Sins Of My Body

Sins Of My Body

By:  Tatum_Whispers  Completed
Language: English
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Veronica James, has been designed to drive any man beyond seven sensations of pleasure. She is the Queen of her own Empire, and there is nothing that she will not do to get what she wants. This blonde bombshell sets her heart on the biggest deal of her life and will stop at nothing until it is sealed. Joshua Hamilton a handsome and very much mysterious man walks into her life one night. His intention not quite as clear-cut. Veronica is set to meet Jake Hamilton but gets caught off-guard when Joshua shows up. Joshua convinces Veronica to go against her rules and he will push her to her limits. But things go wrong and Veronica is set two make the hardest decision of her life. But in comes Tom Hedford to complicate her life even more. She is made to choose between the two men, she needs to decide who she loves the most. Who will be the ultimate that will bring this Queen to her knees?

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Good Read.
2021-09-27 11:28:38
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Davida Sparkle Anyango
it so wetish
2021-03-09 22:52:45
31 Chapters
Veronica James
Dear ReaderThank you for reading the first chapter of the book called, Sins Of My Body. Sins Of My Body was originally written as an Interactive Story Game. I am in the process of adapting it into a novel form. The original version contains a great deal of dialogue to fit the platform for which it was intended. Though you can enjoy the story in its interactive format too as currently published. (eg when Veronica speaks, the format will be as this: Veronica ~ “Let me go, creep.”) Full adaptation is dependent on the popularity of the Interactive Story. Let me know what you think, of Sins Of My Body. Happy reading, Tatum Whispers *************************   My name is Veronica James. I love a high, and I love going beyond my ultimate desires. Nothing will stop me from getting what I want, and that means using what I have…my body. Tonight I find myself in the same place that
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The Forbidden Kiss
It is another night, another function which I am not in the mood for. I have not been able to get Joshua Hamilton out of my mind.It is frustrating.I have met my match, and I don’t like it. Victoria James does not crave men. Joshua Hamilton is proving to be a problem.So I am aimlessly walking around the club until I find myself wandering the streets to get some fresh air.The sun has long gone set, and there is a slight drizzle of rain. The smell of wet tar fills my nostrils as I make my way down the alley. Even between all the people of the night, I still choose to be alone.What a miserable life it sounds like, a not so lonely woman wandering down empty streets. But here I am, late in the evening in the middle of the city, getting drenched in the rain.In the far distance, I can hear people talking. It sounds like the voices of two girls. Then all of a sudden, there i
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My Insatiable Match
…Joshua POV…Tortured bliss is what I felt as she ran circles through my mind last night as I sought the comfort of my bed. Never has one woman consumed my dreams in total ecstasy. I could feel her delicate fingers running down my sculpted chest as she laid spread over my body. In nothing but red lace, she filled the empty space that is now only meant for her. Even though my hands had the desire, I left her untouched. I want to take my time with her; I want to feel her presence and let her linger until she begs.Somehow I think that it is me that is going to do the begging. I will count the seconds as I patiently wait to explore her body and soul.So with what can only be described as endless hours, I have been counting the seconds as they crawled in anticipation, I find myself waiting for her. I have never felt so much nervousness creep up my spine. My heart will simply fall into an abyss if she refuses me. But even if she does, I will not give up
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Rules Are Meant To Be Broken
…Joshua POV…Veronica James, the name that is running in endless circles through my tortured mind. I have never met a woman that captivates my soul so much as she does. And now, I have her in my reach, yet she has got all these rules. Rules that I am determined to break.Tonight we are going to the launch of a new range, and I am going to try my best to sweep her off her feet. By the end of the night, she will have me begging to kiss her.So as my irises scan the floor endlessly for her arrival, I settle in with a chilled glass of whiskey in my hand. The thought that she might stand me up does come to my mind, but she wants to land this deal more than anything else.And what clever way to throw myself in there.Yes, Joshua Hamilton is known to have a different woman on his arm every night; I cannot and have never been able to keep the same woman for much longer than a week at most. It is not that I have not desired such a thing; I am
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Taste Of The Forbidden
