Secret: A country romance

Secret: A country romance

By:  Goodness Shadrach  Completed
Language: English
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Elaine Jackson chanced upon a wounded stranger late one night near the dumpster, she took him to the clinic with the help of one of the residents, only to realize that the handsome stranger remembers nothing but his name when he opened his eyes. Carlos was ambushed late at night, he was lucky enough to escape with his life but when he woke up, he found himself in a strange town and a nice, beautiful woman beside him. Will he overcome his fear of not knowing his pursuers and trust her with his name? Will he abandon his fear and chase after a new feeling? Find out in Secret: A Country Romance.

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Kulsum Sayeed
i love all your stories.very well written with full of emotions and love
2021-12-20 02:09:23
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I love this book. You’ll definitely fall in love hehe. 1 of my fav story so far.
2021-10-12 08:55:44
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Bernesia Ikosia
sounds good
2021-10-01 15:43:02
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Chaeyoung Park
Good story...
2021-08-19 12:27:13
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Enjoy reading till the end👍 beautiful story .
2021-07-22 14:17:54
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Jayne Lanham
Great book! Enjoyed reading it❤️
2021-07-18 09:54:04
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Tiki Miki
Lovely story😘😘😘😘😘😘
2021-07-04 04:14:32
default avatar
Great love story.. and less drama.. it's refreshing!! 💕
2021-07-03 03:27:41
default avatar
Sweet short novel
2021-06-11 00:04:31
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Eleri E
Worth reading! There are just some typo error but it is very minor! I Love the plot of the story and how it was written. How the characters progress and I appreciate how the story is NOT dragging like other stories here at Goodnovel! Thank you author for this beautiful novel!
2021-06-03 04:40:18
39 Chapters
"I wonder what Tricia will do when she learns of who you are" laughed a shiny blonde guy who was sitting in the passenger's seat of a Range Rover in the middle of the night."Oh I'm sure she will come crawling back on her feet saying that she is sorry and that she didn't mean to look down on me" replied a black haired guy, he has a chiseled jaw, a perfect nose and beautiful blue eyes, his lips were thin and sexy, giving any lady who met him the urge to kiss him. He was sitting in the driver's seat of the Range Rover, smiling handsomely.The blonde with light gray eyes and baby face which made him kind of cute laughed again before asking "but really Carlos, why do you like hiding your identity from women?"The handsome man who was called Carlos smiled "any woman that wants to get into my heart have to first love me when I'm a nobody because my identity will always be my secret" he looked at his very good friend and flashed him a smile "do you think I will ever find a woman l
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Folktown, a small but forgotten town with not less then four hundred population, the residents are actually the reason it was forgotten in the outside world. They rear animals, they plant crops, they plant trees, they have builders, they have a school, they have a very big church, they have a clinic, they have a library that holds all history, they have traders and so they have everything life could offer but little money, not that they care since one is ready to accept a basket of vegetables or a livestock, or four stacks of hay, or a portion of farmland or as little money as possible as payment when they work for you.Having all life could offer, they have no reason to go to the outside world except for the clinic who gets their resources from outside town and a few farmers who has customers that buys their hays in a town not bigger than theirs called Countryside, which is about four days with their rickety old trucks which is all they could find and be able to buy. Four days j
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As the day came to an end, Elaine closed the library and prepared to go to the diner where she works at night. She passed a lot of people on her way and greeted every single one of them. She finally got to the diner "good evening Mrs. Parker" she greeted as she dropped her bag on the counter. "Good evening Elaine, how are you today?" Asked a black haired woman, who walked out of the kitchen carrying a tray filled with foods "mind help me serving this?"Elaine nodded "of course, where is it going to?""Oh, to Mrs Tucker and her family.""Mrs. Tucker is here?""You didn't see her on your way in?""I didn't look around. I will take these to her table then" she said and walked off with the tray."Elaine!" A beautiful blonde woman called to her when she saw her. She waved when Elaine looked at her and she walked over."Good evening Mrs. Tucker, Mr. Tucker, Van and Dan" she nodded to them before serving the dishes."How are you my dear?" Mrs. Tucker asked
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"I need to return back to my family. You should go home too Elaine, he will be okay, Dr. Paige said so himself, you need the rest" James Tucker said to her."Don't worry Mr. Tucker, I'm fine here" Elaine smiled."Well, if you say so. I can't force you to leave can I?" He chuckled, he looked through the glass at the man lying in the bed breathing slowly but steadily "where did he come from? I have not seen him around here before."Elaine stood up from her chair and looked at the man too "maybe he came from Countryside?""I don't think so. Look at all his wounds, all the scratches on his body, those things can only be done by tree branches. Whoever he is, I think he came running from the woods. Look at that ghastly hole in his tummy, I wonder what did that. It's great Dr. Paige said he can treat him, if not, he has to go to Countryside to receive the best treatment, that's if he could survive till he gets there."Elaine stared at the man and sighed "I hope it doesn't co
