Sealed In Darkness

Sealed In Darkness

By:  McSidney  Ongoing
Language: English
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||Book one of the "TWILIGHT OF THE GODS" series|| Fairies are psychopaths, and Pixies are demons, don't dare trust them. Lycunwolves, Vampyres, monsters and myths are very real, don't fuck with them. The Earth Year 3084, is not at its best. Earth is in ruin after the Third World war -The Ascension - and only one continent survived the bloodbath, and are ruled by four Emperors who makes rules to fit their thirst. This story leads three, destiny's protégés. • A Hunter who has barely escaped the claws of death • A Witch who's body inhibits two souls... • A spoiled rich ingenious bratty Sage... All three must fight to survive, they must crawl to escape the darkness, they must fight to find peace, and kill to save life. Following the cords of fate, after the great battle millions of years ago, between the god Ekron: of darkness and chaos, and Vyorn: goddess of Nature, earth falls into darkness, filled with slaughters, torture, war, blood shed and tyranny. Only these three predestined heroes, will brighten up the dark, defeat their foes and free Vyorn.

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Jessie summers
Woahhhhhhhh! I just accidentally stumbled upon this and I'm blown away by the cover and synopsis! the write up is so beautiful I know this is going to be a great read.❤️
2021-01-19 18:20:22
default avatar
good story! can't wait for the next chapter! by the way, is there any social media that I can follow?
2021-07-12 13:48:00
15 Chapters
Prologue: War Of The Gods
  With Each cord fate wove betwixt the shades of destiny, prophecy's chime clings to the constraints of man, beckoning the freedom of one Sealed In Darkness.   The sky roared. The clashes of blades resonated with the cracking thunder as flashes of lightening made visible the blood painting an alluring canvas on the streets with its scarlet-red splendor. The weaves of corpses spawned up within the crannies, daring enough to walk a runway in the open: both young and old, neither was spared from the delight of the day. Even the pungent stench of decay had crowned the day with a lingering nauseating grace, travelling the skies like an entourage of hea
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Silver Moon, Crimson Blood, and Orange Flames
Scotland, 1563 Witches Trial.¶The Crescent moon stood dauntlessly in its peak, damping what remained of the cold night and her fierce haunting breeze. Its light glinted off the well at the middle of the town, carving its image perfectly upon the water's surface, crowning its presence with a boldly instigated silver aura: fierce, demanding and kingly.The dry cold air pierced into her pale bare skin, cracking up her lips and sending shivers down her back. Most of her cloth were torn in disarray, and what remained of it shaded only her groin, but her breast laid bare. Her ankles and wrist ached from the shackles and chains that married them together, with purple bruises and sores that bulged from being dragged and beaten around town.She was a Duchess in shame, but that didn't matter.
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An Aetolian's Tale
Zhang, Zor Empire, Ascesion Age As/A: 3084 The Wraith guards marched in. A dozen of them; face lost behind a skull mask, armed with bows and swords sheathed to their waist. They stormed through the crowds in lines of two, venturing deeper into the epicenter of town: the bull's eye of Zhang. Their boots echoed as it met the hard stone ground, and many who heard them march, knew what it meant. To the pulpit of bonded timbers stationed at the center of this awe gripped town, a twine hanging over a single wooden pole that extends through the platform, dangles with a tiny copper bell at its end. The rope was pulled lower, forcing the bell to swing and ring, as it were to both carve re
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The Assassin
Zhang, Zor Empire. As/A: 3084. The throb in his ear bashing against the sides of his skull, as the invasion from the woman's high pitched scream attacked it, pummeled his chest. And as the flames grew, so did his fattening heart crash incessantly into the cages of his ribs, growing even larger and squeezing brusquely in, while the quick bliss of the swift impatient seconds ran still. Although his eyes were shut, he could still feel the presence of its myeiora: Its aura. It was a familiar one he'd known for many nights now: warm, with a cold touch; voice breaking and words terse. It spoke, he heard and saw. Memories. It's not his. He could tell.
