Episode 1

I couldn't wait to get to my new class final year will be fun...I thought but I knew it couldn’t be that fun, no friends no boyfriend, what a boring life I thought, I remove my headset, hang it over my neck, sipping my coffee before I took my seat, I could hear various thought, different things going through peoples’ minds so to avoid all of those I decided to put my headset back on.

I was about to put my headset back on when something caught my attention, it was Hanna's inner voice 'he's so handsome’ I heard her exclaimed, ‘how can a nerd be so gorgeous' she added, I was starting to feel irritated, I looked back to see the new guy they were all ogling at, he wasn't bad I thought as I turned to the front, I saw Hanna staring at me, then I heard her inner voice say, 'looks like the isolated beauty found him attractive too', I smirked on that, and I heard her curse using her inner voice, ‘nobody does that to me,' she added then turned to her friends, telling them they were going to teach me a lesson by break, Melanie one of her crew was starting to feel sorry for me, then I heard Nicole saying ‘she will smell nice with some perfume don't you think?’ Then Hanna's thought give their plan away, they were planning to pour the toilet litter on me by break, how insulting, I thought as I brought out my books when Mrs. Smith came in, she was a beautiful woman with long black hair that I always admire.

"As you all know we have some new members amongst us this morning-"

Some I thought, and then I heard the woman’s thought. Gracious, the woman had decided to have her children transferred to Bloomington high school, but only one was in my class, Adrian.

"Adrian and Sandra" Mrs. Smith announced

"Hi I'm Adrian Smith" The dark hair guy said as he stood, I can't dispute his handsomeness he share an obvious resemblance with his mom, I thought as everyone applauded him, all the girls in our class was already drooling, how annoying.

"I'm Sandra Jones" the girl beside him say, she was pretty too but not compared to Hanna.

"Now that they've introduced themselves can we now get back to work" Mrs. Smith

Asked and we all answered 'yes Mrs. Smith' But the funniest guy in our class, Gregory raised his hand.

"Yes Gregory, what's your question?" Mrs. Smith asked.

"Is he your son?" He asked and as usual everyone laughed at his silly question

"Silence" Mrs. Smith cautioned and silence once again took over but in my ear there were so much oozing, I took my earpiece dig it in my ear and start some music, I didn't hear anything until Mrs. Smith called on me and I quickly hide the earpiece.

"Are you here?" She asked eyes narrowed at me in question.

"Yes ma'am" I answered briskly.

"What was the last thing I said?" She asked not believing me, knowing obviously she was thinking of what she said I stole the idea from her thoughts.

"You said there is going to be an organized orientation for our class by noon" I replied calmly.

"Sit" she ordered and I did, then I heard murmurs, many kept saying they were pretty sure I wasn't listening how did I manage to know? It made me smile.

She started work for the day, Biology; that was my best subject, our Math teacher took over afterward and break, I was the first to leave the class knowing clearly about the plan against me, I went to the last floor of our school building it was the most quiet, then I brought out my lunch,

I would have headed to the cafeteria if not for two reasons, one too much people too much thought, two…I was to be ganged up against, even if it lonely here, I preferred it here, it was peaceful I thought closing my lunch box, I was done eating, I was about bringing out my books to go through when I heard someone stumbled through the door, he was shivering and shouting, and his hands trembling.

"Hey!" I shouted and he looked over towards me.

"Are you alright?" I asked scared something happened to him.

"I'm fine" He stuttered I wondered if he was like that or just the situation he was in and the most funny thing is, I couldn't hear his thoughts.

"Adrian, right?” I asked to be sure if that really was his name, he nodded in affirmation

"How know my name?" He asked and that kinda annoyed me.

"You hadn't noticed me in class if I should guess, I'm Natalie. We are in the same class" I said standing from where I sat.

"It's okay... If you don't wanna tell me why you suddenly bumped in here and start shouting, can you at least tell me why your hands are trembling?” I asked taking a good look at him; he suddenly put his hand into his pocket

"It's none of your business" He replied sternly.

"Sure....yeah it's not, but I don't like company, I hate to ask you this but can you please leave then" I said annoyed

"You don't own this place, do you?" He asked boldly, I guess he's better now but he was very much annoying.

"No" I retorted sharply.

"Then you can't ask me to leave" he said confidently arching an eyebrow at me making me snicker to be honest I feel like kicking him now.

"Sure then take your time" I said sitting back on my blanket, which I already have the habit of bringing since last year that I got transferred, I took out my books to review what we've done but the guy's presence was disturbing, I was damn curious what happened to him and I hate the fact that I couldn't hear his thoughts, I put on my headset and concentrate on what I was doing then I could feel him sitting on the floor. 40min later, I was done and ready to leave but when I look at him, he was sleeping. So peacefully I thought, the sun was affecting him, I bent towards him and shook my head in pity, my thoughts was telling me to leave him and make him suffer for his rude manners in the hands of Mr. Blair.

Our physics teacher, but my mind wouldn't let me, I was about waking him when I saw a tint of dirt on his forehead and I was about picking it when he suddenly held my hand and opened his eyes.


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