42. Failing terribly

"Tell her, you're on your way, anything, just stall for ten more minutes," Jill instructed me to type a message to Ann's inbox. we were actually a block away from the town's public library. My doppelganger, Jill, said that their team was heading to Ann's place, and their footage showed that a car had left the premises.

"They need to search the place for Brice, we need her out of the house to make sure we find him. If he's not there, we need to find clues at her house to find Brice." Jill was the only one with me in the car, Grady got called out for an emergency at the office. Something about an important client who needs his expertise.

"Right." I bit my lip and started typing my lies then hit send. My heart was pounding so fast that my hand was shaking when I let go of my phone. Jill put her hand on mine and told me that everything is going to be okay. "You're with the best, Ella, we will find him."

"I know you will, you have too. Oh, my's all my fault, I know Ann. I should'v
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