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Sennight's Beckoning.
Zhang, Zor Empire. As/A: 3085. An Epitome of love, lust and desire."Sealed with a Kiss" are sacred, and so is laying, enslaved to a woman's Lechery; caught between the perfume of her breast andwarm embrace.Climaxing in erupting pleasure, but yet in pain, pain upon the sight of the flowing streams of blood and corpse...Washed down by greed and sins of men who wanted more, but Valued less.They bathed and make merry in their filthy lucre, unwary of the dawning end...       He held firmly the brake, and came to halt at a local pub: home of the drunks and the unsober. He dismounted the motorcycle, and
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The Snarling Wendigo
Lonely... Insecure... Special. "Morning Mom!" He rushed out into the meal room, holding unto a bag pack and a few textbooks. "Breakfast?" Mrs Kaitlin Orshwood, his mother asked, while dropping the suckling she carried. "A quick one. I'm late for the academy." He walked over to the table, took hold of the half filled cup, and sent it contents into his mouth. He spat it out upon the first sip. "That's a newly imported beverage. They call it caffeine. It is one of the old age's products. Heard of it?" His mother walked closer to him with a towel, which she wiped his mouth of the remaining liquid. "Yes! We learnt about it in one of our classes."He took second look at the cup's content, staring in disgust. H
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Feast Of Feat
"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." Well that is bullshit, not in this world. Run the next time you see it, or you might not be so lucky again. Traè, Thames Empire. As/A: 3088."Where is this place?" Akillim had been running through the woods. More accurately, he has been limping and hopping while making his way through the forest. He avoidably trips from a tree root, twists his ankle again and fell; rolling down the hilly grounds, and then dropping into a shallow slowly running stream. He struggles up, and reaches out for the box floating on the water's surface, he grabs it and swims out to the other side of the bank, soaked and dripping of water. "Shi
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The Awakening
"Next, Ale avenue" she said, and pressed firmly against the accelerator of the scooter she rode, and off it went. She struggled to look at the tag on the delivery box fitted tightly behind her, that had the residence's number of which she is to make her final delivery. The wind blowing hard against her face as she sped off forcefully drew tears from her eye. She slowed down, and turned backward, gently rubbing the box in search of the tag; she got it, brought it forward to have a better look. "Thirty -" She barely had a better look, when the wind drew the piece of paper out of her hand "Its Thirty...uh...Thirty Eight, I'm certain of it" she nodded and rode off. She came to a stop in front of a building, it was barely lighted inside -most of the lights were turned off.
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The Castle Of Grèaboa
Greàboa, Zcwrith Empire. As/A: 3088.The Castle of Graèboa holds on to a lot of memories. The stoned walls and its marble floor, had led in conquest through generations, many coups and battles; bloodshed and slaughters, leaders, kings and tyrants alike. These memories could be seen by each passing shadow, the tiniest prick of light, and the slightest of echo. To some, it was their place of birth: either born of life, or born to life.And upon this very grounds, was another yet again to be branded by life. ¶The warm afternoon breeze forces its way through the drapes of the room, ushering summer's warmth, and an uneven Visitor. A man approaches from the south of the
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The Blood Mage
Zhang, Zor Empire. As/A: 3084. The fiery waves bashed itself against the rocks of the shore, forcing her hands upon the sands of the beach and leaving the golden beads of earth clothed in salt, as zephyr commanded her tides, and drove about the swirls of her cold breeze. "A song, a cry, a plea, no one knows. Nobody has ever lived long enough to tell the tales of the maiden's graceful chords. The irresistible heightened pitch and sonorous chimes which are best avoided and left unheard --"A long braided maroon beards dangled from his chin, patting his bare chest and frolicking in tune to his nodding head. Some of his toe gnawed through his boot, escaping to the surface and across the edges of the flipped over iron bucket his short plumped feet settled on.
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