Seduced By The Billionaire

Seduced By The Billionaire

By:  Syrena Clayton  Ongoing
Language: English
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Mason Steele lives a playboy lifestyle that does not involve falling in love with the beautiful women he sleeps with. But when he sees April, he immediately knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. April has heard terrible things about Mason. She has numerous reasons not to get close to him, but her heart seems to think otherwise. Can she stop herself from falling for the man who comes with danger?

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33 Chapters
Jenny slid into the room and did a twirl in front of everyone, her costume swirling around her lithe body. “Are you ready, girls?” She asked with a wide smile on her face.“Yes!!” the small room erupted in loud cheer as my colleagues stood up. I managed a small smile, and glanced at the ecstatic faces. I wished I could be like them, happy and excited. Instead I was a nervous wreck, constantly twisting the ring on my middle finger. Jenny had been helping me to manage my stage fright since I joined the group, but I had not made much progress. She said I was the best singer which was why she stuck me as a main lead for the upcoming gig. As if being the main lead was not scary enough, we were going to perform in some rich drug lord's mansion. Mason Steele.Officially, he ran a tech business but many people thought it's just a front for money laundering. Most of the world knew that Mason Steele was a tech billionaire who was as ruthless as they came. There were even rumors that he had
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The Billionaire
We were in the foyer when I remembered that I had left my ear monitor in the room. “Shit,” I told my roommate. “I forgot my ear monitor.”“Go back for it, but don’t let Jenny see you. Make sure to return before we go on stage.”I waited for Jenny to go through the door and quickly ran up the stairs. I was walking along the hallway when I saw two men walking in my direction. My heart skipped a beat when I recognized one of them. Mason Steele, the host of the party. The most handsome man I had ever seen was wearing a dark blue suit and strolling casually along the hallway. My heartbeat skyrocketed as I wondered whether to return or continue. Well, he has already seen me so it was better to get on with it.I stopped moving as they drew closer.“Good evening, gentlemen.” I said not quite meeting their eyes.“Who are you?” It was Mason who spoke. His voice was laced with authority.I managed to snatch a look at his perfect face. His perfect blue eyes were watching me. His dark brown hair
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A problem
The next two weeks passed by without incident. Life went back to normal. We had small gigs every now and then. We partied and enjoyed life while hoping for a better paying opportunities to come along. My biggest drive for a better opportunity stemmed from the fact that I shared an apartment with two people. It was very inconveniencing and I was tired of not having enough privacy.Jed did not call me. I was disappointed but not the least surprised because it had happened before. Guys have taken my number before and never called. There was nothing I could do about it. I found it ridiculous, like, why take a number of someone you don’t intend to call.The Mason incident was almost leaving my mind when Jenny called and asked me to report to her office. Jenny ran a club as well, and conducted her side business there.“I have great news for you,” she said excitedly while I took a seat.“What is it?“Mason Steele wants you to perform at his house again. On Saturday.”My heart leapt at the m
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The act
Two days later, I was discharged from the hospital. All my mates had visited except Kara. When Jenny found out I was incapacitated, she had called Mason and suggested to send Kara in my place, but Mason rejected the offer. On one hand, knowing that made me feel better. It meant he believed in me and wanted me to be the one to perform at his house. It increased my self-esteem. If a man like him could want to listen to me, then maybe I had a chance to become a famous singer which was my ultimate dream. On the other hand it scared me. What if Mason wanted more than just singing from me? What if he wanted to use me to satisfy his sexual desires and then toss me to the streets? Knowing the type of man he was, saying no would make him angry and drive him to destroy me. What if he enjoyed watching me like a pervert? The more I thought of it, the more I become thankful for whoever sent me hurtling down the stairs. It has caused a dip in my pockets but that is a good price to pay if it mean
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Mason’s POVApril Hartfield was beautiful. The way she belted out words with her charming voice and danced around with her banging body had me all hot and bothered. I could not take my eyes away from her. As she moved closer, I felt like standing up, grabbing her and taking her right there and then. But, I swallowed and maintained my composure. Imagine my disappointment when she finished the songs and moved back, away from me. “What do you think?” she asked me when I didn’t say anything. I was too star struck. How a woman with such an angelic voice could be doing only small gigs. She deserved to be on top, on billboards, on radios, TV among other interesting places. I wanted to say excellent, but didn’t want to seem too excited. I was not yet sure what I wanted with her, and did not want her to start getting ideas too soon. So, I settled for a nonchalant response.“Good,” I said with a slight nod. “You can go now. Your payment will be sent to your boss.”Her shoulders drooped. She s
