"Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Boyle, on the delivery of your beautiful twin babies." DJ smiled proudly as he held both babies in his naked chest for the first time. His smiling wife lies on the bed next to him, recovering from her cesarean section. 

Their babies were beautiful and DJ couldn't be more grateful for how great his life turned out. 

He got married to a wonderful woman and his sister Mika was doing great too with her husband and two children. Their mother had died of heart problems six years ago and they haven't spoken to Vincent since their mother's death. He and Mika had made sure they stayed connected and the love which their father grew them with still flourished between the two siblings. 

They would grow their children the same. 

They owed that to Danny and Louis.

Priest moved away from the town two years after Danny's death and DJ had no idea where the breeze of life had blown him towards since they never kept in touch. 

A nurse came into the room to take the babies so she could put them in their cradles, she gently took the girl and when she returned to take the boy she noticed he had a black shade of birthmark on the back of his palm. 

"Hmm, strange, another baby just born had the same birthmark in the same hand." She commented and both DJ and Lucy raised furrowed brows at the nurse. They thought she didn't mean it until she returned with the parents of the baby. 

Indeed when compared their birthmarks were the same and the boys had a striking resemblance that would have had DJ question whether his wife had delivered triplets instead of a set of twins but he was there in the room when the babies were brought out and handed over to him so this baby was definitely not his yet the baby pulls at his heartstrings and drowns his heart with unimaginable warmth, he felt as if he was his son even more than that. 

"Congratulations." The newly arrived couple greeted and they all exchanged pleasantries. 

"Do you live around?" DJ asked one of the husbands who introduced himself as Mr. Daniels McKimson and his partner Markus. Two wonderful Dads who had just had their son from a surrogate mother. 

"Oh, yes, but we are moving away next week, we just wanted the baby to arrive before the move," Daniels replied. 

"Darn it, I was looking forward to having the boys grow up together," DJ replied and they all laughed. He admired their identical birthmark and resemblance. It'll be a pity if the boys wouldn't even know about each other.

"Where are you moving to?" Lucy asked. 

"SnowVille," Markus replied he has a warm smile on his handsome face that could light up an entire room.

"That's six hours of flight away, damn!" DJ yelled out in feign annoyance. 

Both couples went ahead to chat for a few more minutes then bid each other their goodbyes.

DJ and Lucy were on their journey to starting a wonderful family with their beautiful babies. 

"What are you going to call them?" Lucy asked her husband but saw DJ was already thinking about that. 

"I've got it, Dylon and Draya." Lucy laughed softly at the pride that her husband used in saying those names. 

"I love them." She agreed.

"Thank you." 

"I thought you were going to name them after your heroes?" She inquired with a smile.

"I thought of that but I already got my father's name and Louis made it into DJ so they're always close to my heart." The sound of a crying baby had both parents shutting up as DJ got on his feet and walked towards the cradles where both babies were laid. "He's crying." He whispered and his eyes lit up sweetly in the way and manner his baby boy stretched both arms and legs punching the air as he cried. "Do you like your name, Dylon, hmm?" He began to speak sweetly as he raised the baby from the cradle and into his arms. The baby stopped crying instantly. "There you go." The thirty-six-year-old cooed and rocked him back to sleep.


Eight Years After Their Birth.


"Mrs. Boyle, your son has what is known as CIPA." Doctor Andreas began to speak as he let the young boy down on one foot while the boy grabbed onto a crutch to take the weight off his other leg. 

"What is that?" Lucy asked, not understanding a word. 

"Congenital insensitivity to pain also known as congenital analgesia is one or more rare conditions in which a person cannot feel and has never felt physical pain." The doctor explained further. 

"What?" Lucy was shocked, "is that even a thing?" She asked as she had never heard such a thing before, eyes meeting those of her son's and Dylon could feel her motherly warmth flow through them.

"It is rare but yes, it's a thing." Andreas smiled. 

"Is my baby going to die?" She whispered the last word while covering her son's ears. 

