Suddenly Peter And Mary

Suddenly Peter And Mary

By:  Liv King  Completed
Language: English
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Heiress to a major publishing Company, recently graduated from college Marianne Navruz starts her first job as a personal assistant to Pyotr Rozanov, or just Peter, as she calls her boss. Mary didn't expect to get rid of the bad first impression she had of her boss, but after a year of working together, she discovered a kind, interesting and competent man. Focused and honest, Peter has worked hard to land the position of Editor-in-Chief of Book Review at Navruz Publications, but all that is threatened when his visa application is denied. Pyotr seems completely helpless, but Mary, determined to risk everything, learns the most terrible truth: She wasn't about to let him go.

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user avatar
Enjoyed reading. Thanks for a good story.
2023-07-21 16:04:48
user avatar
Lina Irano
Alguém sabe sobre a versão em português?! Não aparece mais na biblioteca ...
2023-06-24 16:35:01
user avatar
Lili Marques
I'm already loving the story! waiting for more
2023-03-09 06:51:30
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Aline Melo
Suddenly Peter and Mary It's a funny, light, and very enjoyable to read. Highly recommend!
2023-03-04 05:30:04
user avatar
J.P. Andrade
Totally captivating story! I recommend.
2023-03-04 00:39:36
user avatar
Karen Moon
Loving knows book! very good!
2023-03-03 21:47:20
82 Chapters
Chapter 01
MaryI was walking hurriedly toward the elevators of a large mirrored building on Madison Avenue. That was Navruz Publications, my father's publishing Company.It was my first day on the job and I didn't want to be late. I finally got in the elevator, I got my cell phone, breathing in relieved. It was three minutes to seven o'clock, I was going to be there in time.When my parents offered me this job, I got carried away, After all, that's why I graduated in journalism. But It wouldn't be easy just because I'm the heiress to the company, my mother insisted that I should learn the importance of hard work, and decided that I shouldn't start with a high position, but like any other recently graduated.That's how I ended up as personal assistant to Pyotr Rozanov, the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine Book Review.I kept thinking about how i'd give my office a more personal touch. Omar introduced me to the place last week, when I went to do the interview.Pyotr Rozanov seemed to be
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Chapter 02
MaryI grabbed my bag and went to get the coffee,following the corridors full of prying eyes towards me. I started hitting my feet impatiently while waiting for the elevator, thinking about what would wait for me from now on.Pyotr Rozanov, however, doesn't seem to be so bad. I meaning, Sometimes that Russian accent proves difficult to understand and he knows to be annoying, but he is still better than Stan Smith.Stan is the editor-in-chief of Politics magazine at Navruz Publications, he worked on the thirteenth floor and was a real pain in the ass.The last time I came back from college vacation, my dad decided I'd follow that week's development. I managed to get fired by Stan the first day without even being hired. If I had to work for him, it was possible that I'd give up my career."You know, that noise is very annoying” The blonde receptionist who was sitting at the table in front of the elevator commented."I'm sorry," I stopped."My name is Halley Dawson," she stood up and c
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Chapter 03
MaryI opened my eyes when I heard the ringing of my phone sound in the darkness of my room, the only light coming from the screen of the device.I swear this time I'm going to kill him."What do you want? " I murmured still drowsy, hearing the voice of the Russian sound natural.Doesn't he sleep?"Marianne, could you bring me a cappuccino with cinnamon tomorrow?"It's three o'clock in the morning, Peter," I growl," Couldn't you have waited to ask me that?”"I thought I'd wake you up too soon," he justified himself, making my exasperation rise.I sat on the bed, yawning."Peter, you woke me up now," I took a deep breath."But you can go back to sleep now," I felt a smile in your voice."I'll turn it off," I murmured."Good night, Marianne," he wished."You'll have a lot of whipped cream in your coffee tomorrow, Piatri," I've rolled my eyes."Please let's keep Peter," he scoffed before ending the callI threw my phone on the bedside table, falling on the bed again. It's been a year sin
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Chapter 04
Mary"So, how's the punishment going? "Halley's voice surprised me."I'm going to take the whipped cream out of his coffee," I sighed.“How did this happen? Where did all that determination to make him suffer go?” she laughed."I have to find another way to accomplish this," I suspected, "Any ideas?"What if you started calling him at dawn? " She suggested it as we returned."I'd rather sleep," I denied “Besides, I'm pretty sure he doesn't sleep.”" How about arranging a bizarre new way to pronounce Pyotr?” She smiled."He's gotten used to it," I bit my lower lip, stopping by the door leading to my living room, “I'll think of something by the end of the day.”I went back to Pyotr's office who was distracted reading a text I had separated for him. I walked up to his desk and grabbed the coffee cup, trying to take out all the whipped cream at once with the spoon."Let me leave, I will do it," the man raised his eyes toward me."Too late," I raised the spoon with the whipped cream and ca
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Chapter 05
