37. Loose ends

Brice's POV

"You think I'm not racking my brain, trying to remember who that guy was? I'm fairly sure I didn't give out certain vibes to any of my fans. You know they're called psychopaths for a reason don't you?" I drawled out my words in frustration. I was still at the twins' penthouse, I and Percy were still discussing about the possibility of me knowing the guy tried to kidnap me and Jill.

"I'm sure if you have, it wasn't intentional." Percy then told me to stay the night, telling me I need to be close by for any news.

Feeling the need to stick through the issue, I nodded my head. I was also curious about the report from the security agency, a couple of glasses later we were done with drinking. Percy invited me to sit in their outdoor seating area looking out to their private pool. My brain was done calculating their net worth the second I saw their collection of liquor when Percy proudly showed me their hidden room showcasing their vintage floor-to-ceiling collectors' liquor bott
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