The Evil Pledge

The Evil Pledge

By:  Te Ddy II  Ongoing
Language: English
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The life of a young teenage girl named Sarah takes a new dimension when she started having some strange nightmares after her grandfather died a year after he moved in with her family.The mystery behind his death is yet to be unravelled as he was still an agile man when he died.A woman named Blake who was Sarah's mother and a nurse also felt the death of his father was not natural when she discovered two of her patients who also died the same way her father did had the same tattoo at the back of their necks just like her father.As Blake digs into her family's past,she stirs up a whirlwind of discoveries.Will she be able to find the answers she desperately needed and also solve the riddle behind her daughter's nightmares?.

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16 Chapters
Alverto Cassiero a scientist was murdered by the government when the after effect of the substance A13 which he created led to the death of the soldiers that fought against the aliens in the early 80's.Maria Cassiero who was Alverto's mother decided to seek revenge for her son's death and this led her to meet a demon called Diemon.Diemon helped Maria to avenge her son's death after making a pledge to him.Some years after,Diemon was tricked by a Chinese monk who casted a spell on him and turned him into a statue so as to save his student from being offered to him as a sacrifice.Several men from different tribes and culture who were blinded by their greed for power went in search of Diemon so as to release him,but they were all killed by the trap set by the monk to prevent anyone from releasing Diemon in the cave where he was kept.Two decades after,a man called Derek finds his way into the cave where Diemon was kept after he discovered the cave in an ancient book
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Chapter 1
Fear overshadow my soul as the door creaked open revealing my worst nightmare,the air turned black around me as I stepped into the room.The door suddenly close behind me making my heart beat even more faster,icy fingers gripped my neck choking life out of me and my eyes become blur as it closes gradually.I shouted for help but I couldn't even hear my voice,I heard my name from a distance and I felt a hand shaking me,my blurred eyes opened widely and I saw my mum screaming my name and shaking my body,I just had another nightmare.My name is Sarah I am the third child out of four in my family and I live with my parents and siblings in a small apartment located in Santa Monica,California which is in the county of Los Angeles,our apartment happened to be at the end of the street with forest surrounding us.I love playing in the forest so having one around me is not a problem for me.It all started four years ago when my grandfather moved in with us,I was his fav
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Chapter 2
Mum and Dad did not return home early today which is so unusual of them,my mum is a nurse by profession and she works with one of the famous hospital in the city while my Dad is a cop he also works in the city.I wonder why Dad especially is late tonight because he just finished his night shift yesterday.I was unable to get some sleep because of the nightmare I'm constantly having,so I decided to get a cup of water and watch TV to wile away time till my parent arrive.It's almost 11pm.I left my room and checked on Dave,Max and John in their room,they sleep together in the same room maybe because they were all boys.I moved close to John and cover him with his blanket.John is the last child and I love him so dearly.I left their room and passed through the hallway that leads to the kitchen but I suddenly stopped when I noticed someone following me,I turned back to confirm but I didn't see anyone."Maybe I truly need to visit the psychiatrist hospital".I mumbled as I
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Chapter 3
School was fun today and I was lively in class also,atleast I was able to answer all the questions that was asked today,but something strange happened when I went to my locker to get my bag during lunch.I opened my locker and saw something which seems to be like a tattoo and it disappeared almost immediately it appeared.I closed my locker with shock and I saw my grandfather standing with blood gushing out of his mouth calling me to come and join him where he was and the most scary thing happened when he started running towards me with full speed and he gave a loud shriek when he almost got to where I was.I shouted and all the students ran out of the classroom to check what's going on,I kept on shouting pointing at where I saw my grandfather standing and I fainted.I opened my eyes afterwards and saw myself in the hospital,one of the nurses was attending to me."Where's my mum and what am I doing here?".I asked the nurse."'re awake,you're
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Chapter 4
Richard came out of her room an hour later.Blake noticed his eccentric appearance,thus she was forced to ask him if everything is alright,he kept quite for a while starring at her in an odd way."I think we need to look deep into her matter before it gets out of hand".Richard finally break the silence."What's wrong with her?.Is she alright?".Blake asked looking worried."She's down in the dumps Blake.We need to get help for her as soon as possible".Richard answered making her nervous."What do you mean by that statement Richard.What are you insinuating?".She asked."We need to get a psychologist for her,probably getting one might be of help to her".He replied and trust me that got her infuriated."Even you?,are you trying to say she's going crazy?".Blake asked looking furious."Calm down Blake,don't get me wrong I'm not saying she's crazy,I just thought a psychologist might understand her plight more better than us".Richard replied trying to
