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Ikhlas's life was just like a rollercoaster, one great turn after the other. She had a friend she holds dearly to her heart and that person who was the man of her dreams. What happens when her Bestfriend marries the person who was to be her soulmate?What would now be her fate? **************************************Find out what happened to. Ikhlas's long liked crush, her best friend and her family in The Homewrecker ......This journey is going to be a bumpy one..... Mysteries will be unraveled, tears will be shed, smiles will find their way across your and most importantly.... GREAT LESSONS WILL BE LEARNT!!!! A Novel Written by Nightingale ️

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47 Chapters
1. First Sight ️️
IKHLAS POVOn a faithful Thursday evening, I was with Haneefah in her home sipping lemonade and gisting about school stuff, lecturer crushes, wicked lecturers and other girlie fantasies when I heard a melodious Salam with a sweet scent of black oud, which made me raise my head to see a very beautiful creature of Allah.He has an average height with caramel dark skin and a little bit of plump lips, Don't mind my perverted self. I quickly averted my gaze and concentrated on my phone before he catches me practically checking him out. Wow !!! Who is this Angel was all i kept saying in my mind."Yaya Haneef sannu da zuwa ( welcome bro Haneef)" Haneefah said. Greeting him.Wow his name is Haneef, nice name."Ya su mummy da daddy ( thanks, how is Mom and Dad)" she asked.
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2. I Met Him
IKHLAS POVOh! I thank God i am done washing these clothes, I need to set them to dry and I am very tired. Throughout these two weeks, I have been keeping my self busy to drown my thoughts about haneef.What is wrong with me?? what has he done to me?? I asked myself.I haven't been myself these days and I wasted away because of a guy that do not even know me. " Ya Allah guide me through this."  I silently prayed.I needed to put my acts together and stop acting like a love sick moron. This isn't me and I want the old version of me back. I have so many things I have to do and it seems like Haneef has decided to become a distraction.Haneefah is tired of trying to cheer me up. "I think I love him" I said out loud."Love who? Haneef?" I heard which startled me.I turned to see haneefah furiously  eyeing me. 
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3. The Test.
HANEEFAH POV.I was reciting the Holy Quran after subh prayer this morning when my phone rang.I picked up my phone from the bedside drawer and the caller ID flashed before my eyes making a smile travel across my face. It was my mom. "Assalamualaikum Ummah inakwana ( peace be unto you, good morning mum) " I greeted joyfully. "Waalaykisalam baby an tashi lafiya ( peace be unto you too, baby how was your night) " she asked."Lafiya Lau umma.( It's was fine mum)""Ok I called to inform you that your father, your grandma, your uncle and I will be coming back today so prepare for our arrival.Make sure everything and everywhere is neat and tidy and make sure you
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4. The Engagement
HANEEFAH POVI laid on my bed, listening to the whistle-like sound of the evening breeze. I was so bored that even my social media feeds looked boring. After some time I decided to go see Kaka, after all my friend and grandma was still at home. I jumped off the bed and adjusted my hair into a ponytail before heading to her room and Surprisingly I found her in the sitting room. "Kakalle na come let's gist." I said, finding an empty space close to her and kept my butt. "Ok my child what do you want to discuss" she asked"I didn't say anything about discussion I only want to jist am bored" I replied in a whiny tone. "Don't you have your exams coming soon?" She asked."Yes am just bored." I answered with a sigh."Ok I even need to ask you a question" she now said, adjusting her gla
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5. Broken
IKHLAS POV.I called haneefah to ask how her meeting with her soon to be husband went but she didn't pick, I gave her like 20 missed calls. I was so worried, I kept having strange but dangerous feelings so I decided to go check up on her. I was about to enter when I saw Haneef driving out, looking very worried. "what happened?" was all I could mutter.I quickly entered and I saw Ummah looking very disturbed."What Happened Ummah?" I asked."She fainted wallahi I don't know why," she answered. "let me go see her Ummah." I noticed her finger moving, "i think she is awake." I said happily."Hanny!" I called her.when I noticed her lips moving I brought my ear close to her mouth to hear her saying "Ikhlas forgive me"Ummah gave her water to drink after she finished and finally
