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Shalmali is an amnesiac and a mental patient. She doesn't remember her past life and ends up into the mental asylum. Meanwhile, in the same asylum, she is a witness of a crime that a goon named Dev did. Dev is a wanted criminal, a ruthless and dangerous fiery man, who goes against all odds when it's time for his crime. He kidnaps her. Unwanting, Dev falls for Shalmali and her innocence. What will happen when love will spark between these two, and how will Shalmali react to love, who doesn't even know the meaning of it? Will Shalmali be spared by dev or will she also be in his grasps like others who witness dev and meddles in his work? And will Shalmali be able to recall her past and gain her mental stability back? Will dev be spared by the police officials and leave his path of crime for Shalmali? The biggest point here is the mystery standout, where Shalmali gains the unknown letters and dev and Shalmali each of them having a horrible past, which is going to affect their future.

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1
Backstreet mental asylum, Golden high road, North India 701, Jammu. "For whom this letter is?" The receptionist on the table no. 4 was inquisitive about the letter just arrived. It had no name written on it, marvelling where it came from and who sent it. "Hello Doctor, our asylum has received an unknown letter with no name of the sender and no name of the receiver," the receptionist dialled to the main doctor of the asylum. "Did you check the address properly, is it ours?" inquired the doctor. "Yeah doctor I did check it 3 times before dialling you up, but there's no clue about it." "Ok, I'll come downstairs and have a look at it," he hung up. "Is it again for her? If it is again for her then who is sending her letters from past five years? Who is she and what does she hold?" the doctor's mind was flooding with numerous questions. While going downstairs he reminisced about the letters previously received. You are here for s
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Chapter 2
Dev ~ 'The poor man must have not comprehended the pain when his throat was slit. It was an immediate action and less severe death I think,' I reckoned. 'I think I saw a silhouette of someone glimpsing inside the ward. If they have come to know, the police will be here any minute. I should rush,' I aroused myself. I thought it would be better if I entered from the window rather than from the door. I was certain that somebody was there peeping inside. The person who saw me committing this action must have already informed the whole asylum that there's a murderer in here. Even the receptionist was looking at my face the way she will remember it well to give a sketch of me to the police. No fusses, I can find my way of evading. After all, executing so many crimes didn't bring me to the police, then how can I let them take hold of me now. They don't know my momentum. No matter how much they try they can never have me. And even if they have me I'll never surrende
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Chapter 3
Dev ~As it was the night time, the street in front of me was as solitary as the asylum, in which I got into deep turmoil. My escape was always very brisk, I don't know what got with it that it became so bothersome. I side-eyed her and she was seeming fine now, no howling nor trying to escape. I had covered a pretty far distance by gushing my car from the asylum. Stridulation of crickets could be heard and only the sound of silence was widespread. Don't know where I am going to take this girl.Each and every building's lights were close as I saw them, passing through my car. Every living being was swallowed in deep sleep. But the dogs, what's wrong with the dogs, that they are giving a loud cry. They are the only individuals present, who are making me feel that life on earth is still prevailing. My car is a black coloured Toyota, I had to buy it when I got lots of money from selling the cocaine packets to an international smuggling gang.
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Chapter 4
Dev ~The rigid surface of the rock was jostling my skin beneath my back. The rock was substantial enough for me to sleep on it.I squinted my eyes as the sun rays fell upon them before I was awake. My vision was blurry and the sun's light was faintly mixed with the haziness in my sight. I rubbed my palms on both my eyes and wide-opened them and sat awake on the rock. The sun was above me shining and glittering in its morning glory between the crowded trees. Quickly, I realised that I am beside the lake. The chirping noises of the birds distilled my ears and mind.The lake was glistening by the sun's shimmery light, giving it a golden yellow colour tinted with silvery crystalline glaze.For a moment, I forgot what happened the night before this amicable morning. Within a second all my memories crashed in my head like a truck hitting you unaware. My silent morning turned into a tense moment.Turning my head behind, I saw my car still at its place with her seated inside, asleep. I sough
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Chapter 5
Romil~Why is Commissioner sir not giving a thought about what I said? Am I a fool? Do I know Nothing? Then what's it?. He helps me every single time, he trusts me every time then, why not now?"Hello," I took out my phone from my uniform's pocket to see who called me. I learnt it was Commissioner sir."Romil.""Yes Sir""Where are you son?""I am here, just standing outside our police station.""Okay. Stay there. I am coming.""No sir, I'll come."Don't do any formalities now, come on, I am coming.""Okay sir," I hung up.I have known commissioner sir for a decade now. I was of age twenty when I joined the police force. That time he had just begun his duty as the Commissioner. Being of that age, I had just completed my graduation and gave exams to join the police. By God's grace, I was selected. I was the youngest there. Being naive, everyone uses to assist me and help me to learn different tactics and strategies. Of course, before joining the police I had taken training for about 6
