Slave Of A Billionaire

Slave Of A Billionaire

By:  Supriya  Completed
Language: English
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Moving to a new town. Getting my first job. Life was just getting into a smooth start until I bumped into him. What's worst than bumping into an arrogant rich guy? Being his personal secretary? NO! It's being his personal SLAVE!!!

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Good read, short, sweet good love story
2023-04-14 13:23:48
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Nonie Honcada
so nice love it
2021-08-21 16:00:34
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this story was a bit over the top. would any woman be a personal slave to a man who then behaves like a spoilt brat and you had to believe the slave falls in love with him. no woman would do that. also a lot of the parts were repeated. supposed to be a love story I say it's a way not to fall in love
2023-04-14 16:55:58
37 Chapters
Chapter 1
"And, that's your room..."Uncle Paul said. He looked at me and saw me distracted, "Caitlin, what's the matter? You don't like the house?" he said.   His voice brought me out of my trail of thoughts and I looked at him, "No, that's not the matter! Uncle, I will move out as soon as I find a job. I don't want to be any bother to you."   He got surprised and said, "Cait, you have never been a bother to me. I don't want you to move out."   "I know that, but you have done so much for me. After the death of mom and dad, you looked after me. You paid for my studies, never left my side. But, now I am a graduate and I don't want to be a burden to you."I said.   "Cait, you are like my own daughter. I care for you and you are not a burden for me. "he said seriously.   "Uncle, please... I want to do be independent."I said trying to convince him. "Ok. Do as you wish but remember I am a
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Chapter 2
I went inside the cafe smiling, thinking how shocked he will be when he sees his car blocked.   Where should I sit? Mmm...there! I will sit there near the window. I can see outside while eating. I sat and called the waiter and placed my order.   Where is that guy? I was looking around to see him when the waiter brought my order. I was so hungry that I started eating right away.   "What the hell...Are you blind? Can't you see? Look what you did to my clothes!! Do you even know how much my jeans and shirt cost?" someone was shouting.   I stretched myself to see who he is. It's him! That guy was shouting at the poor waiter who was repeating sorry. It's just water! He is really rude, shouting at that poor waiter for such a small thing.   He really should be taught a lesson!   I'm full. I will take something for my uncle too. Where's the waiter? I was looking for
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Chapter 3
I paid the waiter and was looking for him when I saw him walking hurriedly outside. Let's wait for few minutes, and then I will go out.   I can't wait to see his expression! Let's go out!! I went outside to the parking lot.   He is shouting, "Whose car is this? Move it now!! Where's the security?"   I controlled my laugh and walked towards my car slowly.   I went towards my car and started acting like I am searching for my car keys in my purse looking at him from the corner of my eyes.   He stopped his shouting and looked at me. I continued my acting.   He walked towards me. "That's your car?" he asked irritated. I ignored him. "Hey! Are you deaf? I'm asking you! Is that your car?" he asked even more irritated.   I controlled my smile and looked at him giving him a questionable expression like I don't know what he is talking
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Chapter 4
I woke up to my ringing alarm. I rubbed my eyes. I have an interview today! I opened my eyes and got out of bed.   I took a quick shower and dressed in formal attire. Should I leave my hair loose or in a bun? Hmm...I will ask my uncle Paul.   "Uncle! Uncle!" I went downstairs. "Good morning, Cait!" he wished me smiling brightly.   He is making breakfast. "Good morning, uncle!"I wished, hugging him.   "So, what's the matter?" he asked me. "Uncle, how should I keep my hair, down or in a bun?"I asked him.   He smiled and said, "Down. You look great that way." "Thank you, uncle."I hugged him and ran upstairs. "Come fast for breakfast!" he called out.   I brushed my hair and took my file and purse and ran downstairs.   Uncle was arranging food on the dining table. I sat in my chair and started eating my
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Chapter 5