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Chapter 5
Dave suddenly wake up when he heard someone screaming.He tap his brothers and they wake up almost immediately.They ran out of their room together heading towards Sarah's room.They entered her room and met their parent there.Blake hanged one of her arms around Sarah's neck and led her out of the room,while Richard was still standing starring at them as they walked out of Sarah's room moving towards their bedroom.Richard's expression wasn't a good one,he looked so dejected and it's shown all over his face."Dad are you alright?.You look dejected".Dave asked looking worried."I'm alright Dave.I'm just tired,I'll be fine after getting some rest".Richard replied him."What's wrong with Sarah?.I heard her scream.Is she alright?".Dave asked gazing at him like a hungry lion."She'll be fine.I think she just had another nightmare".Richard answered."I think she needs help Dad,this nightmare of hers is becoming more alarming or what do you think dad?".Dav
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Chapter 6
I met myself in a lone,narrow,dark path with withered pine and oak trees all around,there's no building in sight just withered trees everywhere.Although the trees have no eyes yet I could feel their gaze on me.I fold my arms to shield myself from the cold of the night but it's of no use anymore as goosebumps were all over my body.I settled to walk the narrow path and see where it'll lead to, maybe I'll find a place to shelter myself.I walked through the path for almost five minutes and fortunately I found a small house in the middle of the forest.I ran as if I'm been chased by a wild bear.I got to the house in no time and I knocked on the door expecting a reply but no one answered.I pressed the door handle and the door opened widely revealing a deserted house."Hello is anyone here?,hello".I kept shouting waiting for someone to reply the greetings which I know no one will.The door suddenly close and I felt the presence of someone inside the room."Welcome S
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Chapter 7
The night is known for it's calmness and silence.Although the statement is true but the danger and evil lurking behind the calmness and silence cannot be overemphasized.A man in his early 40's drove into the thick dark forest located in a small remote area faraway from the city.Sounds of crickets making a distinctive chirp and a toad croaking can be heard from a long distance,black wolves skulk behind trees as their fiery white glowing eyes blink in the darkness.According to the history of the village,the forest have claimed the lives of both the young and the old villagers.This weird and unusual phenomenon led to the migration of the rest of the villagers because no one knows who'll be the next victim of the cruel circumstance.The man parked his car at the entrance of a cave deep down in the forest.He alighted and moved close to the entrance where a huge round stone serves as a door to the cave.Creeping phlox spread it's flower to cover the stone making it look
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Chapter 8
Richard was on duty when he received a call that a man have been knocked down by a hit and run driver somewhere in the city,he immediately informed one of his colleagues to call the hospital to send an ambulance to the location where the accident occured while they'll also go to check things out themselves.Richard drove to the scene and saw two EMTs carrying the man that was knocked down with a stretcher into the ambulance.He moved closer to them to check the person that was knocked down and he also ask the EMTs some questions before allowing them to leave.The man was rushed into the hospital and two nurses came to carry him in a stretcher into the building.Blake was still in the hospital when the man was rushed in,she called one of the nurses and asked her what happened."He was knocked down by a hit and run driver".The nurse answered her.The man was attended to and after some minutes one of the nurses walked out of the ward where the man was admitte
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Chapter 9
Richard got home expecting to see Sarah in their room,but he couldn't find her.He went to Dave's room to check if they are around and he met them playing game."Where's Sarah and your mum?".Richard asked."I don't know dad,they ain't home when we returned from school".Dave answered concentrating on the game he was playing.Richard walked down to the sitting room waiting for Blake and Sarah to return home.Blake finally returned an hour later looking stressed out and unhappy.Her eyeballs have become swollen due to the tears she was shedding at the hospital.Richard couldn't help but ask when he didn't see Sarah with her."Where's Sarah?.She's not with you?",and why are your eyeballs swollen?.Have you been crying?.Richard interrogated."It's a long story dear and I'm too tired to talk about it now".Blake replied as she turned and started walking to her room.Richard stopped her and insisted he'll like to know where Sarah was.She narrated everything that h
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