"Oh, no, Mrs. Boyle, but we need to keep an eye on him and you most especially because feeling physical pain is vital for survival, CIP is an extremely dangerous condition. It is common for people with the condition to die in childhood due to injuries or illnesses going unnoticed." 

"Oh, my God!" Lucy clasped her hand over her mouth. "Is there anything we can do for him?" She asked. 

Lucy has never been more scared than she did that morning when she had seen her son through the kitchen window, fell off his bike, and twisted his ankle really badly. She expected to hear his wail of pain as someone whose foot was bent unevenly but not a sound came out from the boy rather she watched him grab onto the twisted ankle and by the time she rushed out to help him the leg was fixed and he was already getting back on his feet. 

The woman was terrified as she quickly carried him inside, she saw the leg as it rapidly swells then she placed an ice bag on it. She had Draya get ready as she got her purse then drove them to the hospital while placing a call to her husband to tell him what had happened. 

She was concerned for her son's health as the eight-year-old sat calmly behind the car nodding his head off to the music blasting through the radio. 

They always knew the boy felt no pain and it troubled them greatly but not as much as it had done when she had seen what just happened. 

So many questions raced through her terrified mind and she wanted to make sure her boy was going to be alright. 

"Well, there is still no cure for CIPA. Treatment is aimed at controlling body temperature, preventing self-injury, and treating orthopedic problems, as soon as possible. It's good that you brought him in when you did, he's going to recover but you need to keep a watchful eye on him from now on." 

"Is there a certain number to how long he'll live?" The question was heavy but this whole development was weighing down her heart greatly. 

"Most cases the patient doesn't live over the age of twenty-five-"

"Oh, God!" She breathed out as tears ran down her face.

"Don't fright, some of them can live a fairly normal life, but you must constantly check for cuts, bruises, self-mutilations, and other possible unfelt injuries until he is old enough to do so himself. He has to understand the importance of these things." 

"I'll be watchful from now on." 

The meeting at the doctors' was heavy and Lucy couldn't help but throw glances at her son as she drove them home. 


Markus had just returned from the hospital with their son who had fallen in the field crying he twisted his ankle but when taken to the hospital it was discovered he was alright. It's always strange how the boy cries out in pain when he wasn't even injured. The doctors didn't seem to see the problem and they had even once been asked if the boy had a twin but he didn't. He was their only child and they just couldn't explain what was wrong with the boy.

He was in severe pain, Markus could tell because he knew his son wouldn't lie to them yet nothing was wrong with him, nothing medically or physically seen or proven. 

It was weird. 

Hopeful he outgrows this because Markus just couldn't handle not knowing anymore. 

A soft knock came on Levon's door and he stirred from sleep, rolled over, and gazed over to his door to find his Papa standing there with a tray and a bowl of steamy soup. "How are you feeling?" Levon smiled when he heard his soft voice laced with concern. 

"I'm fine, I think he got his leg looked at and now it doesn't hurt as bad." Levon began to speak but soon realized he had just told his father something he has tried to hide for so long. 

"What do you mean he?" Mark set the tray down beside his son and helped him sit up.

"Um... it's um.. nothing, Papa." Levon grabbed his tray and began scooping spoons after spoons into his mouth.

"Are you talking about your imaginary friend again?" Mark asked, amused. Levon gets these moments and they love and support him. He's still a boy and it is only a matter of time until he passes that phase.

"Yes." Levon lied. He knew his fathers wouldn't believe or understand him if he tried to tell them about his dreams. If he told them this was his second birth. They wouldn't understand the boy from his dreams or his vows to keep and protect his lover once they are reborn.

He knew Danny had been reborn probably at the same time as him because he had felt and had been feeling the other since he could remember. 

"Eat your soup and I'll be back to check on you." Mark kissed his head and walked out of the room, a bit concerned. 

Do you still remember me?

A teardrop rolls down his face and into his bowl of soup at that last thought. His eyes rested on the birthmark on his palm and he cried harder as the memory of that dreadful day came flooding his mind.

I will find you, my Danny, and when I do, I will never let you go again. 

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