I looked at him, what does he want from me? Then his words rang in my ears, "You will have to pay for this."   I shook my wrist out of his grip, "What do you want?"   "You know what happened because of you?" he said angrily. I rolled my eyes. As if I care.   He grabbed me by my hand and continued, "You know, because of you I failed to stop my girlfriend from leaving. It took me so much time to convince her to meet me and because of what you did inside the restaurant made me angry and so she went away and because of what you did in the parking lot I failed to go after her to stop her."   I can see the anger in his eyes. I shook his hands off me and laughed, "You had a girlfriend? Really? No wonder she left you, your behavior is so rude." "Anyways this doesn't concern me and it was your fault in the first place, "I added and turned around to leave when he tried to grab my shoulder but m
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Chapter 6
I looked at the watch then at him. He is glaring at me. I bit my lower lip nervously. I don't know what I should do. I quickly went and picked up the watch when he suddenly snatched it away from my hand, angrily. He looked at the watch and hissed with anger in his voice, "You broke my watch!"All I can say was, "Sorry! I'm really really sorry! I didn't do it on purpose!" He continued glaring at me. It seems like he can kill me just by his dreadful glare. Why is he overreacting for just a watch? Maybe it's special for him like my watch is special for me.This thought made me more tensed. "I will repair it! I will pay for the repair!"I said nervously. He is now looking at me as if I just told him a joke.Then he started laughing. I gave him a confused look.He stopped laughing and said, "Can you?""Yes, I
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Chapter 7
Repairing the watch will cost 100K US dollars!!! Just repairing!!! Maybe I overheard. This can't be true. It's just a watch!!!!   "WHAT??? But it's just a watch."I said shocked. "Shhh...Don't shout. You are too loud." the owner of the watch said.   I didn't realize that I was too loud.   "It's an A. Lange & Sohne's Grand Complication, limited edition watch. And the cost of this watch is 2.3 million dollars. So, repairing will cost this much." this rude and extra rich guy said smiling and then continued, "So, how are you going to pay? Cash or credit card?"   My blood drained from my face. How am I gonna pay this much? I am struggling to find words to speak. Why did I even bump into him in the first place? Why???   At last, I found myself saying, "I will pay a small amount every month. I got a job today. So, it will take me some time to pay you back."  
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Chapter 8
He took my watch, my precious watch. I am back to my home, on my bed. I don't know how I came here. I was so shocked by my watch gone that I only thought about my watch and nothing else. That watch means everything to me, I have to get that watch back no matter what. Tears kept rolling down my cheeks. I have to get it back!! I had it since I was five and have kept it with me since then. Flashback : "I too wanna go with you, please dad, please mom."I cried "Daisy, let's take her with us. Look at her, I can't see my daughter crying like that." dad said picking me up in his arms. "No. Henry, just go and celebrate your wedding anniversary with Daisy. Don't worry about Cait, I am here with her." uncle Paul said taking me in his arms from dad. "Baby, we will be back soon." dad said kissing me.Then h
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Chapter 9
I hurried downstairs with my file. "Good morning, Cait!" uncle wished me smiling."Good morning, uncle!"I wished him back."Come, let's have breakfast. I have made your favourite, pasta," he said smiling."Uncle, I am not hungry," I said looking down."Cait..." he was saying when I interrupted him, "Uncle, I should hurry and go. This is the last interview and I am so nervous about it." He sighed and came to me, "Cait, this job is not up to your qualification. Why do you need to do a job now? You can wait for the perfect job and take it. Till then I am here." he said seriously. I have been giving interviews for about two weeks but did not get a single job and today is the last interview for a personal secretary. I have to soon pay Ronnie my first instalment. And I can't tell uncle about it. I really need a job! "Uncle, I want to do a job so that I get some experience. That'
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Chapter 10
He wants me to become his personal slave. What does he think of himself? His slave??? What should I do?? He won't give me the secretary job if I don't agree to be his slave. And I really need a job right now. He is making me angry. "You lost your job..." he said bringing me out of my thoughts. I looked at him confused about how he knew this, he continued, "And you won't be getting any job, no matter how much you try, how many interviews you give." Why is he saying this? How does he know that I lost my job? How can he be sure that I won't get any other job? Did he??? I looked at him narrowing my eyes. On seeing my reaction he said trying to hide his smile, "Yes. You guessed it right. It was me behind you losing your job and I will make sure you don't get any other job." I am so angry right now that I don't know what I will do to him. I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down. 
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