39. Possessively Obsessed

Ann's POV

The moment I saw Brice walk with Ella to his car, I recognized that the woman was not her. The way she attached himself to Brice was too poised as if they were trying their best to look like a couple. The feeling didn't sit well with me, and that's when I saw it. Her eyes, they're too alert, as if she was looking out to her surrounding like a mouse ready to fight back.

"Damn it!" I cursed the second I realized that she was not Ella, and the real Ella had left town.

Weeks earlier I'd spent days cursing, throwing stuff when I learned that Ella was being followed by bodyguards. Everywhere I follow her, she was never alone. Later on, I knew her twin brothers were putting security details on her. I shook my head trying to think hard on how to kill the bitch.

Brice will be mine.

Brice will be mine.

Brice will be mine.

I promised to myself, said the words over and over again, every time I reached a dead end. My nails were red from my nerves, I chew them when I get agitated with eac
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