She Who Became A Badgirl

She Who Became A Badgirl

By:  xxavy  Completed
Language: English
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Vanez Amelia is a young rebel. At her minor age, she began to realize the reality of her life. She's living with her father in the mansion with it's new family . She never liked the woman he married again including her stepsiblings. She hates her life even more. She feel unloved and unappreciated. She knew from the very start that everyone around her saying behind her back that she's a burdensome, a bitch and all. So she totally erased the good girl she used to be. Until she entered Clinton High and there, she met Yukenzo Cabrera, the SSG president of the campus. She hates him being a meddler and he dislikes her for being a bad girl. Is there a chance their world unite despise the gap and their opposite beliefs in life? Can he waver her? Can he change her?

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This book is amazing! I like how both the MCs and the storyline are far from the usual cliches. Definitely worth reading!
2021-09-26 08:35:53
71 Chapters
Prologue"From now on, they will live here in my mansion. We're not alone anymore. I hope you get along with them, Vanez."My mouth dropped at its finest after hearing Dad. I then, looked at the people he brought here. I gritted my teeth when I saw the woman he replaced to mom."Are you fucking with me, Dad? Mom just died but here you are, you immediately found a new to replace her! You didn't even mourn! She's your wife! How could you?" I shouted angrily.He massaged his nosebridge."You think I didn't mourn? You're not the only one who is left hurting, who's left in pain. I also cried every night after she died---" I cut him off."Then why did you marry another woman? Why are you bringin' these people in our mansion? Where's your mourn in that, Dad?!"My tears pooled in the corner of my eyes in s
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Chapter One
Chapter One"Oh my God!" The girl's jaw dropped, widened eyes and terrified voice, she surveyed her uniform.I put my signature smirk. Every student around us, gasped and covered their mouth. Some are cheering me and I feel so motivated as hell especially when I realized the disaster I made to the girl in front of me."What the hell did you do to my uniform?! This is fresh from laundry! Why the fvck you spilled something sticky on it!?" She shouted in a frustrated voice.She's really mad now, I can tell. Her cheeks started to become red, brows furrowed and I can vividly imagine smokes in her nose.I crossed my arms."I don't care if that trashy uniform of yours was fresh from laundry. You spilled melon shake on my uniform first, I'm just returning the table,"I have learned to control my emotions in times of this. I shouldn't feel sorry because
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Chapter Two
Chapter TwoI'm expecting some bush of plants at the side of the gate. I used to see many cars and a school bus in lined outside, but I'm seeing the opposite scenario I've never imagined. The students my age, are walking while laughing and talking with their companions. They seemed very happy and full of energy.While me, I faced Dad annoyingly."Dad, what kind of shit is this? Are you really gonna let me study in this place? I don't want here! This is cheap! I won't feel fun here!" I said hysterically.He put down his specs and gave me a normal look, like he's not even bother to my rants."Don't give me tantrums. This is your punishment for being a difficult kid. You shall study here, whether you like it or not." He said to me.My brows furrowed. He's punishing me?! What for?! How could he possibly do this to me?!"That's it! I won't study more
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Chapter Three
Chapter Three"What did you do to him?" The guy asked me calmly but the cold tone in his voice is evident.My lips rose. Hmm, is he roleplaying the hero character here? That's new, huh. No one has the guts to ask me after the trouble I made. I wonder what's with him.."I stamped him. What about it?" I said, like it's nothing to be cared of."Van.." Rocelia called me in her trembling voice, she's as if afraid.I wondered more. Why would she afraid? To whom? To him? Who is he anyway?The guy arranged his own specs and put his one hand in his pocket."Why did you stamp him?" He asked me then, he handed his other hand to the boy. He's helping him to stand.The boy stood up with the help of him. My eyes crinkled. What is he doing? I'm starting get annoyed!"T-thank you," the boy thanked him and held his books tightly
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Chapter Four
Chapter Four All my life, I always encounter people who's purpose is to just annoy the hell out of me. Somebody who likes intruding in my own life, who meddles with my own things. But I never thought the day would come that I'll hit by someone in a bullseye.That fvcking Yukenzo. How dare him say that I'm making troubles for me to earn their attention. How dare him belittle my rationales. How dare him belittle me. I said I'll make his forbearance to end, I'll prove to them that he is not good enough to be their leader.But why does I'm the one who ran away? Why did I left just because he threw me such words he invented himself? I shouldn't left, I should have did more than that.Whatever, I can plan another trouble anyway.Our limousine stopped, Bougart, our loyal driver, parked it in front of the mansion's double doors. I took my backpack and didn'
