TGLES #1: Black and Red

TGLES #1: Black and Red

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TGLES #1 Xander Redent x Athena Lemiere Xander Redent is the son of Jordan Redent a.k.a the owner of the York Company which makes him very very rich. Not only rich but he was blessed with a brilliant brain and charming face. Of course with that package of perfectness, he's a playboy. Athena Lemiere is the daughter of Matthew Lemiere. Just like her dad, she's cold, tough and a rock head but she has her clumsiness from her mom which makes her very attractive. Her dream is to be a mechanic, she loves dealing with cars since she was a little kid. She can spend time in the garage for hours to learn about it.

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40 Chapters
Chapter 1
Athena LemiereI got out of my car and slung my bag to my shoulder. As usual, all eyes on me because I have a Lemiere as my last name. I opened my sunglasses and slipped it into my V neck shirt. I ran my right hand through my hair and winked to a few guys who were standing in front of the entrance of the school.I walked towards my locker and opened the lock with my gold card. I opened the locker and put my bag inside. Checking myself on the mirror and taking my favorite mint gum out of my pocket."I'll take that.""Isaac!" I hissed and turned my head to him who was already running away. I took another gum out from my bag and ate it. I looked at the books that neatly organize inside my locker and took a few books for my classes. I closed my locker and started to walk to cla
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Chapter 2
Athena LemiereAs soon as the bell rings, the students run out of the class right away which leaves us 3 inside the classroom. Mr. Ronnie walked out and I put all my books in my arms ready to go to my other class."What class do you have after this?" Xander asked."Math." I answered."We have the same class again." He said and he turned his head to Serena."How about you?""I have Chemistry." She said as wrapped her books in her arms. She gestured to us to go out from the class and we walked out."Xander!" Isaac and Ian greeted him with a big hug."How are you doing man?" My brother asked.
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Chapter 3
Xander RedentWhen my dad told me and my sister that we're moving to America, I hate the idea of it. I already feel comfortable living in London and the idea of moving out of the country is unimaginable.I was afraid to lose my good friends here, my routine, my comfort zone and everything about London actually. It's not that I'm afraid of not having friends in America, I have the Gold Lifes there but it's been a long time since I've seen them and it will be a little awkward even though they're my childhood friends."Hey, how's your first day at school?" My dad asked when I entered the house. He was reading something on his iPad and I walked towards him throwing myself to the sofa right across him."Great." I said flatly."You still
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Chapter 4
Athena Lemiere"Good job! That's my girl.." My grandfather a.k.a the great Nicholas Lemiere patted my head and I smiled to him. