Stuck with Adam

Stuck with Adam

By:  ThatWriterDudee  Ongoing
Language: English
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[NEW TO GOODNOVEL.]Daniel Robinson has to move a lot. He starts a new school believing he would be loved by girls as usual, but surprisingly, not everything goes as expected.He meets Emily Watson, getting attracted to her immediately he sets his eyes on her, but she doesn't give him the attention he needs. He later realizes there is more to Emily and her supposed 'friend', Adam, who is also the school bully, than meets the eye.After a while, it is discovered that Emily is in love with him too, but she just can't be with him no matter how much she wants to. Why?Because she's stuck with Adam.

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Morgan Stinson
So far it is awesome will there be any updates??
2021-05-27 12:12:24
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Beautiful book! Absolutely excited!
2020-07-06 00:51:56
40 Chapters
Chapter 1
I am Daniel.Daniel Robinson George. For some reason, I hated the name George and hated to be called it, so everyone calls me Daniel, and my best friends, Danny.My age? Well, let's just say I was a teenager, tall with a broad shoulder, had enhanced blue eyes and had a scent girls said they loved so much.I was the kind of guy that could make any girl blush with just a simple smile. To cut the description short, I was handsome, and I sure as hell knew it.I was in the ninth grade and had one sibling -Judy, my elder sister who was good looking but wasn't as attractive as my Mom Flora, a very generous woman with accentuated high cheekbones and hazel eyes but without a job. I loved them both because I could easily voice out my feelings to then when necessary. But with my Dad, it was a different story. My Dad was a very strict disciplinarian who believed in corporal punishment. To me, he was a pain in the neck. I figure
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Chapter 2
Mr Philip was a very tall man, with a small mole by his nose. He had brown hair, and I could see that he was uncomfortable with his haircut, which had his hair hanging down from his head to his face, obstructing his sight. He kept flipping the hair back but it refuses to oblige.He was our math teacher, and we started with simple algebra, which I was familiar with, till we got to the complicated ones. I shook my head in confusion as I tried to understand what he was explaining.And then he noticed me."Hey you," he said. I looked around to be sure I wasn't the one he was calling, but damn right it was me."Me?" I asked."Yeah, you the cute guy." He confirmed, folding his arms over his broad chest as the whole class giggled. "You're new here right?" He asked."Yes I am." I answered."What's your name?" He enquired."Daniel sir, Daniel Robinson."
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Chapter 3
I couldn't believe what just happened. Emily Watson likes me? As in, Emily, the girl that didn't want anything to do with me before, actually likes me? Wow.I needed someone to tell that to, because keeping stuff like that to myself was really hard for me.I could confide in Brian. So I would tell him.I returned to the classroom and tried to study Emily's behavior, but as usual, she didn't even acknowledge my presence. Did she really tell Rose to tell me that she liked me?Then I started to have doubts.During lunch, I approached Brian sitting with his Science Nerds and told him I wanted to see him. He excused himself and we went to a separate table to talk.I told him everything."Wow. Emily? I mean, are you really sure of this?" He asked, scratching his head."Yeah I am. I can't possibly be lying about this, can I?" I asked him.
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Chapter 4
I stared in shock at the figure standing right in front of me.Emily was wearing an elegant woolen dress, red, short sleeved and tight across the hips. She had just little make-up on and made her hair in braids.Never have I seen anyone more beautiful."Hi." She said. "Uh can I come in?" She asked, pushing her face closer."Oh y-yeah, sure, c-come in." I said, opening the door wider as she entered."But wh- I mean how did you find here? And why are you here?" I asked, silently cursing myself for stuttering."Uhm, I had Brian tell me where you live, so..." She trailed off."Oh." I said. I must have given Brian my address, but I couldn't focus on remembering that with Emily standing next to me.And then it was awkwardly silent."You- you can sit." I said, pointing towards the sofa. What was she doing here?
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Chapter 5
Immediately I saw the car, I knew that whosoever was in there hadn't seen me yet. So that was my chance to bolt away from where I was standing. And quick.Emily was staring at me with a puzzled look on her face. I grabbed her hand and as I pulled her back into the house, I told her what had just happened.I quickly rushed her into my room looking around for where she could hide for now, but she was way ahead of me.She climbed right into my closet, signalling me to lock it up. By now, the person in the car had entered the house, shutting the door.Shit. My dad must not find her here.I had no time. I wasn't really comfortable with the idea at first, but realising what could happen if my dad found her, I quickly locked up the closet and put the key in my pocket."Daniel!" Someone called."Yes, who is it?" I asked, calming myself down I walked towa
