Sinful Pleasures

Sinful Pleasures

By:  EC Mendoza  Completed
Language: English
9 ratings
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Rye met Gillian in a dream. He was in the hospital and he couldn't move his legs. He didn't know her but she inspired him to walk again. And then he met the beautiful stranger at his recuperation house in the mountains.But there were serpents in paradise. Gillian had so many baggage. It was difficult for Rye to be near her. He had to tread carefully.One thing was clear: she would be his enchanting bride when he could walk again.

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Deserves more reviews to get a well-deserved rating!
2021-01-05 06:12:23
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Loved it!!
2020-12-08 08:10:36
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Well written and the synopsis is intriguing. Hooks the readers' attention
2020-11-18 00:21:57
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Nicole Toubo Glass
Very good book!!!! Looking forward to more!
2020-10-21 14:03:45
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Love the story!!!
2020-09-27 22:58:30
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very good story I love it
2020-09-15 13:26:55
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Very nice story
2020-09-15 13:10:37
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Very interesting story! Can’t wait to read more
2020-09-15 11:41:07
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Nini Cang
2020-10-14 15:29:28
61 Chapters
Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 1
The darkened room was illuminated by the glow outside the window and he could barely see the silhouette of the woman standing at the foot of his bed."Gillian..." Rye whispered her name, then his forehead furrowed. He didn't know any woman with the name of 'Gillian.'The woman didn't answer. She started to remove her shirt languidly. It was loose like a man's shirt.His shirt...Her movements were slow and languorous, guaranteed to rouse any man...Him.Rye could only see her eyes but not her face in the darkness. They were large and sparkling and full of yearning for him.Only him.He could feel his blood heat up. All his longing had gone to his center and his body started to harden, tenting the loose hospital cloth."Gillian..." His groan was full of longing. He craved her scent, her warmth, her body...Just like in any dream, scenes changed fast. In a flash, her soft body was beside h
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Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 2
Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 2 "My poor son! Will he ever walk again?" Alicia sobbed quietly."Alicia, don't lose hope. Rye will recuperate in the province. The renovations should be finished by now." Jim
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Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 3
The three-meter wide lanai wrapped around the house. It has two-step stair all-round, where the pathways started. It overlooked the flowing hills and beyond. The sun sets here, too. Rye appreciated the perfect view."I've been a good patient, Nurse Sanchez. Surely, I'm allowed a glass of wine?" Rye said cajolingly."A glass of white wine on
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Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 4
Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 4 The next morning, Rye was in his usual place at the balcony. He was watching Gillian's house through the binoculars. There were no movements. When Nurse Sanchez appeared, he maneuvered the wheelchair towards the bedroom.
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Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 5
Rye had a hard time shaking himself awake. He focused on her heart-shaped face. "You're an attractive woman, Gillian," he said in a matter-of-fact tone. "I was just admiring you." Then he looked at her body once again. 
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Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 6
"I see Ginny as a younger sister," Sam protested while both his ears reddened."Well, I see Gillian as future Mrs. Rye Gonzaga," he stated seriously."I have an observation, boss. If I may express it," Sam said hesitantly."Spill it."
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Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 7
The atmosphere was damaged by the visit of the Terrible Three although Gillian continued giving instructions and writing down her observations. Rye followed her example--for now.He seemed cool and collected while doing the exercises that Gillian told him to do but the truth was, he was seething inside. He wanted to follow the Terrible Three and to punch them each to the nose!But he couldn't walk! And they would surely retaliate. Where would he be? Did he mana
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Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 8
Gillian went to her mother's room.Genova had a faraway look in her wrinkled face.She knocked gently.Genova blinked and when she saw Gillian, she smiled wanly.
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Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 9
 "H-his name is Lupo Serese." Gillian's voice seemed to come far, far away. She looked as though she had seen a monster. Her flushed face turned into a pasty white. Her lips, reddened by the hot brew she was sipping, immediately lost color.Gillian closed her eyes and fainted.Rye was ready. He had wheeled towards her and his distance from her was an arm's length. He caught her before she slumped forward
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Sinful Pleasures - Chapter 10
Gillian was in a dream world. Everything seemed hazy except this man.Rye was the first man who looked at her with something hot in his eyes.Those eyes were like a diamond. They conveyed different facets of emotions. Admiration. Appreciation. Respect. Longing. Desire...Gillian secretly shivered with romantic excitement the first moment she knew that Rye was interested in her. She would peep at the windows to catch a glimpse of the man with honest eyes.But that was all... She couldn't pursue him in real life. He was not for her.Well, except in her dreams. Anything was possible in here. Even the man lying on top of her...The man was him. She had mixed reactions. There was the familiar panic engulfing her. The fear that rendered her motionless because it was safer. Her husband wouldn't inflict more pain if she remained frozen. If she endured the punches quietly, he might--might--stop quickly.But the last beating had been a long time ago...Gillian whimpered weakly.Rye felt her desp
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