Chapter 128


Getting summoned to Orphena is a different experience than that of last time.

Last time, I was so desperate and bothered that I didn’t even pay attention to my surroundings that much.

This time, I can pause and admire the black ceilings, the black floor, the vast black table placed in the middle of the room and the same people sitting around it, because I have no fear, no desire, no tension. I am ready for whatever they have in store for me.

Isn’t ceasing to exist far more better than staying stuck here for the rest of the eternity anyway? Hell yes, in my opinion.

“ What excuse do you have this time? ” The boy yawns as if he is bored.

I purse my lips before marching towards them and plumping down on the only empty chair.

All the higher ups make it their job to glare at me, but refuse to say anything.

I glance at the boy first. I don’t know his name — never asked.

Then, I look at the old man. I don’t know his name either and the old lady who supported me last time…I don’t know
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