Episode 2

"What are you doing?" He asked me looking at me sternly, despite holding my hand I couldn't hear his thoughts, I pulled away from him and stood,

"I wanted to wake you," I said and started moving, I was almost late for class, I saw Mr. Blair on the way but I run past him to get to class, looks like Mister handsome will face Mr. Blair after all, I thought as I settle down, Mr. Blair was a black dude who managed to make dread look cool, he was addressing us about the semester topics when Adrian came in. 

"Hey, you?" Mr. Blair called as Adrian was walking towards his seat, he turned to him in surprise

"Why...are.. you...just coming?" He asked through gritted teeth annoyed, He was upset...really mad, he had a misunderstanding with one of the teachers and was ready to punish any student that messed up today, he didn't want to care if we just resumed, thanks to his mashed up thoughts I was able to pick out something. 

"I asked you why you are just coming!?" He yelled at the dumbfounded Adrian. 

"He had to collect his seat number from our class teacher. He's a new student" I put up quickly standing up, my ear was full again too many murmurs and thought, I couldn't pick anything.

"Is he?" He asked not believing me. Then he turned to Adrian "Are you?" He inquired. 

"Um...yes" he replied shyly

"Ain't surprised, you came late to my class, you had better learn, from now on, nobody come in after I'm in, is that clear?" His eyes widened.

"Yes sir" We all answered as we take our seats. Well, the rest of the class was not so fun, I was dozing in the middle of the orientation, I was now eager to go home since I didn't hear anything at the orientation due to my headset.

I've been avoiding Adrian ever since the situation, and Hanna and her crew have been stalking me as well, all I want now is to escape, Immediately the bell rang, I packed my stuff and made my way out before the girls could follow, I raise my headset to my ear from my neck as I got to the gate, I could tell I was the first person to go out of school.

"I'm home... I shouted as I walked into the house, pulled off my shoes and keep them on the rack, then raise down my headset

"Hi mom" I greeted pecking her, she was in the kitchen making cupcakes I took one.

"Don't!" My mum immediately warned with a glare as I was about to put my mouth on it.

"For our new neighbors?" I asked in alarm grabbing it from her thoughts.

"Yes," she answered already used to me picking on her thoughts.

"Who are they?" I asked but even her, isn't aware. 

"Mom I'm starving! Anything for me?" I asked then I heard her inner voice telling me she put some slice of strawberry cake on my table. I rushed inside drop my bag to see the cake, it was just a matter of minutes before I ate it all, I had just finished changing from my school uniform when my mum come into my room.

"Honey, can you please bring the cupcakes to our new neighbors?" My mum pleaded and I took my pink canvas, put it on to match my girly pink gown. I took the tray of cupcakes, cover it with a transparent plastic cover, and made my way to the house after grabbing my headset and getting the directions from my mum's thoughts, the house has been empty for long. And it was looking as good as new just yesterday we heard someone bought the house, it was a duplex story building unlike ours which was a duplex bungalow, theirs was bigger, painted in white and light green, I knocked and Mrs. Smith opened the door. 

"Mrs. Smith?" I called in surprise and lowered my headset

"Hey hi... What's that your name again?" Mrs. Smith asked with a curious glance.

"Natalie" I answered with a smile. 

"Um... Actually, my mum ask me to bring over this over as a gift" I said gesturing the tray of cupcakes to her view.

"Oh... That's so nice of your mom Tell her I said thanks" She replied nicely in appreciation taking it from me.

"Yeah...sure," I said waiting for the tray

"I'll ask Ashley to bring it over," she said knowing what I was waiting for. 

I heard from her thoughts "Adrian who likes cupcakes so much is gonna miss this, looks like he ain't around I concluded after that.

"Bye Mrs. Smith," I said stepping down their stairs.

"Bye... Natalie" she said closing her door I turned after that causing me to bump into Adrian, then I fell, 

"Watch where you're going," He said annoyed, I stood and frowned at him before finally leaving, my ankle was sprained I couldn't manage a normal walk.

"I'm home," I said making my way to the sitting room after the pre-room making my mom notice my sprained leg

"Are you okay?" She asked looking at me with a worried expression on her face. 

"Just a sprained ankle" I answered taking my seat on the sofa. 

"Sorry dear" she soothed moving over to the shelf to get balm, she helped me with it taking off my shoes. I turn on the TV as she returned back to the kitchen. 

"Your exams are near Natalie. Shouldn't your focus be on that?" I heard her ask from the kitchen.

"Come on mom, I just sprained my leg. Shouldn't I at least enjoy some entertainment" I joked and the doorbell sounded

"Honey, please go get the door" My mum pleaded and I did. It was Adrian and a young girl can't be more than 10, 11 at most.

"Hi" the girl greeted with a wide grin,

"Hi" I replied ignoring Adrian completely. 

"My mom asked to return this," she said issuing the tray to me 

"And she said thanks" she added nicely.

" problem I said and I was about to close the door when I heard the girl's thought, she was looking at his brother.

'Come on Adrian, apologise to her and tell her thanks. From her thoughts I could make out the conversation she had with her brother and mother, Adrian had gotten home guilty of what he did. He had told his mom about me and how I helped him in class and how I bumped into him.

His mother and sister had scolded him for letting me leave without him offering apologies for that, so their mom had asked him to follow Ashley in returning the tray and to start making friends, Adrian is also an anti-social kinda person due to some kind of disease that I wasn't able to make out when Adrian call to me.


"Yes," I replied with my head immediately shooting up, distracting myself from the girl's thoughts.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" He requested timidly.

"Hmm sure...give me a sec," I said shoving the tray on the dining table and moving out again, Ashley had left when I returned.

"I...I am sorry...for bumping into you" He finally apologised and I smiled.

"It's alright" I assured walking him out, he noticed my leg. 

"Does it hurt?" he asked his gaze fixed on it. 

"Not much" I answered casually. 

"I'm really sorry for that" he apologised again

"It's alright. At least you didn't turn out to be the jerk I thought you to be" I said leaving him completely awestruck. 

"What?" he questioned shock written all over his face. 

"Well, I thought you were a rude jerk, no offense" I replied smiling

"Oh...I'm sorry, and thank you...for putting up for me" he added shyly, he seems he wasn't used to communication.

"'s no biggie" I shrugged then my mom came out with her bag, she was ready to go back to work, she's always like that taking 2 hours break to prepare both lunch and dinner for the family. 

"Heading back?" I asked as she looks for her car key. 

"Yes honey" She answered looking up then I heard her inner voice question who Adrian was.

"He's my classmate and our new neighbor" I answered, 

"Oh.." She pouted in realization, bringing out her keys. 

"Hi, Mrs. Howard" Adrian greeted

"Hi...umm," she said thinking of what to call him. 

"Adrian" I helped her out.

"Oh Adrian...well you guys have fun I'm heading to work," she said getting into her business car which Melody's beverage distributor was written conspicuously on and was parked beside the house in the car shade.

"Bye mom," I said waving and she waved back leaving... I smile at my mom's last thought which was 'Adrian is handsome and we'll make a fine couple'

"Mour mom's nice," He remarked with a shy smile.

"Thanks...and yours too" I returned the compliment. 

"Well, go" he muttered scratching his head lightly. Cute I thought.

"Yeah...sure...bye" I waved slightly. 

"Bye" he replied waving back before heading out, I guess it's only me, myself, and I at home, I thought as I headed back inside.


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