight them until I was sure I'm in a position to win. Any opportunity that arises I'll take it, no matter what I have to do to escape this horror. That's a girl Kelly, keep thinking ahead don't look back. I felt my inner strength build and left the defeatist attitude in the dust. My daddy has been preparing me for this day ever since I got a firm grasp on the English language. Both mentally and physically
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Chapter 5: QUINN
I jumped straight up in bed with my heart racing, glock in hand, body in fight mode. I listened for any kind of sound as I scanned all four corners of the bedroom with my gun arm extended. What the fuck was that? Still caught in that place between sleep and wake I couldn't immediately decipher if the disturbance had been internal, or something that was physically here with me. My gut was tied in knots and I felt fear like I haven't since I was a kid. There was a strange hum in my ears and my breath stilled in my lungs as I tried to get my bearings. With my training I would've known by now if there were anyone else in the room with me. There wasn't, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that something was very wrong. I listened very carefully and there was no sound, but still everything in me screamed extreme danger. I could almost taste it, and all my signals were going off full blast. Some fuck was wrong, my hackles were raised and my skin pr
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Chapter 6: QUINN
I thought of the CO as I did my laps in the indoor pool. Swimming helps me to relax and clear my head when it gets too hot, or when something keeps rattling around in there. It wasn't long before I felt the stress begin to leave me and my limbs became more relaxed and pliant as the tension eased. Only in the water do I feel this at peace. An old woman once told me that it was because of my 'gift'. Apparently those things are all connected to the elements or some shit. I could do without this 'gift' as she called it, though it has helped me out a time or two in the past. And then there're the times when it's a right pain in the ass; like now. From the time I was a very young kid, before my dad tried to beat it out of me, I had a very strong sixth sense. Apparently it's something that ran in the male line of my family. Some Celtic shit that had been passed down since the days of the druids or some fuck. Fuck if I know, I grew up on the streets
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Chapter 7: QUINN
That was the night they became my brothers in heart. It was from that moment on that the seven of us just clicked into place for me. That was a lifetime ago now and we'd come very far and had faced some serious shit together over the years that had only made us closer, stronger. As time went by we became more than just a team. I don't remember us ever being apart even when we came back stateside after that. Lo had decided to take our training a step farther and since we were a motley crew of semi orphans, we all just seemed to fall into brotherhood. Before that I was more of a loner; still have a bit of the lone wolf in me. The navy hadn't knocked the stubborn out of me and I'd say for sure if not for my brothers, my ass wouldn't have made it out of the sling a time or two. But since we 'semi retired' I've calmed the fuck down like ninety percent. Lo has a lot to do with that. He knows each of us almost as well as we know ourselves. That's why he's so good at
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Chapter 8: QUINN
We've had to protect women before but under very different circumstances. There's a big difference between shielding girls and women in a school in Kabul that was under threat of being bombed because some asshole didn't think women should learn shit, and having that shit happening in your own backyard, with women that are now family. The situation still gives me pause, but I can't say that I would wish for things to be different at this stage. I can't imagine them not being here, part of the fabric of our lives. My brothers are happy and after the shit we'd seen together in the field, I can honestly say, they deserve every bit of that happiness. I'll do whatever it takes to see that nothing and no one fucks with it and them. It hadn't been easy at first, had taken some getting used to for the rest of us each time another one fell. It had been just us guys for so long that suddenly having the care of females was going to take some reorganizing on our part.
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Chapter 9: DEVON
I looked back at Quinn once before following the others to Lo's house for lunch. I can't put my finger on it, and he's so good at camouflaging shit when he wants to that it had taken me a while, but something's up. Ever since that early morning phone call I knew he was hiding something but had let myself be convinced otherwise. I was tempted to go back and get that shit out of him, but the baby distracted me when she met us at the door. She babbled away about something or the other that only Ty understood and the rest of us became bystanders to their continuing saga. I don't care how hard you are, nothing melts you faster than a tiny tot with attitude and a chip on her shoulder. She read Ty's ass but good. The rest of us got a few eye rolls and finger shakes, but he was her mark no doubt. It was hard not to smile at the two of them and their antics. Once he picked her up and cleared the way we made it inside where the women met us w
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Chapter 10: DEVON
We'd dug into Mancini, as much as it's possible to dig into a spook or whatever the fuck the guy is. And though we're all agreed he's our kind of people, it's still not easy for us to just put ourselves in someone else's hands; especially not when the storm was raging all around us. For the women though, it was probably the best move. Not that we couldn't protect them, but with everything else we had on our plate and as far reaching as the shit seemed to be, it might be good to have a little extra help while we hunted assholes. Ty came back inside with the baby who'd calmed down to the sniffles. He was still looking at Zak like he wanted to shoot him when he took his set with baby Zak on his lap. She said some shit to him that he understood and he put her down after wheedling a kiss from her. The guy is such a sap. She made her way to her daddy on toddling legs and stood at his knee. Zak pretended not to see her as she clasped her hands and peered at h
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