46. Epilogue

Six months later

"We owe this to your family Ella, I know we decided to elope over the weekend. But now everyone is pissed at us, and my phone hasn't stopped buzzing. I'm just going to let the battery die, Clara and my PR team has gone crazy as if I needed their permission to get married." My honey bun bun looked agitated, and I smiled though I felt sorry for him. He looked adorably cute when he's upset, call me selfless but I feel like I need to climb him and join the mile-low club once we landed, if there's such a club. If not, well...I can always make one.

"Baby, I know that look," he shook his head looking at my horny expression. Seriously, I hope he realized what he's in for the long run and does not regret tying the knot with me. Though it's a done deal now, I smirked and weave his fingers with mine.

"We'll do it your way, if you feel the need to suck up to my parents and brothers then it's up to you. As long as I get to have you for the rest of my life." I bit my lip, looking a
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