SNOW WHITE And The Supernaturals Of SHADOWVALE

SNOW WHITE And The Supernaturals Of SHADOWVALE

By:  Damien Ace  Updated just now
Language: English
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So there I was, stuck in this dark Victorian mansion for a whole freaking century, thinking I'd never get out. Then, out of nowhere, these two gorgeous girls swoop in and rescue me! I couldn't believe it, and we instantly hit it off. They showed me a whole new world I'd only ever imagined, and I was all about living a normal human life.   But just when I thought things were looking up, this vampire named Vivaldi pops up out of thin air, grinning like a possessed Jack-o'-lantern. I mean, a name like Vivaldi is bound to give you the creeps, right? He claimed I had some ancient first blood running through my veins and demanded that I sign some crazy blood contract with him—the kind of deal that comes with some seriously freaky consequences.   Vivaldi was trying to sell me the idea that this blood contract was his only lifeline, the only way to save his skin from something worse than death. But I wasn't some clueless newborn vamp; I knew better than to just dive into something as serious as a blood contract. Those things come with some heavy consequences, and I wasn't about to sign up for that without a second thought.   The problem was, if I didn't go along with his messed-up plan, he promised to make my friends' lives a living hell—the very people I'd started to care about. I was trapped between a rock and a hard place. If I decided to team up with Vivaldi, I'd be keeping him around, which is far from ideal. But if I refused, my friends and the whole town of Shadowvale would be in serious danger.    It felt like I was caught in this impossible situation, like I was trying to choose between two rotten apples.