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Chapter 6
Dev~The room was mesmerizingly decorated. A huge hall with tall ceilings boarded beautiful paper colourings hanging till 3 feet distance from above. In the middle of the room was a huge table set, with a neatly placed silk silver cloth, having a two-storey cake on it. The cake was delightful looking, pleasing to the eyes. It was white, completely white with fresh cream on it. It looked like a pure vanilla cake, without a bit of any other flavour or any other toppings to add to its beauty. Five candles placed in the circles on the cake lit unwavering.I mean how do they know that I am going to succeed in everything, even before completing the task. And of course, Vanilla cake is my favourite, they knew it.Seeing the room highly, hugely decorated, I was stunned. Not only the cake, but even the room was also completely white. I don't know why but the walls had red balloons hung on them. C'mon, I do not like balloons at all and I hated the colour they were in. I loved the only black and
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Chapter 7
Dev ~I came to a little far distance panting from the backyard, where still I can see it a bit tiny in my vision…Why the hell are they investigating me? I closed my eyes and thought and thought about what to do next. And finally reached on an idea.All the three were still standing near the door and were discussing something. I had never been angry with them. My violent nature is just for others and not my team. Sh*t what have I done? I thought about rubbing my hands on my face, feeling tense. Whatever it may be before they further investigate I'll succeed with my idea tomorrow before my boys wake up.Writers POV~The car stood at a deserted place, a dried arid land, like no rain has fallen since decades on it. "Sir, why have we come here?" Enquired Romil. "I'll let you know my boy," said the Commissioner. Instead of focusing on the case, he's brought me here, why? Romil's curiosity was on pique. "Here. This is the land where I had my first encounter with Dev. Can you see the bl
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Chapter 8
Dev ~I was startled by the thought that I've been caught. I turned away for a bit, shutting my eyes tight in regret. Why lord? Why? I know they must have been planning on me to catch me red-handed. I am a very bad actor, yesterday I did the worst acting. But, what should I have done? I have never been in this kind of situation before. I turned to face them, finally. "Boss, we asked you— who's she?" they repeated. Me, not wanting to utter anything, was forced to spill the beans. Touching my ear guiltily I replied, " she.. umm, she was just peering in here, I saw her and just wanted to throw her out.""Please boss, are you trying to fool us? We know it all. Please tell us the truth. Till when are you gonna hide it from us? " Mayank said frustratingly. "Yes boss, yesterday you told us not to open the door, and you have never said that. Were you hiding that girl?. If so, for what?" asked Raghav. "Okay fine." I sighed upon the fact that I have to tell them everything, every truth. T
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Chapter 9
Romil~Sir had told me a very different thing, which I still couldn't fathom. His face when he explained to me how we are going to take down Dev was metaphysical. The light on his face told me that everything's gonna be fine and we will be able to catch Dev one day or the other.But one thing was making me restless. Why did he choose this path of the plan and why not others? it's very very risky for the person who's going to do it. And fortunately and unfortunately both, I was sad and happy simultaneously, that person was not at all me. Obviously, questions raised why not me? He trusts me with his instincts then why not?Asking myself this question was also not proper as he had mentioned earlier he would not like to involve me in such dangerous matters. I stand at a very important point in his life, he considers me as his son, so it's baseless to ask such questions to myself about why not me?I remember he had also told me that— that person has a motive to do so and is equally intelli
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Chapter 10
Inside the asylum as usual there is complete silence. After Shalmali disappeared from there mostly the asylum remained quiet. She was the only one who would make lots of chaos and shout there. Here, in the asylum she was free because from the 5 years she was here, she was not frightened, instead she used to make others scared of her unusual behaviour. But, at Dev's place it was new for her and Dev was not the one who would get scared of her or people like her easily instead, he makes others' pants wet.The main doctor who was treating Shalmali arrived in the morning with lots of files in his hands. Everyone was quiet inside seeing him. After the incident happened and he took the whole asylum on his head going mad after Shalmali's disappearance nobody is free to talk with him. Everybody bowed low when he entered the main reception. They didn't even have the mouths to greet him good morning."Listen everyone,"the doctor called, stopping at the reception.Everybody was getting chills to
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