44. The Unexpected

Two hours earlier...

Percy's POV

"Okay, we're going in. Jill, be on the lookout from your side."

I have two men by my sides, guns on hands, one of the men brought his medical kit on his back just in case. I didn't like it when Jill told me that Grady was gone for some emergency situation I don't even know about. My gut was telling me that he should be with our baby sister, Ella.

"Yes, sir. Ella is stalling, confirmed, we're going in as planned."

Her reply took me back to the current situation, we have been watching the house for almost an hour and waited for her to exit the premises. The house was empty aside from the infrared signature of one person we assumed was Brice, since he was not moving most likely subdued before she got out of the house.

His retrieval was easy, the house was bare. There were no triggering switches that'll make the place explode if we accidentally trip them. Ann was no hitman after all, just one sick psycho stalker. But Brice was barely lucid, he was heavily
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