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6. Final Exams
IKHLAS POV.Studying is a combination of study and dying, I studied and I feel like am dying.I have been having serious headache, body weakness and loss of Appetite lately but I won't allow it to weigh me down. We need to pass that exam even if it means giving it whatever it takes.I can't even tell Hanny cause she is definitely going to seize all my books and force me to rest, I don't really think I have time for rest, The timetable doesn't even have much intervals.I still think about Haneef, I still feel the pain, I still miss him, I still worry about him and I still love him. I can't even ask haneefah for help because he is now her fiance, even though I know she will try to help me but there's virtually nothing she can do. Ohh Allah you are the only one that can help me ."Hanny wake up and pray" I woke her up."Don't tell me you read till
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7. Painful Departure
Ikhlas POV.We prepared for our project defense poorly because Haneefah made sure I only read 3 hours a day. The RRBN exam was favourable, I was asked a very simple question and I answered it brilliantly. Hannefah did her project defense today and I am going to do mine tomorrow. Things have been going normal At Haneefah's, they are really preparing for the wedding and I think the relationship between Hanny and her fiance is getting better. The most important thing right now is to break the news to haneefah. I don't even know how to tell her, what would her reaction be? how will she feel? I kept having second thoughts about telling her, I just don't know yet. I left for Ibadan after my defense to get ready for my induction. Hanny saw me off to the airport before I took a 7:00am flight to Lagos.I visited a friend before I left for Ibadan by road. I arrive
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8. New York
IKHLAS POV.I arrived at New York and headed straight to Manhattan University, I went to the Administration Block and handed my Admission letter to the secretary. "Welcome to Manhattan University Miss Ikhlas, here is your room referral letter, take it to the third office in the next block and collect your room key. This is your weekly schedule and your school guide." She said with a polite smile.I collected it and thanked her before going to collect the key. I reached the female hostel and had no idea where to go. I was still wallowing in the thoughts of how to locate my room when a beautiful brunette said "Excuse me Miss you seem lost." "Yeah My room is in Block B and I have no idea how to locate it, I don't even understand this school guide," I answered my words laced with frustration.  "Oh great! I am also in Block B what's your
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9. The Marriage
HANEEF POV."Mom you need to accept this. It's okay even if you don't like her I am sure you will eventually do.After this marriage I am obligated to make her happy, do you want me to face Allah's wrath?Mom you know about all these things, I don't have to start preaching to you. You know Kaka wanted this not Dad so for once please let this one go and try to reconcile with Dad" I tried persuading her."Alright my son I will reconcile with your dad and you can go ahead and marry her" she said not really happy about it. But it seems like she gave up because there was virtually nothing she could do."Thank you very much mum" I said not able to withhold the excitement in me."That doesn't mean I like her" she added."My son!!"" Yes mum" I answered."You've changed. You talk more than often no
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10. Loved
IKHLAS POV. I sat on my bed watching haneefah's wedding pictures and videos when I came across his speech, I felt the tears stinging my eyes threatening to fall.FYI I still like my best friend's husband. Though am not supposed to but I can't help that I do. Time heals all wounds and it seems like time isn't working on my own wound. Why does it have to be my best friend's husband? Why? Why? I hate myself so much already. I set them free as they cascaded down my sad cheeks."Hey!! What's wrong?" Delilah asked clearly concerned. " Nothing am just being emotional cause am happy for her" I said as I quickly wiped my face. "So you want to tell me you are shedding tears because you are happy?" She said Giving me the 'I know you are telling lies' look. ."Yeah" I answered weakly and averted my eyes to prevent her from finding about more. 
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