Surrogate Mother

Surrogate Mother

By:  Rizukariu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Tricked by someone, Audrey had a hot night in a hotel with Daniel Anderson, CEO of Anderson Corporation. To maintain his good name, Daniel is forced to marry Audrey. Their marriage was far from happy. Audrey was only considered by Daniel as a lust-fulfiller in bed. Not only that, Daniel also always accused Audrey of being the one who had trapped him all this time. To prove that Daniel's accusations were not true, Aydrey tried to find out what happened that night. However, she found herself pregnant. Not only that, she was also slapped by the shocking fact that the child she was carrying was the result of embryo injections from her husband and someone else. Which is the person closest to Audrey! So, what is the fate of Audrey's marriage to Daniel? What will Audrey do with the fetus in her womb?

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Thought provoking. Nice though
2023-12-09 01:08:33
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Elice channel
so far good
2023-11-04 20:53:31
87 Chapters
The Heartbreaking Reality
"Someone who your husband loves is me," Patricia said with a wicked smile, looking so satisfied.Audrey jerked awake, her breath catching with a racing heart. The words were so real to her ears.She remembered how Patricia, her sister, had met her earlier in the day and said that. Audrey's chest felt tight hearing it. She refused to believe what Patricia said, even though Audrey could see how her husband had treated her.It was so painful. Considering she had loved Daniel since childhood. Eleven years have passed and the feeling is still there for Daniel, but that man...Audrey held back tears every time she remembered Daniel's treatment of her. Generally, married couples will love each other and share their attention, especially when they are newly married, but that is not the case in Daniel and Audrey's marriage.It was as if she was a pest and Daniel was always trying to get away from her.They were like water and oil that couldn't mix. Daniel was always cold and rude to Audrey. He
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I Will Monopolize You
Daniel didn't care about Audrey's words. He chose to waltz out of the room, leaving Audrey with tears in her eyes.The next day."The results of the meeting, immediately send it to my email."Daniel walked in accompanied by his secretary. They had just finished a meeting with the Anderson Group's board of directors, discussing the development and opening of other branches in several major cities."Yes, sir.""One more thing. Last month's financial report, I want to check it.""I will prepare it, sir."Daniel nodded and entered his office on the 20th floor of the Anderson Group building.He took off his coat and draped it over the back of his chair.Daniel sat down, ready to get back to his daily work routine. Moments later, there was a knock on the door from outside and the secretary reappeared."Here, sir. There are some letters for you."Daniel nodded and let the secretary go after putting the stack of letters she was carrying onto the table.He took the letters and examined them on
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Humiliate Her
Audrey sat in front of the makeup mirror in her room. A make-up artist was arranging her hair in such a way, while another was applying bold glamorous make-up to her face.Her face is full of smiles as she wears a red evening gown with open shoulders."Wow, you are very beautiful, ma'am." So praised one of the maids helping her.Audrey blushed and smiled meaningfully. "Thank you," she said.She looked back at the mirror, then turned her body gracefully. A pair of stilettos were placed on her feet."Perfect!" said one of the maids who helped her with the stilettos."Mr. Daniel will surely be surprised by your beauty tonight."Audrey smiled. In her mind, she thought, of course! Not only would Daniel be surprised by her arrival tonight, but Patricia would also definitely widen her eyes.Audrey felt confident.Tonight, Audrey knew that Daniel was taking Patricia to dinner at a famous restaurant, to celebrate Patricia's birthday. Therefore, she would give a birthday surprise to the two peo
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Unexpected Happiness
“Daniel!"Audrey squealed in annoyance as Daniel continued to squeeze her body. The grip on Audrey's wrists tightened, and Daniel's eyes flashed with desire.He didn't care how much Audrey struggled.Every body movement created by Audrey made Daniel's libido increase. Even the sighs heard from the woman alone made Daniel's body hot.Now Daniel's hands roamed all over Audrey's upper body until the woman cringed and felt pain. Pressing her hard, channeling the desire that was always held back when he was only able to stare at Audrey's beautiful body from the outside.Audrey's eyes narrowed with a grimace. Daniel did not have a heart for her. He only used her as a tool to satisfy his lust. The man's tough demeanor did not once soften for Audrey. While in front of Patricia, Daniel's face instantly turned into an angel with all tenderness.Audrey cursed inwardly. Regretting the love she had given to a heartless man like Daniel. Even though he had done everything he could to show his love,
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Being In a Play
