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Levon Quinn is a mechanic at her father’s auto shop in Danville a small town in Georgia. Growing upwith her mechanic father and brothers. She developed a passion for cars and racing. She wishes to earnmoney and go to a racing academy.Blair Ford has come to Danville for a two week vacation to visit h

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"Von." Liam, Levon's older brother called when he entered the garage. Levon was fixing a car tyre at the moment. Straightening her posture, she met his gaze."What's up?" Levon asked rubbing her sweaty temple. "I need your help with a customer." Liam said calmly and softly."I am busy Liam." Levon muttered dismissively."I know. You know how I have plans today. Leo is going to be here in no minute to help, I promise." Liam coaxed. Levon was well aware that his love sick brother was going on a date with Stella, the girl from the coffee shop a few blocks away from their auto shop.It was time for her to play the role of a good supportive sister. She hated it especially when he pulled that voice on her. It made her feel guilty."Leo better be here any second Liam." Levon cast him a look. Leo was her other older brother who failed to understand the concept of being early for work. Levon was sure he was still at home nursing a hangover and the thought h
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Leo was already repairing Mr Woods' old beat up truck by the time Levon made it to the garage.She hopped off her bike taking off her helmet before muttering a hey to the busy Leo."Are you done already?" Leo asked closing the hood with a sigh."No." she replied."What's wrong with it?" Levon gestured to the old car with her head."Flat tyre and I think there is a problem with the accelerator." he replied crossing to wash off some grease from the sink."Mr Woods should just throw that piece of scrap away. It is really worn out." Levon huffed."You might as well tell him that yourself. I am not about to hurt the old man's feelings." Liam muttered.The tow truck arrived a few minutes later at the auto shop. Levon walked up to where the Audi had been parked. Timothy and Blair emerged out of it."I guess I will take on from here." Levon cleared her voice."Oh yeah." Timothy replied looking at Blair. "This is where you work." Timothy said
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The street was flooded by people and cars by the time Levon arrived. There was always a crowd on racing nights but tonight was a full street. Loud upbeat hip hop blared from the speakers and the crowd was going wild with each passing minute. Smoke, booze, sweat and weed hit her nose as soon as she made it further in the crowd. Spending a lot of nights out here, she was familiar with most faces. Everything went down on the street. Drug dealings, prostitution, getting drunk but the real deal was racing. Who could race one another to the finish line?"Von, hey. Nice to see you." A deep voice cut through her ears like shards of glass making her grit her teeth immediately. He was the last person she wanted to meet or even talk to. She knew avoiding him would be impossible as hell most especially when he walked around like he owned the goddamn place."Scar." Levon resisted the urge to cringe at her own voice."You look more beautiful ev
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Monday mornings were kind of crazy at the household with a lot of chores. Thanks to the timetable Levon had drawn a few years back, everyone knew what they had to do.Levon had never felt so emotionally fine even after a few hours of sleep. After Blair had left with Tim last night, she found herself void of sleep. Her mind kept flashing back to their night, his eyes, his smile. She would be damned if she wasn't thinking of the same things this morning.She was attracted to Blair. That is the only conclusion she ended up with. Blair was really hot and with his sense of humour, he had her really intrigued. It had been so long since she felt like that about someone.Everything felt somehow new. What was she going to do for her growing attraction to a person who was only short term?During lunch, she had agreed to meet up with Whitney."I missed you." Whitney smiled."Missed you too.""You texted me about a guy Von." Whitney exclaims loudly. "Shush,
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Levon had been giving her phone more attention then than ever. She was convinced then that she wasn't against giving him her number like she had thought. It was after dinner with her family yesterday that she found a message from unknown number. It definitely had to be Blair.Unknown: HeyLevon: Whose this?Whom was she fooling? Pretending to not know sounded fun though. She laid her phone on the counter just in case it dinged before she started doing the dishes.Her brothers were in the sitting room watching a match while his father had gone to rest. There hadn't been a reply from Blair's side by the time she went to her room. Had she said something wrong? When she reread her text, there was nothing wrong with her response. Suddenly her phone dinged with a reply causing her to sigh.Unknown: Blair. Did you give your number to any other stranger? She smiled at her phone before she replied.No. Only the ones that follow me fro