This morning I had to remind myself why I do not get involved. Joshua Hamilton is demanding my time, and I am letting him to. I need to take the control back. I don’t do relationships. And if I do, then you will be lucky if it lasts more than a day or two. Right now, Joshua is getting me to do more often, and I do not feel comfortable with it.I have a meeting at Pandora this morning; running the biggest sleaze Magazine does require a lot of my time. If I am not here, then I am at The Summit Club, now The Summit Club, well, that is a whole story on its own.As I sit down at my desk, I stare out at the view overlooking the entire city. It took me a lot of favors to land this prime office space.I take my phone and dial Joshua’s number."I did not think someone like Veronica James would return my call.""Don’t think too much of it, Joshua. What is it that you wanted?""I wanted to know when I can see you again.""You a
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Late Night Calls
He is messing with me. He is doing it on purpose. A good-looking man like him is not as stupid as he is acting. If I were a man, I would definitely be Joshua Hamilton.I had Joshua Hamilton’s type before; his name was Todd Jacobs. He is the reason I don’t do relationships. He is the one that taught me to take whatever and whomever I want. He surely did.I have an appointment at The Summit Club this morning with Judge Simon Lewis. One of my girls broke the rules and took a guy home. She got caught, and now I have to clean up the mess. The judge is going to make the file disappear for a favor, the kind of favor that includes having my hair pulled.Now, The Summit Club is a private men’s club that caters to the needs that most men shall not get at home. We are not truly legal, so we do our best to stay under the radar, and this is where Jake Hamilton comes in.On the way to my office, yes, I am the owner of The Summit Club too. Now on my wa
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Sealing The Deal
I operate the best when I am sexually charged. But some occasions require me to be a cold-hearted bitch. Today I have a problem to sort out at The Summit Club. My blood is boiling, and it is not in a good way.And as I walk into the offices at The Summit Club, Brenda can see it written all over my face, "Morning, Brenda.""Morning, Miss James.""Where is he?""In your office. He has someone with him whom I guess is his lawyer.""Please have David on hand if we need to throw him out."As I step into my office, there he is, and my god does my blood boil even further."Mr. Johnson.""Miss James."Then the other man in the room speaks, "Miss James, Scott, Leonard Scott.""I don’t quite understand why we are involving lawyers here, Mr. Johnson. You are the asshole that fucked up here. Acting like a disgusting low life. You have no dignity for yourself. I am actually surprised my girls have lasted this far with yo
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Breaking The Rules
I did it again; I asked Joshua out. I don’t know why I am doing it, I just can’t stop myself. I am Veronica James; I do not do relationships. But I like him and I like this feeling. I am playing with fire and I know I am going to get my fingers burned.He is picking me up in five minutes and I am scrambling around to find the perfect dress to wear. I don’t want to look slutty. Just the right combination between seductive and classy.And as he buzzes at the door only minutes before eight, I can barely hold my fucking excitement."Joshua.""Veronica. You look breath-taking tonight.""Already trying to score points, I see. So where are you taking me tonight?"You'll see."We are at a well-known pub close to the Hamilton. We walk in and find the first available booth. A reporter for some sleaze magazine snaps a photo of the both of us."You do know you have just become the gossip of the town.""Just another
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The Real Veronica James
I woke up this morning with a fucking smile on my face. If I could smack it off my face, I would. I don’t have anything on the agenda today. My sorry ass is going to sit and daydream over Joshua Hamilton."Morning, Janice.""Morning, Miss James. These came for you."Janice points to a large bouquet of red roses."All I need now is a stalker. Who is the unlucky idiot that sent these?""It is Mr. Hamilton.""You have sex with a guy one night, and he goes and gets clingy. Janice, you better wipe that smile off your face before I do it for you. Find me something to do today before I go crazy.""Sara from Flare phoned."I am so irritated with myself. First, there were drinks; then there was making love and now flowers. I need to destress. I wonder what this bitch wants."Sara.""Veronica, thanks for returning my call.""What do you want?""Have you read your mail this morning.""No, what do y
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Making Mistakes
I have been ignoring Joshua. I don’t do relationships. He knew that from the start. I am not changing myself for anyone. I love being Veronica James. I love my lifestyle. I love who I am.The Summit Club has been going for nearly six years. We have grown considerably, so much that we have run out of space. I do not have enough room to operate from. Today’s meeting is about obtaining additional space. I wanted the Hamilton Hotel, but landing the contract has been harder than I thought it would be.I head out of my penthouse to where my driver is waiting for me. I need to play my cards right with Blake Sheraton. I have never met him before; I don’t know if he will take well to me trying to seduce him to get what I want.But it is not the Sheraton I expected. It is his son, and fuck, he is hot.Maybe this will be easier than I thought."Morning, Mr. Sheraton.""Morning, Miss James. Call me Brandon.""I was expecting you
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