Episode 27

"You could actually lose your badge for that" I reminded her really glad I've gone through the rules, the girl retracted at once.

"Jane...Kelly, go catch a seat" Alveera instructed and they did as told after throwing some murderous stares at me. Then I actually realised Alveera was my team leader, she left after ensuring we were in order and moved to the other gammas who was seated in the front.

I didn't pay much attention to the whole presentation thing. I wanted to get started, and I knew I have when Lady Georgia call on me and Alfred, she led us to the gymnasium and start addressing us. 

"I'm lady Georgia and I'm in charge of making you fit enough to be in Level two, we will have two weeks preparatory training before you finally start your lesson with your mates, first I have to know what you're good at, your basics, and your weaknesses but I can't without you having a training mate, this" she said gesturing over

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