MaryI followed her quietly to the table where my father and Paris were waiting for us. She was a columnist for Adweek, a popular business magazine. She got her job a short time ago and was already interviewing the Navruz family.Good for her!I've seen her walk around the building a few times, but I've never been interested in meeting her, or even interacting with her. She wore a neutral-colored outfit and had her blonde hair elegantly messy."There are the women of my life," Omar declared.He had changed clothes since he was in the office earlier, he wore a gray suit with white shirt and wine tie. A matching scarf with the tie and ruby cufflinks completed the look.Did he always need to dress like he was about to watch an opera?"Do you know Miss Thompson? "He gave me a kiss on the cheek and a quick kiss on my mother lips, before pulling the chair so she would sit down"Mrs. Navruz" Paris smiled, reaching out to my mother “Ms. Navruz.”"Call me Mary," I asked."I've already ordered
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Chapter 06
PyotrI was just finishing getting ready for work. I slept a little longer than usual and lost my time, which was not common to me. I took a black tie from the closet and rushed into the living room. Today would be an extremely busy day, it was a bad day to be late.I was about to leave the house when I remembered the papers I needed to take, with a thousand curses running through my mind, I went back to the room to pick them up, putting the tie and my briefcase on the couch. As soon as I had everything I needed, I left the house hoping it wasn't one of the days when Mary decides to be late for revenge for the early morning call.I followed the traffic of Manhattan, wishing, not for the first time, to live closer to the Publishing company. That town was hellish!Luckily the traffic wasn't as bad as it could be and half an hour later, I was parking in my parking space at Navruz Publications.I waited patiently for the elevator to go up to the twenty-fifth floor, wondering if Mary would
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Chapter 07
PyotrAbout an hour ago I got a call from Willian McAdams, a writer we had been trying to contact for an interview for some time. He had the afternoon off and would agree to meet with me to define some terms of the interview and dissemination of his new Novel.That left me with a little over fifty minutes to meet him at the restaurant he indicated.I looked for Mary and I couldn't find her.Shouldn't she be back from lunch by now?That's when I remembered that lunch would be with her parents. I had forgotten about it, and she could spend the rest of the day away.Well, he told me to treat you like an ordinary employee, didn't he?I picked up my phone while I was typing a message for Mary, hoping she'd respond. I went down to the garage and I was about to call her when she called me."Where are you? "I asked when answering"I'm sorry, my mother came and was in a hurry," Marianne shot to say, "I forgot to tell you I was leaving."It doesn't matter, where are you? "I got in the car, gett
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Chapter 08
MaryPyotr went to the office, leaving me there with Halley. Despite his lack of enthusiasm for celebrations, I was still excited. It wasn't hard to convince her to accompany Allie and me at a dinner party at the restaurant that Jacob Adams, Allie's fiancé, was working on at the time.It would just be a simple dinner. It wouldn't hurt for this annoying guy to accompany us. We work together on this, we should at least celebrate together too."Are we going straight from here? " Halley questioned it as I matched the details with Allie by cell phone."Yes, we'll meet Allie at The Helen's in half an hour," I explained.Pyotr's footsteps caught my attention, and I immediately turned towards him, attracting Halley's attention."Hey Peter, are you sure you don't want to join us? "I smiled invitingly in the hope of making the man have a little fun “last chance.”"Have fun today, Mary," he replied with a minimal smile on his lips, "See you tomorrow, Ms. Dawson.”"Until tomorrow, Mr. Rozanov," H
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Chapter 09
MaryMy alarm clock rang well before I expected, it looked like I had just closed my eyes. I looked around looking confusedly at the darkness that took over the room, taking a while to situate myself and understand that it was actually my cell phone that was ringing."It's after 3:00 in the morning, Peter," I moaned."Do you think I should wear a blue or green tie to the meeting tomorrow? "He asked casually."Peter, why are you picking ties at 3:00 in the morning? "I turned aside with a voice smothered by sleep, closing my eyes again."Which do you think would be better?” He insisted."Look, I'm going back to sleep, okay? " I declared in the midst of a yawn “Take both, I choose one tomorrow.”"Sleep well, Mary," I heard."Whatever," I murmured before I hung up.Will he ever stop doing that?I went back to sleep with my phone still in my hand, waking up the next day with a slight headache, which immediately irritated me. I wore a striped shirt and a midi skirt with a sandal and rushed,
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Chapter 10
PyotrI watched Mary head to the door, leaving me behind stunned. What just happened?I woke up ready to be fired and when I least hope I'm engaged? And engaged to my assistant, the daughter of my boss that I've spent the last year struggling to see only professionally!?"Aren't you coming, Peter? "Mary again asked to stop by the open door."Come on, Marianne," I walked up to her.On one thing she's right, it won't be bad to have a bride as beautiful as her."You know, you're going to have to stop calling me Marianne," she smiled victoriously" As my future husband, you need to be less formal.”"You were expecting this, weren't you, Mary?" I rolled my eyes."I had to ask you to marry me to make you call me Mary” She scoffed as we went back to the conference room "Now come on Pitra, time to act like a couple in love.”"It didn't come anywhere near this time, Mary," I couldn't help the smile from reaching my lips as I heard yet another failed attempt.I know she does it to provoke me. I
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