Second Chance Alpha

Second Chance Alpha

By:  Ali_M  Completed
Language: English
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After his mate was killed, Jason falls apart and started drinking to bury the pain. He no longer cares about anything anymore, not even being next in line to lead the pack. He just wants to be left alone.Tired of everyone's pity and expecting him to be this perfect guy that he's not anymore, Jason leaves the pack. He lives in the city amongst the humans where he doesn't have to deal with the pity and expectations of others. While living in the city he crosses paths with this human name Kimberly. Kimberly is dealing with big problems of her own, but maybe they crossed paths for a reason...

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user avatar
Amy F Burgan
great book 2nd one great too
2022-07-26 02:12:06
user avatar
Magen Brunner
is there a another book to this
2021-11-26 09:53:19
user avatar
Very nice story
2021-09-21 06:17:54
user avatar
Margie Benadie
love the book
2021-08-11 23:58:49
default avatar
Enjoyable read
2021-07-24 08:38:12
default avatar
Great story! So excited to read the next one! Good job author - highly recommend reading this! 😀
2021-07-11 05:02:43
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Clare Matthews
A damn exciting read can't wait to read Books 2 & 3.
2021-07-09 23:36:35
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April P
Absolutely loved this book!!! It was so beautiful. I truely enjoyed reading this book from start to finish, in one sitting, bc I couldn't put it down. I really am happy when I find a well written book. All I can say is WOW! Cant wait to read the next book.🥰🥰🥰💯
2021-07-05 16:18:22
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Dana Adkinson
I enjoyed it and looking forward to book 2 “The Bond”
2021-06-30 06:05:10
user avatar
Tim Turner
Well put together and a good flow. as with any good book, it ends too quickly. looking forward to book 2
2021-06-28 04:10:29
user avatar
Renee Barlow
I love this story 💜💜💜💜💜💜
2021-06-04 10:27:54
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Savannah Haggood
great book .i believe this is one of the first books that ive wanted to completely read to the end
2021-05-27 12:13:31
user avatar
Maria Mendez
awwwwww so good book.
2021-05-26 03:38:43
user avatar
Candice Wiseman
Well written, fast moving. Good
2021-05-26 03:15:33
user avatar
Maria Huerta
OMG I love this book and ready to read the next one❤
2021-05-14 15:09:36
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32 Chapters
Chapter 1
             Jason PovI head back to my parent's home to have dinner with my family. It's been a month since I last stopped by to visit. I do somewhat miss being apart of the pack, but things have changed, I've changed. I'm not the guy I was a year ago. After I lost Ashley, this anger filled me. Every passing day when I was apart of the pack, I could feel myself growing angrier and angrier. I got tired of the fucking expectations. I got tired of the fucking whispers and pity in everyone's eyes when they looked at me, judging the person I've become. I knew if I didn't leave the pack I would've eventually snapped. I just wanted to be left alone.But because I'm an alpha and next in line to lead the pack, people expect me to be strong. They expect me to just easily push losing my mate to the si
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Chapter 2
            Jason PovThe next morning I wake up on the living room couch like I do every morning. I don't like sleeping in a bed anymore. It doesn't feel the same not having Ashley next to me. I slowly sit up, seeing the empty liquor bottle laying on the table in front of me. I let out a sigh and grab the empty bottle off the table and head into the kitchen to have something to eat. I throw the empty bottle in the trash and head over to the refrigerator, grabbing some leftover Chinese takeout. I warm the food up, before taking a seat on one of the chairs at the counter in the center of the kitchen. As I eat, I frown seeing that human female comes around the corner, swinging a fire poker at me. I forgot she was here."You fucking sick bastard!!" She yells, swings the fire po
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Chapter 3
           Kimberly PovI don't say anything as I watch him leave out the door. I let out a sigh, looking down at my dirty ripped clothes. Why does one bad thing after another keep happening to me? It seems like trouble finds me wherever I go. I came here to get away from my psycho ex, only to run into more trouble ten minutes after arriving in this city. Now I'm staying with a complete stranger. It was either that or live on the streets until I figured something out.I don't know anything about this guy. For all I know he could be a damn psycho too. It's hard to get a read on him with the I don't care attitude he has. Being a psychology major, I start to look around the nice condo, trying to find something that will tell me anything about this guy. It's clear that this guy has money from his nice car and th
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Chapter 4
