41. Finding Ann

Where the hell are you Brice?

Let's hope you get scared and stupid and now hiding away from me.

That night when he didn't check up on me, I feel worried immediately. Though I've only known him for a couple of months, I could sense that there was something wrong with him. I tried calling him but got his voice mail instead. The next morning I called him again and went straight to voice mail. By then I started to get worried and insisted to my brothers that I was leaving my parents to go to his penthouse.

Grady and Percy meet up with me at Brice's penthouse since they also couldn't reach his phone. They also brought a specialist to check his place out. I was fiddling with my phone, trying to contact him but for the hundredth time, I reached his voice mail instead.

His bed was untouched, his fridge was still stocked with food. Even his laptop was there. There is no sign of forced entry, no sign of him leaving in a hurry, not even an indication that he was going to leave his penthouse for
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