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Yen found out that she had been into a traumatic incident five years ago that caused her to forget a huge part of her past. And that past included her marriage to Kim, the CEO of the company she was working for. She may not have recognized him right away, but there was something about Kim that drew her emotionally to him. But having already married Zed, an almost perfect husband to her except for his sexual flaw, Yen found it hard to let him go. She tried to convince her boss to move on and let her live in peace with Zed, but Kim wasn't the kind to concede. What would happen then? Who would win the fight? And who would she choose in the end?

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  “Yen!”  Kim’s voice was low but loud enough to echo his silent frustration. I got frightened. I knew I was confusing him. Just a few minutes ago, I hooked my arms around him like a lost child who just found comfort and security. That move awakened a mutual longing deep within us, prompting a simple gesture to progress into an intimate action. I danced along with him to the rhythm of sexual passion. Our moves even flowed out naturally and unrestrained. I felt profound pleasure and satisfaction with him, but it was something I had never experienced with Zed. I momentarily forget about reality. Everything felt so real and tangible. But after the powerful emotion subsided, the truth dawned on me.  Hell, I sinned against my husband!  I sinned against the man who put me on a pedestal. The man who did nothing but loved and took care of me like I was the most fragile thing on earth. I could never 
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No, this wasn't right anymore. For Kim to tell me that he's in love with me would worsen the situation. I shouldn't allow this to happen. I was already weak in resisting him, and for him to ride on this situation would only put the embers into flame.  This was perhaps because I had this strange but special feeling for him. But if I also had to entertain the mutual feeling he said he had with me; it wouldn't be long before I would completely fall into the pit of sinning. This I didn't want to happen.  Zed was almost a perfect husband to me, except for his sexual disorder. In our seven years of relationship, we never had gone into any serious argument. He highly respected me and consulted me in every decision-making that he made. He gave me freedom in everything I wanted to do, not suffocating me with his self-set restrictions. "Don't flatter me, Kim, if your intention is just to pacify me for our sin. It doesn't help the situation
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CHAPTER 3  "I'm not in the position to answer your question, ma'am. So why not talk to Sir Kim about it, instead?" Reading the meaning between the lines, my suspicion that I was indeed Jakara grew higher. I could consider having an identical twin, but the intuition or "lukso ng dugo" made me eliminate the thought. Not only that, there was something in the way Kim looked at me that attracted me to him ever since I knew him. And there was a strong emotional pull within me that I could not explain every time I got near him. My thoughts then went to that day I first met him at Ara's office. I was sitting across from Ara's desk when Kim entered the office. His eyes fell on me right away, and he seemed to freeze for a second before he shifted his gaze to Ara. "Ar, Mr. Sato, and his team are coming over this weekend. They'll be staying for about a month," he said, but his side glances didn't escape me. "Got it, sir. I'll be meet
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In less than fifteen minutes, I was already done changing into a casual little black dress. It was a sleeveless, body-hugging dress, and its hemline fell several inches above the knee. I couldn’t care less if it was the proper attire for the party or not since it was all I had. I was even glad that Zed, my thoughtful husband, spared me this extra dress for the trip. He seemed to have predicted that I might be needing it. And since it was a pool party, I wore ahead a bikini set underneath my dress. Japan is known for ‘onsen,’ a hot spring bath that is geothermally heated under the ground due to natural volcanic activities. So, I presumed I would also have time for this later. "Yen, where have you been?" Trish sprang up from her seat and ran to meet me while I was still halfway towards the group of people who gathered by the pool. There seemed to be an equal number of men and women; some of them were even seated by twos. "Sorry, Trish! A friend called out of th
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Kim stood up and moved his chair beside me. He reached for my hands under the table and held them tight. "I'm here. You don't have to be afraid," he said, staring into my eyes to force me to look at him. I wondered if my reactions were so transparent or if I had a history with this Josh Herra. But my reaction told me I had been into some conflict with him. Addressing me as Jakara further added to my suspicion that I was indeed Jakara. Because If I had an identical twin, I wouldn't have been bothered like this. "Who is he, Kim? Why does he address me as Jakara?" I asked; my lips were already quivering. I was glad the lights were dim because the people around us would have seen my reaction. "Don't trouble your mind for now. You're pregnant, and it isn't good for you to worry much." He released my hands from squeezing, but just when I thought he would already pull them out, he began interlacing his fingers with mine. I no longer realized the roma
