Slave To The Alpha
Slave To The Alpha
Author: ~S.Y



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When I was a little girl, my mother used to tell me stories about monsters. She used to say ‘ Sleep or a monster will come to take you. ’

I never slept after hearing that though. The mention of a monster coming to get me and the thought of being asleep when he might come, made me jump out of bed and be on my guard.

‘ Where do the monsters live? ’ I often asked her, the fear never leaving my heart. She said they live in only dark places so I avoided darkness.

I always stayed in the light.

‘ Stay with me and no monster will harm you. ’ My brother had assured me and after the restlessness of many nights, I finally fell asleep beside my elder brother - Elias Bane.

As time passed by, I understood that the monsters my mother mentioned, were not real. She told me about them to scare me into doing what she wanted me to do.

The fear was almost gone. Almost.

Deep down, I really yearned to see a monster. Call this a child’s fantasy or a fear, I really wanted to see monsters and I wanted to know what they were truly capable of so I could know if they were worth my fear or not.

Were monsters really Ruthless and wickedly powerful or were they just like us but their strength and wickedness was exaggerated? I wanted to find out.

I think some God was listening in to my secret conversation with myself and so…

He sent monsters.

They came into packs. They came with power. They came with madness swirling in their weird colored eyes. They came as animals, but they had the ability to disguise themselves as humans too.  

They had only one goal - RULE THE WORLD.

And so, they did.

After an endless war of five years, they ruled the world. The rule and order of humans was gone – destroyed. The world we once knew as a humane civilization was taken over by those monsters and turned into a world of terror.

We named those monsters as werewolves. They shifted to wolves and back to humans, as they wished. An unmatched power and strength was gifted to the werewolves by some Goddess they called as Moon Goddess.

Those who possess such unmatched power are likely to become barbarous when a hint of madness hits their minds.

A kind which was animal and human at the same time was bound to be beastly.

They were brutal. They were those monsters everyone feared. They were those monsters everyone talked about.

Right after they took over the world, they decided they required their own pets so they started taking us humans as their slaves to do with us, whatever they pleased.

At least, the few humans who survived the bloody war against the monsters – werewolves, were taken as slaves.

I didn’t know what they planned to do to us in the beginning just like everyone else.

I found out their intentions behind taking us as slaves when me and my brother were taken slaves after the murder of Mom and Dad. I was only thirteen and my brother was eighteen back then.

They took us to one of their numerous packs where we found out that they will get us to do everything for them. We were the lowborn for them.

They used to command us, humiliate us, torture us in all the worst ways they knew off.

At first, I thought that they hated us humans for some reason, but with time, I concluded that it was their nature to be so cold - hearted, because they were monsters.

During my time of captivity, I experienced all kind of torture on the hands of those monsters. I can say that they went easy on me, because I was too young and if I had died, their entertainment would have ended...But, my brother was not so lucky.

When we were first brought there, we were given the right to choose our master and that master was supposed to be our everything. My brother and I chose a pair of mates, Lorraine and Noah, as our masters.

They both made me understand the meaning of the word ‘Monster’ for real. 

They both used to tie me down as they sexually assaulted my brother, Elias in front of my eyes. Lorraine used to force my brother into pleasuring her while Noah did unspeakable things to him. Elias used to thrash, scream and cry a lot. He always begged them into letting him go for the sake of their own Moon Goddess but they never did.

‘ It hurts’. Elias repeated these two words like a broken radio all the time, but they didn't care.

They never let him go until he was bleeding or until he passed out from all the traumatic things they did to him.

When my turn used to come, they mostly made Elias watch as they beat the hell out of me. They always started by hitting my face again and again until my eyes were so swollen, I could hardly even open them. We knew they were going easy on me, because they feared I was too weak and I might die with the torture ending this entertainment opportunity for them.

Elias was mostly the one screaming even when they were torturing me. I was too scared and hurt to even scream. I was just...lost in pain. I often wished for death secretly, but death refused to claim me or Elias.

All of this left a permanent imprint on the body, soul and heart of me and my brother.

I was weak. I broke down into pieces and became the puppet they wanted. I did as they said, talked when they wanted, stayed naked all the time like they commanded.