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30 Chapters
Chapter 1 ~ Vivaldi ~
SO, HERE I AM, sprawled out on the cold, damp floor of a dark cave, naked as the day I was born. My tiny hands are cuffed with these gigantic chains that look like they could hold down a whole friggin' ship! I let out a groan that makes a wounded bear sound like a whimpering puppy. Every bone in my body screams in agony; it's like a sledgehammer-wielding madman has gone to town on me.As I try to move, the pain just won't quit. I reach for the keys to freedom, lying oh-so-close on the cave floor. But my hands are shaking like leaves in a hurricane, weighed down by the chains and that ceaseless, pounding pain. I have to wait it out, waiting for my secret superpowers to swoop in and patch me up. I know they'll stitch my broken bones, mend my torn flesh, and silence that shrieking pain.So, I lay there, wincing and writhing on the ground, my eyes tracing over the bloody remnants of my, shall we say, “transformations.” The cave walls are splattered with dried blood, like some abstract pain
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Chapter 2 ~Vivaldi~
I'LL BE HONEST, FOLKS—my blood runs colder than an Arctic river at that moment. This isn't going to end well.I cock my head to the side, my lips forming a thoughtful 'O.' Now, what have I called him again? Oh, right—Mr. Bean Head and his glorious bald dome. I've really gone and stirred the pot now, haven't I?“I say I want a mug of beer!” I chuckle nervously, trying to backpedal faster than a clown on a unicycle. But my new friend isn't buying it. Not one bit.“No, no,” he growls, his chest heaving like a stormy sea. “What did you call me?”I clear my throat, scrambling for a way to defuse the situation. “Uh, I said, Mr. Blonde Head!” I lie, hoping he'll buy it.“But... I'm not a blonde,” he says, his brow furrowed in confusion.Well, if he wants the truth, I'll give it to him. My lips curl into a mischievous smirk. Oh, this is going to be good. “If you're not a blonde,” I say, drawing out the moment, “then that means you're a...”I pause, letting the tension build like a pressure co
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Chapter 3 ~Vivaldi~
SO HERE I AM, FEELING like the cat that got the cream as I lap up the rich, honey-like blood. My serpentine tongue savors every sweet drop, like it's the nectar of the gods. I can't get enough, but eventually, the poor guy's body goes limp in my grasp, so I let him drop. His glassy eyes stare up at me, so I gently close them. I'm not a complete monster, you know?I let out a long, satisfied breath, then hop up onto the bar counter, my gaze sweeping over the rows of glittering bottles. So many choices! I can't decide which one to go for, so I do a little “eeny meeny miny moe” until my fingers land on a fancy-looking bottle of Johnnie Walker. “Aha!” I exclaim. The thick, curvaceous glass and the swirly pattern on the label catch my eye, so I figure, Why the heck not?I grab the bottle, jump back down to the ground, and crack it open. As I take a long, deep swig, the sweet, bubbly liquid dances on my tongue. I can't help but let out a contented sigh. “Next time, you won't argue with me w
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Chapter 4 ~Casper~
SO, THE GIRLS ARE STANDING THERE, looking around the mansion with wide-eyed expressions, like they can't believe what they're seeing. It's a mix of amazement and, let's be real, a healthy dose of fear.Meanwhile, I'm huffing and puffing as I run down the stairs, my heart pounding like a jackhammer in my chest. The girls are still gawking at me, probably wondering where the heck I came from and why I'm acting so spooked.“Thank you,” I manage to say, trying to keep my voice steady. And before they can say anything, I just throw my arms around them both and give them a big ol' bear hug. I mean, I'm so grateful they haven't ditched me outside, and now that they're here, this place doesn't seem quite as lonely.They kinda awkwardly pat my back, and when I let go, they say, “You're welcome.”The one who isn't too keen on helping me glances around the mansion and says, “Wow, this is a really nice place.”“Thanks,” I reply. “It's my parents', but they're away dealing with some important stuf
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Chapter 5 ~Casper~
AS WE CHATTED AWAY LIKE OLD FRIENDS, Scarlett and Winter shared their stories, their voices filled with a mix of wonder and confusion. Winter leaned in, her voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper, like she was sharing a secret around a crackling campfire. “Now get this, Casper – Scarlett couldn't see this house from the outside. Not even a tiny peek! But the moment she steps foot inside, poof! There it is, big as day, like it was playing some crazy game of hide-and-seek with her all along!” So, I kept up the act, pretending to be totally blown away by the whole thing. Scarlett, she just frowned and shook her head, like she was trying to work out a really tough puzzle. “I know, right? It's super weird. I just can't make sense of it.” Her fingers fidgeted with the soft cushions of the couch, like she was looking for something solid to hold on to in this storm of strangeness. “You know, maybe the house was there all along, but I guess I never paid it any mind before – isn't that j
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Chapter 6 ~Casper~
As I lay on the floor, it suddenly dawned on me: all those years of being starved of a proper blood diet were finally catching up to me. My body screamed for sustenance, like a neglected houseplant begging for water.Desperation washed over me as I realized I needed blood, and fast. Without it, my body would continue to wither away, turning me into a dried-out, lifeless husk. But, wouldn't you know it, the sun shone like a big, round middle finger, taunting me from the sky.Time ticked by at a snail's pace as I lay there on the ground, feeling my strength ebb away. The sun seemed to taunt me as it took its sweet time crossing the sky, each passing minute stretching out like an eternity.With nothing else to do, my mind started playing tricks on me. What if I didn't make it until nightfall? Would I end up as a dried-up, shrivelled shell, a fraction of the being I used to be? The thought sent shivers down my spine, but all I could do was wait and hope that I'd survive long enough to see
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Chapter 7 ~Vivaldi~
THIS DUDE'S FACE SCRUNCHES up like he's trying to solve a riddle as he asks, “So, when did you get here, and how?” His eyes were all bright and curious, and I couldn't help but crack a smile.I let out a chuckle and teased, “Come on, man, you think I'm just going to spill the beans like that? Give me some credit!” His frustration was kind of hilarious, I had to admit.I switched gears and took a look around. “Hey, by the way, I'm Vivaldi Monteverdi,” I said, admiring the place. “Your crib is sweet! It's cosy but super cool at the same time. It seems like you are flying solo here. Maybe we could room together or something?” I suggested with a hopeful grin.But the dude's face went all serious, and he demanded, “What are you doing here?”I couldn't resist poking the bear a little, so I quipped, “Don't you mean, What brings your fabulous self to my humble abode?”His gaze got all intense, and his voice dropped low. “Just answer the question.”I let out a sigh and levelled with him. “Look
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Chapter 8 ~Vivaldi~
“ENOUGH!” he growls, pushing her away. “I'm not giving in, Vivaldi. I'm done with human blood, and that's final!”He turns to the girl, his voice strong and steady. “You gotta get outta here, sweetheart. Run as fast as you can and don't look back until you're somewhere safe.”The girl glances back and forth between us, her eyes wide with fear. After a moment, she nods and makes a break for the door.But I'm too quick for her. In a flash, I'm by her side, my hand gripping her arm tightly. “Not so fast,” I hiss, trying to use my mind control. “You ain't going nowhere 'til you get my bro to take a bite. That's why you're here.”The girl's eyes dart between us, fear dancing in her gaze. But when she looks at him, her expression softens. She pulls her arm free from my grasp and makes a break for the door, disappearing into the night.I'm totally confused. I've mind-controlled her to stick around and tempt my bro until he caves, but somehow, his mental juju is stronger than mine. How the he
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Chapter 9 ~Casper~
STANDING AT THE FRONT OF THE CLASSROOM, I am the center of attention, and you can almost taste the excitement in the air. The class leader, Sarah, clears her throat and announces, “Everyone, this is Casper, but you can call him Snow White. He's a new student, and I'm sure you'll all make him feel right at home.”I give a small smile and nod hello, my sharp senses catching the flood of curious whispers—a storm of interest and excitement. A girl in the front row leans toward her friend and whispers, “He's really good-looking. I wonder where he's from.”“I heard he's from some small town up north,” her friend whispers back.With a confident walk, I make my way to the desk they've given me, feeling the energy in the room. Sarah's introduction hasn't been enough for my new classmates. I smile politely at the people around me, but the whispers continue, spreading through the room like wildfire.Just then, someone from the back of the class calls out, “Hey Snow White, did you bring any dwarv
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Chapter 10 ~Casper~
FOOTSTEPS START PADDING OUR WAY, and I can't help but scrunch up my face in anticipation. I know that voice, I reason. There is something smug and familiar about it that sends a shiver down my spine. But before I can dismiss the thought, the owner of the voice appears in the doorway. Damn it, I curse in my mind. It is him – that little brat – and as he turns to look my way, his face breaks into that Cheshire cat-like grin that always manages to piss the life out of me.“Hello, brother,” he says, his voice dripping with self-satisfaction. I can't help but let out a resigned sigh, knowing full well that my night is about to get even more complicated than I could have possibly imagined.Turning his gaze back to the girl who is on the verge of exposing my secret, Vivaldi speaks in a calm, collected voice. “Honey, why do you keep your friends standing outside like that?”The girl fidgets nervously for a moment before replying, her voice trembling with fear and confusion. “He's the one I tol
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