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Chapter Five
Chapter Five "So, what are your rants for today?"I stared at the beer I'm holding, not giving Dublin a look. Among the four of them, I can say he's the friendly type. He can easily interact with people around him and that's awesome. I can still remember the day when I joined their group and he's the first one who entertained me.But if he's the friendly guy, France is his opposite. France isn't the smiley type, he's more like the serious and mysterious kind. He likes smoking cigarettes but he also has vape collection. He taught me some vape tricks, too. And what I love about him is his sense of humor and maturity. Perks of being an orphan. At his young age, he learned to be alone and do things just by himself.While Baron and Rashid are kinda same but not exactly. They have similarities in attitude but their appearance and beliefs weren't clicked. Rashi
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Chapter Six
Chapter Six I decided to go to the classroom when our second subject for today began. I put back my vape inside my backpack, I blowed out the remaining smoke from my mouth for the last time. I walked towards the second floor of the building, I even passed by some freshmen at the stairs. They gave me way and I took that chance to walk like a queen. When I got to the second floor, that's when I heard their murmurs and whispers to each other about me.Damn backstabbers.I relentlessly went to the room, without any emotions on my face. I'm starting to like this facade of mine. When there is people, I'm a fierce and brave girl but when I'm alone, I'm crying like an infant inside my own room while holding the picture of me and mom. That's why I'm getting annoyed so easily when there's someone who cannot notice how aloof I am."Van, you're here! Why did you ski
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Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven "Oops! Sorry!" I raised my both hands and made a fake apologetic face after I kicked the blue ink and it spilled on the illustration board for our group's presentation.They gasped in so much shock while looking at the tremendous mess I made. I bit my lower lip and controlled myself from laughing. This is what I'm waiting for, their priceless and epic reaction. Stacy, the leader of our group, moved near the messed up illustration board."W-what... what have you done, Vanez?!" She raised her voice and looked at me terribly. I tilted my head."This is our group presentation for today! This has a big role to our grades, what did you do?! Have you lost your mind?!" She almost hysterical.They all gave me a disappointed look and like her, some was throwing me glares and sharp look. But I'm still sitting pretty, they can't do anything against me.
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Chapter Eight
Chapter EightI entered the limousine feeling empty. The ride went smoothly but I can't feel it, I'm just looking outside the window while waiting for the engine to stop. The grand gate opened and our maids were there, watching the limousine to stop 'til it reach the front yard. I held my bag and went out, not giving them any look. They don't even deserve my precious gaze, they're just here to do their job. That's all.The maids opened the double doors for me, I walked inside the mansion feeling unbothered by their presence. When I heard a random sound of a glass shattered on the floor, I almost jumped in shock.Then to my surprise, Sharon appeared from the living room with furious face and bloodshot eyes. She walked near me, behind her is Innov and Akira."What did you do this time, huh? The dean called and she's looking for Martin! She said you're making troubles again! Why a
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Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine I felt a hallow on my chest as I remember those words from my own father and from Sharon. They don't know what I'm feeling and they don't really care about my feelings. They don't actually care if their words can hurt and tear me apart.They are here to scold and give me sermons not to hear my side and understand my rants.Now I realized I'm totally alone in this battle. I'm fighting all alone. I have no supporters and no one is there for me but only me, myself and I.I need to face this battle independently. I can't just depend myself on others even especially on the people here in mansion. I need to get used to being alone. If mom is just here next to me...That's why when dinner came, I didn't come out my room. I didn't take my dinner 'coz I have no appetite at all. Aside from that, I don't wanna see their faces yet. After what happened, a
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