             Jason PovOnce I get to Luke's pack, I pull into the driveway of their packhouse. I grab the folder off the dashboard, before getting out the car. "He's inside in his office, I'll show you the way." Luke's beta Ned tells me. I give him a nod and head inside, following him through their packhouse.As I walk into the office, Luke looks over at me and smiles, standing up from behind the desk he's sitting at. "What's up bro, how have you been?" Luke says walking over, giving me one of those bro hugs. "I see you're into the rough look these days." He smirks, looking at my uncut hair.I shake my head a little, letting out a low chuckle. "I've been good," I say, But honestly, I haven't been good, I've been far for good. For a year now, I've been obsessi
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Chapter 5
              Kimberly PovI hear the alarm on my phone go off, waking me up. I groan a little as reaching over grabbing my phone, turning the alarm off. I rub my eyes, slowly sit up, looking around the big room. It feels strange being here. I've never stayed in such a nice place like this......with a complete stranger.I toss the covers off, getting out of bed, and slide on some shorts. I grab the guy's credit card off the bedside table and leave the room. Leaving the room I head into the living room to find the guy still on the couch asleep. I look over to see an empty bottle laying on the table and frown a little, remembering him opening the bottle last night. That's not a small bottle, but he managed to drink it all. I hope I'm not living with a violent drunk.My eyes go back
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Chapter 6
             Jason PovKimberly leaves the kitchen after placing her plate into the sink. "Bro, are you hitting that?" Brandon asks grinning, getting off the counter, and take the seat across from me where Kimberly was just sitting.I shake my head, taking a sip from the water bottle. "I don't do humans. I found her getting attacked on the street the other night. She's just staying here until she finds a job." I tell him. "She's a nice piece of ass, I'll definitely be hitting that if I was you, human or not." He smirks, reaching over grabbing one of the sausages off my plate, earning a low growl from me. I guess she's pretty, but I'm not into humans. "Have you ever slept with a human?" He asks taking a bite of the sausage in his hand."Yeah," I say as I continue to eat."How
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Chapter 7
              Jason PovI walk through the door and see Kimberly sitting there on the couch with her legs folded underneath her.She looks over at me as I walk past her, going to my room to change clothes. I take off the jeans and slide on a pair of shorts. I look into the mirror, looking at myself. I reach up, running my hand through my hair. I can barely recognize myself. I guess my looks match the way I feel inside because I no longer feel like myself inside either.I leave the room going into the kitchen to put my signature stamp on my day. I grab a bottle of Remy Martin out of the cupboard and head back into the living room. I look at Kimberly sitting on the other end of the couch with her legs folded under her. I take a seat on the couch, putting my legs up on
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Chapter 8
            Kimberly I wake up still on the couch the next morning. I look over to see Jason still on the other end of the couch, with his long legs still propped up on the table, sleeping. I reach up rubbing my eyes, yawning.I slowly stand up, grabbing Jason's empty bottle off the table and head into the kitchen to cook breakfast. As I cook Jason walks into the kitchen, going over grabbing a glass, before walking over to the sink filling it.He walks over, taking a seat, drinking from the glass, not looking over at me. I can see that his, I don't care about anything attitude is back. Last night after the effects of the liquor took over, it changed his attitude, but not much. He was a little more talkative than he has been these last two days that I've been here.He seems like a
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Chapter 9
              JasonWhen I make it home, I see that Kimberly isn't here. I look over at the time to see that it's 11:00 pm. The buses don't run at this time. I told her that it wasn't safe for her to be walking the streets at this time of night. If she managed to run into more trouble, then it'll be her problem to deal with. I take a seat on the couch, letting out a sigh. I went to see the oracle today that May told me about. When the old lady held my hands, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she started to chant some gibberish. I don't know if the oracle was much help or not, but she did manage to irritate me with all the riddles she was speaking in. I never understood why oracles speak in riddles, instead of just telling people what the hell they need to know. She said
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Chapter 10
           Kimberly Pov I slowly sit up on the couch, rubbing the sides of my head, trying to stop the throbbing pain. I look over seeing Jason on the other end still sleeping. I guess this is what a hangover feels like and I don't like it. I reach over grabbing the remote, turning off the loud tv.As I slowly stand up, I feel myself having to throw up. I quickly make my way to the spare room, going into the bathroom throwing up inside the toilet. After throwing up twice, my stomach felt better, but not much.I brush my teeth, before heading into the kitchen. I go over to the refrigerator grabbing a bottle of water, before taking a seat. My body feels so weak and my head is killing me. I take a sip of the water, before laying my head down on the countertop, closing my eyes, hoping that the throbbi
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