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The boyfriend
The downtown club was jam packed with patrons. The evening was young, and the air still fresh. A few people had started dancing while others were getting their first drinks and chatting with their friends. When we appeared on stage, they started cheering but soon quietened down as we start performing. I realized how much I had missed performing with the others. All was going well until I saw him.Mason was seated on the first table in the VIP lounge watching me with keen eyes. I faltered a bit after seeing him but somehow managed to get my composure back. Making a conscious effort to avoid him, I belted out words while gyrating my body to the beat. As the patrons started cheering and singing along some of the songs, my confidence increased and I drowned myself in the music forgetting about Mason and his steely eyes. As we started singing famous singing of other musicians, the crowd becomes livelier. I enjoyed myself and the attention we were getting. My favorite part about performin
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Relatives and messes
What the hell, I thought as I sat up. He was the one who disappointed me but he had the guts to leave when I was asleep. I spotted a note on the stool and grab it.Had to leave for an early meeting with one of our distributors. Xo, Dave.My shoulders drooped. Getting out of bed, I stalked to the living room where I had left my bag. Opening it, I fished out my phone. It was 6:54 am. He had never had to go for meetings that early. Was he hiding or just so embarrassed about last night that he couldn’t face me. I realized I had to do something to make him feel better. Dave had great sexual prowess and I was not about to let one lousy night ruin our happiness and his confidence.Dressing up, I locked the apartment and leave, heading for mine after sending him a good morning message. Cold air bit into my skin as I stepped out of the building. Since I didn’t live very far away, I decided to walk. It was time for my usual morning jog, anyway.When I get to the apartment, it was quiet and I
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A beautiful woman
After our performance at Mason Steele’s house, one of the servers asked me to follow her to meet a guest who had asked for me.I was shocked to find a glamorous beauty waiting near the pool. She was standing under the lights, looking spectacular in a bright red dress and black heels. The woman had long wavy black hair and a very pretty, older woman face. Her lips were painted bright red and I hoped the words that would come out were not venomous. When she saw me approaching, she smiled and took a sip of her drink. “So, you are April Hartfield?” the woman asked. Her tone sounded a bit condescending which put me off immediately.“Yes, I am.” I said, confidently staring at her.“What do you know about, Mason Steele?” she asked.“Honestly, not much. We were invited to perform here. It’s Jenny, our manager who handles everything.”“You have been here three times, I believe.”I nodded. “What does that have to do with anything?”“Everything, my dear. You see, that handsome man is not for e
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After the heated dance with Mason, he excused himself and went to meet another beautiful woman who had been staring at us. Looking around, I didn’t see anyone I wanted to dance with so I decided to go and get a drink at the bar. I found Bea and Olivia standing there.“How?” Olivia asked, taking a sip of her drink.I raised my brows.“Stop acting like that was nothing, girl.” Bea said, nudging me. “You danced with Mason Steele, the Mason Steele. How are you not going crazy?”“It was just a dance,” I said before telling the bartender what I wanted. “Okay, you my friend, are the expert in pretending. It was not just a dance, and we all know that. I knew there was a reason he kept asking you to perform for him. The man is smitten. Oh my goodness! You’re dating a billionaire.”“Shush, stop being dramatic, Liv. A man like him could never date me. Look at the woman he is with now. Beautiful, glamorous, rich. I can’t even compete.”Thinking a man like Mason Steele could be interested in me w
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Warning: Mature content 16+As soon as we got to the bedroom, Dave and I stripped. When we were both naked, he took me in his arms and started kissing me. My body was burning with intense need and I couldn’t wait anymore. “I need you, baby.” I said softly, not being able to take it anymore.Dave smiled and gently pushed me to the bed. He stared at me, making me feel hotter and wetter. I liked when he looked at my body like it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Dave positioned himself between my legs and his lips touched my most sensitive part, nearly sending me over the edge.He pushed my thighs aside while I kept trying to bring them closer. As Dave licked me in slow circles, I arched my core upwards wanting him to go faster which he did to my satisfaction. The butterflies in my stomach were sending off waves of electric current through my whole body. As much as I was enjoying what Dave was doing, I needed another part of his body to bury itself deep inside me. When I w
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