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Carlos looked from the doctor to the young girl before slightly nodding and muttering "thank you" and doctor Paige smiled before walking out of the room.Elaine followed Paige out of the room "doctor Paige" she called as she gently closed the door after her.Paige turned to her "yes Elaine?""Do you really think he will recover his memory? I mean...we don't know him and if he is going to stay here till he recovers his memory, where is he going to stay?"Paige looked thoughtful "that's indeed true Elaine. I would have offered him to stay here at the clinic but as you know, we don't have enough beds here for one to be occupied for months.""Months? Isn't that too long?""Well, you never can tell. Although his memories will return but one doesn't know when so, it's better I leave it to that. Now, we need to find where he will stay till he does that. Do you know of anyone who will let him stay with them till he recovers his memories?""This is Folktown Paige, no one
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Closing the library later in the evening and walking to the diner, Elaine was surprised to find out that it was already everywhere in town that there is a new stranger who doesn't remember where he comes from and she was the one that saved him and took him to the clinic. When she walked into the diner, a lot of mother's clustered around her, asking all sort of questions. Thanks to Amanda who came and apologized to the ladies before telling them that Elaine was there to work which was when they released her reluctantly.Throughout the evening in the diner, anybody who came in wants to talk to her, to ask her about the mysterious stranger. The diner ended up selling more than they usually do everyday. It was as if the whole town came to the diner that night. Even Mary who said she wouldn't come and also the person Elaine suspects that spread the news was present and she too wanted to get more juice from Elaine but too bad, Elaine has nothing to give.She closed late as usual but
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"Finally" Carlos said when he saw her entering the room "I was beginning to forget the taste of the food" he smiled.Elaine returned the smile and walked over to the table, she picked up the plate of hamburger again before she sat beside him on his bed, she resumed feeding him "I'm sorry for taking too long. Doctor Paige and I just have something important to talk about.""It's okay. I was just kidding with what I said anyway.""Mm" Elaine replied absentmindedly. Carlos watched her as she fed him, he knew something was different about her now and he wondered what it could be that doctor Paige said to her that will make her lost in thoughts. After feeding him the last of the hamburger, she returned the plate on the table still lost in thoughts.Carlos' gaze followed her "Elaine?" He called softly but loud enough for her to hear him.Elaine looked at him then "yes?""What is it?""What is what?""Why are you so lost in thoughts?""Oh" she looked at the table
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Paige will be discharging Thomas today and Elaine hurried up to the clinic in order to take him to her home. Unfortunately, Paige was not able to find a new place for him to stay apart from Martha's and she will never let him go there which means, her home is the only other option, not that she cares anyway.She arrived at the clinic just in time to see Paige shaking hands with Thomas who was standing with his hand placed on the wound on his stomach, his head was still wrapped in bandages which Paige said he will unwrap soon just after some few more days. Elaine approached them and they both offered her a warm smile to which she returned."I'm glad you could make it Elaine" Paige commented with a smile "take good care of him and don't forget to come to me when you have a problem okay?""Sure Paige. You can count on me" she replied.Paige looked at Thomas then "I hope you recover your memory soon Tom, it will really be great getting to know you better.""I will try my
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Elaine cleaned up the dinner like she always do, the day had been very tiring since she had to act ignorant to the customers stares and whisperings about her. Tom has only moved into her house today and the whole town already knows about it. Martha was even silently accusing her of stealing him way and she had to roll her eyes when she heard that, yea right, like he belonged to anybody, she had thought. She stuffed some leftovers in a bag and put some in the refrigerator while some went to the trash bin.She closed the diner and dropped the key in it's usual place before beginning her walk home in the silent night with only the moon as her light and companion. Her mind picked up Thomas' handsome face and she blushed just thinking about him. His deep blue eyes that always looked like it was calling her in and his sexy full heart lips that she couldn't help but wonder how it will feel when kissed.She found herself happy to go home and she couldn't help but count the houses she
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The next day, Elaine awoke to an angry voice, she covered her ear with the pillow to block the noise and to sleep some more. She had gone to bed so late after sitting up the whole night with Tom after he had a bad dream.Tom! She remembered and sat up immediately, who is Tom talking to? She wondered when she heard a question "I asked who the hell are you?" Mom? She furrowed her brows. Mom! She climbed out of the bed and rushed to the door, she threw it open, looking directly in the living room to see her mom standing in the centre with her left hand on her waist and right pointing at Tom who was standing with his head bowed "mom" she called, getting the attention of the two who looked at her.She approached them and grabbed Tom's elbow softly "do you mind waiting in the bedroom?"Tom looked from her to her mother before nodding once, they both watched him limbed to the bedroom, he turned and looked at them once more before stepping into the room and shutting the door. Elain
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