Waiting for Daniel's answer made Audrey bite her lip. Fortunately, the man's heavy voice was heard shortly."All right, I'm going home," he replied.Although his tone sounded forced, Audrey didn't care and developed a smile. Then she disconnected the phone and prepared to cook a special dinner.At exactly seven in the evening, Daniel came home. He appeared with a tired-looking face.Suddenly, Audrey's heart was tight. She just looked at her husband sadly.For the sake of Patricia, Daniel was willing to reduce his sleep hours just to look after the evil woman.While Daniel himself was surprised by his wife's current treatment.His wife had dressed up and served his favorite food, but Daniel decided not to care.No matter what the woman did, she would not be able to repay Daniel's disappointment with her.Daniel ate his food with no enthusiasm. Audrey just looked at him while giving a small smile. After a while, she picked up a small box and handed it to Daniel."Open it," Audrey pleade
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The Revelation of Secret
Daniel was surprised. Meanwhile, Audrey felt that emotions were filling her. How could they do such a stupid drama just to trick Daniel like this?"I can't watch my daughter suffer like this, Niel." Bryan's face was as sad as possible.Daniel was silent, but he could feel the sadness Bryan was showing.Bryan sighed for a moment, then seemed to want to continue his sentence. "Daniel, will you marry Patri-""NO!"Audrey screeched with emotion. She couldn't stand this anymore. With quick movements, she walked over to Patricia and pulled out the IV that was in her hand.Lidya squealed in surprise, as did Patricia who was not expecting Audrey's actions."Audrey!" Daniel shouted angrily at her and pushed Audrey's body away from Patricia."You've lost your mind, huh?!" His eyes flashed with emotion."They're just pretending, Daniel. They tricked you!" Audrey's tears fell. She was nine months pregnant and Daniel as a husband should not have pushed her so hard, just for another woman."You sh
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You Used Me!
"Audrey, Audrey! Nothing is impossible in this world. I can be a mother without giving birth."Patricia was happy to see Audrey's pale face at this time. Her laughter never left her face. She even deliberately made her laughter louder so that Audrey could no longer move.Meanwhile, Audrey was still standing while clutching Daniel's arm tightly, her face grimaced in pain, and cold sweat began to soak her forehead, but she did not take her eyes off Patricia.The woman must have just been bragging because she was annoyed that her lies had been exposed by Audrey."I don't believe it!" Audrey's voice sounded hoarse.Patricia shook her head lightly and smiled dismissively at Audrey."You don't know that Daniel's grandfather wants me to be his grandson-in-law, but I'm weak and can't get pregnant for now, so he suggested that I take an egg and combine it with Daniel's sperm, then implant the embryo in your stomach when you go to the hospital to check your body, so, dear sister, thank you for
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Realizing This Feeling Too Late
He looked expressionlessly at Lidya for a moment, then back at the emergency room door that was still lit up.Seeing that, Lidya was getting worried, Daniel didn't seem to care about Patricia anymore. Then he added. "Patricia was unconscious for a while, right now her condition is so weak, she needs you to be by her side, Daniel.""You can call a doctor to check on her," he replied nonchalantly."I did. It's just that she keeps calling your name. I felt sorry for Patricia who was helpless. Her face looks pale. She must be thinking about what Audrey said earlier. That child! Always causing trouble. If only Audrey hadn't come, maybe Patricia wouldn't have dropped like this. It was all Audrey's fault. She is responsible for Patricia's health."Daniel, who heard this, started to get annoyed. His hands were clenched into fists, holding back his emotions."That woma has never been able to see Patricia happy. Her heart is filled with jealousy. You'd better break up with Audrey. She doesn't l
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Marry On Condition
He really couldn't bear to see Audrey's current condition. All kinds of bad thoughts were now lodged in his head, but then Daniel shook his head to get rid of them.He had to believe that Audrey would be fine. Right now he could do nothing but let the doctors do their job properly for Audrey's recovery.Daniel, who was sitting on the waiting chair, unconsciously hit his head, causing him to wake up. He did not realize that he had fallen asleep. Daniel stood up and saw one of the nurses bustling in and out of the operating room.Seeing that, he immediately approached and asked what happened."The patient lost a lot of blood. And the blood supply in the blood bank is empty. The patient's blood is quite rare. So, we can't get a blood donor quickly."Daniel was shocked. He was getting weaker by the second. If Daniel had the same blood type as Audrey, he would have donated right now.From a distance, Lidya, who was spying on Daniel, heard the nurse smile. She hurriedly moved from there to
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The Name I Don't Want To Hear
Five years later.At the nursery school, a woman was seen glaring at two small children who were currently looking down in fear. Earlier, the woman had yelled at the two children for their misbehavior in bullying her son."I don't accept it, Sir. My Son is treated like this. Look, his body is red like this because he was hit." Mrs. Melly showed her son's body which was red from being hit.Alea and Kenziee, whom Mrs. Melly accused of injuring her son, did not dare to move. Even Alea seemed to be holding back tears at this point out of fear. Kenzie touched Alea's hand to stop her from crying."Sorry, Ma'am. For our negligence in monitoring. We will pay more attention in the future," said the principal regretfully.But Mrs. Melly still didn't accept. The look on her face still showed anger. "I want their parents to know about their children's behavior and apologize.""We've already contacted them and probably-""Mommy!" The principal's words were cut off as Alea called out to her mother
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