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"I am glad you decided to try out with Blair."Whitney murmured as she did her makeup. At least she was more understanding of her then than her brothers. "I am still nervous Whit. What if I made the wrong decision." she pouted staring at her reflection."We can never know if we are doing the right thing unless we do it anyways." she replied. "And that is supposed to make me feel better?" Levon rolled her eyes. "Perhaps."Levon took a look at her reflection after she was done everything. The dress Whitney had helped her buy earlier looked so good on her. It was a short black lace round dress coupled with a pair of white sneakers."Perfect." Levon stared amazed."You are going to blow his minds out when he sees you. Can't wait for the details." Whitney grinned."Hell no. There isn't going to be any details." She tried hard to hide her blush and excitement."Hell yes. I bet my money on that. No man in their right mind would not do a thing wi
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After the first date, Levon and Blair went to other dates and spent most of their time together. Despite the fact her brother's were against the idea, she never stopped going out with him.At first it was fun and then it became super fun until the past few days. She realised several things were changing about her. She cared so much about Blair. He was her first thought and last and she loved being near him. She felt so alive, so wanted whenever she was with him. She felt so special in his eyes.His presence made her heart beat wildly each time. Each time he held her hand or made a compliment, her heart flattered. There were times she thought of a future with him and it all just confused her.She liked liked Blair.She had fallen hard for Blair.Thinking about it and admitting it aloud scared the hell out of her. How had the time passed? How hadn't she recognized when her feelings had changed? "Oh my God Von! That doesn't sound good at
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"Ouch."Blair winced hard when Levon dubbed the cotton on his lip."Are you doing this on purpose?" he caught her hand in position. She rolled her eyes. Of course not. Although after that episode with redhead, maybe yes."Stop being a whiny baby." she scoffed."It was Scar's doing, wasn't it?" he stared at her. She lifted her eyes to his. Levon knew something would happen eventually. Scar was never one to back down."Did you see their faces?" she asked."No. They were covered with masks but I could think of one person who would do such a thing." he said."Blair, I am sorry." Blair straightened. Levon dropped his hand to her lap. It was partly her fault all that had happened to him."This is not your fault. Scar is a bastard." he waved her off.The guilt she felt didn't dissipate. If she hadn't ran away when he tried to talk to her, perhaps that wouldn't have happened."Levon." Blair tucked a finger under her chin forcing
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The bright light from the window evaded her eyes making her squint them painfully. She felt so alive this morning and then allover a sudden, she felt the weight of something on her waist. Levon finally opened her eyes completely gazing at the unfamiliar surrounding.The unfamiliar surrounding wasn't her room and judging by the weight of the hand between her thighs, she wasn't alone in the bed.She looked next to her to find the sexiest man snuggling into her deep asleep breathing slowly and steadily. Then it hit her that she was still with Blair in his bed. He looked peaceful and innocent without his usual smirk. That's when she realized she was naked under the covers and his hand between her thighs did nothing to calm her down.Memories of last night streamed in her head like a hurricane. The carnal moments and feelings they had shared last night. The kissing, the feeling of his hands allover her body made her nostalgic. The way his body moved in sync with hers
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Levon had spent the whole day in her room. She just couldn't help her state of helplessness at the time. Liam, Leo and Mason had tried calling her for lunch to no avail. It wasn't because she was not hungry, she just couldn't face them yet. She was upset and she was going to deal with it herself.On her phone were texts and missed calls from Blair. She knew he just wanted to check on her but then she had decided against it. The whole situation had her getting a lot of thoughts. Sure Blair was temporary but he had found a way to anchor in her heart. What was she going to do about that?Her family was being unreasonable but they were also right. That morning she had felt it, her connection with Blair went deep. Why was it so complicated then?Right then it hit her how she had somehow become a defiant, bad daughter and sister. She wasn't sure what she meant to Blair. Sure he had said some really good things about he wanted her but did it go deep or had she fallen i
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