40. Kidnapped

Brice's POV

I wake up with a feeling of heavy nausea. The last thing I remembered was that I came back from business dinner with Clara where we were discussing about my new book progress and aligning the timetable with everything that Clara had going on for me.

Where am I?

I groaned when I felt my feet were lifeless, my head was pounding thinking what the fuck is wrong with me when I know for sure that I didn't even drink that much. My eyes were busy looking at my surroundings. My body felt so lethargic that tried my hardest to get up but failed miserably.

What hell is happening to me? Why can't I move? Did someone drug me?

The room looked clean and simple, the air was a bit damp and musty as if no one has been living here in a while. I was laying down in a clean queen size bed. The lighting was dimmed, and that's when I realized the room had no windows. Fear gets to me immediately and I try to call out but nothing came out. I tried again and finally, I can hear my voice though, my mo
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