Secret Behind The Dangerous Lady

Secret Behind The Dangerous Lady

By:  Iridescent  Ongoing
Language: English
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Katheryn thought that she was just an ordinary adult woman who grew up in a broken home family until she finally decided to go out of her house and met a man named Acheros Corentine. The CEO of one of the biggest technology companies. She fell in love with a man at the first sight because of his good looks and his alluring aura. She just agreed so easily when the man asked her to live with him. But then she felt so brokenhearted to know that in the end, Acheros married one of his business colleagues. Yes, Kath thought her life was just as simple as before. But it turns that it didn't. There are so many of the past that hasn't to be revealed yet. About her family, treasure, love. It all mixed into a painful mix for Katheryn Moana. It hurts so much when someone you trust with all your heart turns out to be the culprit of all the destruction in your life. "I love you, you are mine, only mine, and always be mine," Were the words Acheros whispered as they shared their sweat. Moaning on the bed looking for the satisfaction of their lust. Everything was beautiful until, in the end, Kath remembered it all. "Are you going to kill me too?" asked her in a low tone. -Secret Behind The Dangerous Lady- *** Follow my instagram: Iridescent_0000

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3 Chapters
Haunted Dream
Hey...Wake up, open your eyes.Hey...Wake up, I want to show you something.Hey...Wake up!Katheryn Moana. Her eyes opened wide. The dream earlier, as well as the craziest heartbeat, managed to wake the beautiful lady with aquamarine-colored eyes. Her breath was heavy, so panting with a forehead wet with sweat. Don't know what made her feel like she had run for miles.She wakes up. Rising from her lying position, and immediately surprised when she saw a small and beautiful figure was closing her eyes. Breathing regularly, sleeping comfortably with a thick blanket up to the chest to protect the tiny body from the cold night air that enters from the open window."Who is this little girl?" she asked in confusion, her brow furrowed. What made her even more confused was, this little girl slept on the same spot where she had been lying before. Had she been crushing this beautiful girl?CREAK!She glanced sidewa
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Be Obedient!
"You still don't want to go home?" Katheryn who was eating toast looked at her lover with a lazy gaze."Aric, how many times do I have to tell you? Are you really not willing to accommodate me in your apartment?"Alaric couldn't help but take a deep breath. "That old man keeps trying to contact me. I was even intercepted by some of his bodyguards. He's crazy, do you know that?"Katheryn took a deep breath. "You also haven't been out for almost a week. You don't want to do anything. The lecturers always ask about your sudden loss, Kath. I don't mind if you stay here, but at least get out for a while. You need some fresh air to refresh your brain. You look really messed up after hearing the news." Whether Katheryn was conscious or not, but as she said that, a sad aura emanated from Alaric's body quite clearly."I'm heartbroken. What can I do? I need some time to calm down. Don't push my pocket, Aric. I'll hate you if you do that."Alaric snorted. "So
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Don't You Know That You're So Selfish To Me?!
Katheryn and Acheros had arrived at the mansion. From the moment they got in the car until they were in front of the main door, Katheryn kept her cynical face on. But her cynical face looked even more sinister when she heard what the butler said, "Sir, Miss Nicolette has come here and is waiting for you now in the living room." Acheros nodded his head. He turned his head back to look at Kath, but the woman quickly walked past him. Seeing that, Acheros could only take a deep breath.What Kath was doing now made him remember the day when the woman confessed her feelings honestly. In fact, Kath had feelings for him since their first met.*FlashbackAt that time was Acheros' shooting practice schedule with Katheryn. For some reason, that day he saw Katheryn's behavior was very strange. She seemed nervous around him, well, Kath was always nervous around him, but usually never this nervous before.They were in the car now, the practice was over and they were go
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