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Chapter 6
Mom and Dad came later in the night, and I went to bed shortly after dinner, and dozed off almost immediately.★★★"Hello Daniel." Emily said."Hi Emily." I repliedWe were in Emily's room, sitting on her bed."So, so you care for a drink?" She asked."Oh yeah, sure." I said.She went off to the kitchen and came back with a transparent glass cup and a bottle of Hennessy.She sat on the bed and began pouring the liquid into the glass cup."Uhm, Emily I don't drink alcohol." I said, hoping she'd just take those away and come back with some fruit juice."That's nonsense, come on its not that bad. I'll pour just a little.""Okay, just a little." I said, with my eyes almost popping out of their sockets when I saw the amount she poured."Here you go." She offers me the cup."Its too much Emily, I can't take all of this at a go.""Take it if you really love me or leave my life!""Oh-
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Chapter 7
"What the hell are you doing with this son of a bitch?!" Adam yelled at Emily.I got up, and so did Emily."Uh, Adam, its not what you think." I said, trying to calm his hot ass down."Shut the fuck up you idiot!" He shouted."We were just studying." Emily explained.But Adam was buying none of it because he replied her with a hot slap to the face. He took her arm and dragged her out of the library, only stopping at the door to look back at me."You, if I ever see your fucking self with her again, trust me your body will never remain the same." He threatened, walking out with Emily.Where the hell was the librarian all this while?My memory flashed back to the hard slap Emily received from Adam. And I couldn't do anything about it. I felt so small and powerless. But I knew I had to do something about Adam before it got too late.I saw that Emily had left her geology notebook, and wondered how I would get it back to her because I
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Chapter 8
I woke up the next morning after hearing a loud piercing scream. What was happening? I immediately flung myself out of bed and ran to my parents' room, but no one was there. A terrible feeling grew inside my guts when I realised the scream had to do with Judy.I ran to Judy's room where I met my mom crying terribly and my dad, with both hands on his head.What I saw next made my heart skip two beats.Judy was lying motionless in her bed, entirely soaked with blood. Her blood. My eyes caught some pills on her bedside table, all empty. Then I realised what Judy had done.I involuntarily fell to my knees."Judy no! You shouldn't have done this to yourself! You shouldn't have. We were all going to take care of you and the baby. And now you've done this..." I trailed off. I didn't realise when tears started rolling down my cheeks like rocks down a hill.My mom just kept on wailing.
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Chapter 9
"Hey! It's you, Daniel." Chloe said."Hi Chloe, uhm..."Her mom was staring at us, making me a lot uncomfortable."Mom, a little privacy, please?""Oh, right." Her mom said, leaving the room. Chloe sat next to me and urged me to go on."Uh, okay. Chloe, I came here to apologize for- ""I forgive you." She interrupted with a sweet smile."What? Seriously?" I asked in disbelief."Of course. How can I ever say no to you, handsome."Okay, so was she flirting with me now? And did she just call me handsome?"Uh, alright. Thanks a lot.""Yeah, its nothing." She smiled sweetly again.Okay, so silence now. What do I say? What do I do? Man, I hate awkward silence. "Uh, I'm really missing Judy nowadays, you know." I said."Aw." She cooed, placing her hand on top of mine, sendi
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Chapter 10
"Jeez, Daniel. You didn't have to yell at me." Emily complained."Emily, you... I... Judy's dead." I said, without really meaning to."What?! Oh my God! How? When?" She gasped."I'd rather not talk about it, Emily.""No, please. I really want to know."Despite how much I tried not to, I told her, deleting every aspect that had to do with Adam."Oh. My. Goodness. That's why you left your backpack at school the other day and was absent the whole week. I was so worried about you, Daniel." She said, placing her hands on my shoulders.I could see that she felt sorry for me, but I was far from ready for what was about to happen.She was intending to kiss me, and that was the last thing I wanted, but I stayed still, unable to move any part of my body because a part of me wanted that kiss, but the other part wanted my first kiss to be with someone else, per
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