I let them hit me, touch me, sexually assault me without even letting any sound come out of my mouth. Just like they desired.

But Elias never broke down. Even if he had it worse, he kept himself together. He had the spirit of a warrior. He was a leader just like my General Father.

And he did what was required of him. He formed a rebel group quietly.

How could humans ever give up? If werewolves had unmatched power, humans had unmatched determination.

It was the first time Noah decided to rape me in what weirdly seemed like the proper way if there was even a proper way, when I turned fifteen. He had tied me to a table as Lorraine watched me with her purplish eyes.

I stared back at her, because she had ordered me to do so. As I gazed at her lifelessly, I had felt something deep stirring inside me - A monstrous urge to claw her pretty eyes out, to feed those eyes to her own kind and watch emotionlessly.

...But, I couldn't do any of that. I just stayed still, lost in my thoughts, waiting for everything to end so I could finally sleep and wish I never woke up again only to realise that I was not going to die so easily.

I was less of a human than my brother or any human slave in that pack, because I gave up before anyone else did. Perhaps, the fact that I was the youngest there also played a part in my downfall as a human.

But my brother somehow saved me. I saw them – humans. Lots and lots of them.

Elias managed to convince all the humans in the pack house to rebel against the Monsters and everyone listened to him, making him the leader of the rebellion group.

It was that day the metal leash around my neck was gone. I don't know who killed Noah and Lorraine or how they even did it, because I passed out in my brother's arms, the happiness of being free again too much for me to handle.

I saw the light of the day that day after staying in the darkness for two long years. Two long, dark, never – ending years.

After that, we ran away from everything and everyone. We were in search of a new home where we could be safe from the monsters hunting us down.

It was hard.

The werewolves could see us, smell us and hear us from miles away.

Monsters were strong, smart, cruel.

We were inexperienced, directionless, weak.

We still managed to hide and grow ourselves so we could free every single slave and be the one’s to rule again though.

Our rebellion group was called HUMANS among those monsters. They knew of our presence just like we were aware of our fate.

But, were we really humans? After experiencing those unspeakable horrors, I never considered myself human.

I was just a slave. Before this rebellion, I was a slave to Noah and Lorraine, but then, I became a slave to the nightmares haunting me every night.

Years passed and I eventually touched a line where I was about to turn eighteen.

When we ran away, we ended up starting the war with the werewolves once more unconsciously. They were hunting us down from that time to take us back to their packs and slave us like before or to kill us.

As a result of everything, many mutilated bodies of our kind were found laying around. Many of us were caught and taken as slaves again, but a few of us managed to stay hidden and free.

A human can just do so much against such powerful monsters though.

They found all of us after almost three years. They ambushed our hideout in the higher mountains where we hid from them for a long time.

“ Run, Violet. If they catch you, they will take you to the Silver Moon Pack. Choose the one nicknamed Wolf as your master then. He will keep you safe. ” My brother shouted at me as he prepared the guns, loading them with silver bullets.

I don't know why my brother asked me to do this. All the werewolves were supposed to be the same, then why did he ask me to choose one of them as my master willingly? Why did he ask me to repeat history? And what did he mean when he said that Wolf will keep me safe? 

I never got the chance to ask all these questions from Elias, because dread washed over me that very moment when Elias rushed out of our small hut. The thought of getting caught and then forced into slavery shredded my soul, so I ran.

I ran to save myself. I ran far away from my brother, Elias and my boyfriend of one year, Sylvan.

I couldn’t be their weakness, that's also why I had to run.

My legs carried me away from my family, but my fate led me back to the palms of the monsters.

They surrounded me like predators they were. One of them lunged at me and the next moment, I was falling to the ground, my own blood smeared all over my body.

‘ Choose the one nicknamed Wolf as your master then. ’ The words echoed in my mind and I felt my broken body being dragged over the hard forest ground, getting scratched all over, before I finally lost my grip on my conscious mind.

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Luz Reina
I won't read if it's multiple mates or rape. don't mind extra steamy but not others. I'm happy with your other stories which are amazing
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Apena Olaide Fathia
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Mary McMahon
amazing start

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