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  CHAPTER 6Trish turned and asked me to zip up her dress. I stopped for a second to give her a thorough overall look and I couldn’t help but stick my eyes on her flaunting curves. The body-hugging cream dress that showed her long legs and a big portion of his back, shoulders, and arms made her so stunning that I even imagined her as a real bride. I even wondered if there was a time where Kim was attracted to her.Remembering that Kath was waiting for us, I also hurried to change into the dress prepared for me. I had no idea on the whole plan for the night, but since Cris involved me in this, I expected that I would have an important role later. While looking at myself in front of the huge mirror, my thoughts then went to Mr. Williams and Josh Herra. Who are they? What is their significance in Jakara's life? And why do I seem bothered inwardly even by just the mention of their names?“Miss Trish, Miss Y
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Staring at the old man from my seat, I felt something strange inside. It felt like I had already met him and that I had been close to him. Yet, no matter how I racked my brain, I couldn't bring myself to remember a thing about him.What's the problem here, I thought. Is it really me? Why don't I remember them?I glanced at Kim with a questioning look, but thinking it would prompt an emotional outburst, I excused myself and went to the bathroom. Seeing that I was alone, I let go of the tears that were welling inside me. I was so confused. What happened to me five years ago? Why don't I remember any of these? How do I become someone named Jakara?  If I indeed married Kim, what caused our breakup? What role does this old man have on me? I have a biological father in my country. So, why does everyone say he's Jakara's father?My questions popped one after another, and they were as many as the teardrops that raced down my cheeks. T
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I froze in my seat when I realized that tonight wasn’t just an engagement party but an actual wedding ceremony. I looked at Trish, and I also saw the massive shock registering in her face. Her glowing eyes were now red, and a gentle emotional tug would surely send her to tears.I turned and looked at Kim and his lips twisted into an amused smile. He seemed to read my mind because he tried to explain.“The couple had some arguments lately because Trish has this feeling of insecurities. So when she learned that Cris is planning to supervise his business in the Middle East, she thought that their relationship isn’t going to work anymore, so she broke up with him. Thus, this surprise wedding ceremony. The grand wedding will follow soon.”“Is there a third party?” I asked because a woman won’t easily get insecure if she doesn’t have to compete for attention from a man.“Not really, but Trish took it serious
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I couldn’t believe those things Josh Herra said happened to me. I forgot my current situation for a moment, and it felt like I was listening to a radio drama series.“What happened next, Josh Herra?”Before Josh could answer, a loud siren pierced into my ear. Josh fumbled immediately on my handcuff and released me.“Don’t ever make things hard for me because I always have ways,” Josh said as he glanced at the police car blocking our way. Because his driver didn’t even try to escape, so I guess Josh used this incident as just a threat.Josh rolled out the window when a policeman stood by the passenger’s door.“Sir, what’s the problem?” Josh asked in a poker face that I  clenched my hands to hold back my urge to slap him.“We received a call that you’re taking a woman with you by force.”Josh scoffed and moved his gaze between me and the police.
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I noticed that he didn’t mention Maezy’s name, but I didn’t expose him. What for? We were already both married and had led separate lives, so it’s useless to cry over spilled milk.Perhaps Kim was afraid that I would confront him for marrying the woman who sold me. If he truly loved me before, he should have married someone else and not the one who betrayed our friendship. But I couldn’t question his decisions because it didn’t matter anymore. Things like that could happen to people, even to someone you don’t expect.“Thanks for coming back to me, Yen,” he said, and his hand crawled on top of my right hand, clasping it with his.Tears rolled down from my eyes as I shook my head.“I am already married, Kim. And so you are.”“But you were mine first.”“But it’s in the past.”I heard with my two ears when Josh confronted Kim for stopping him i
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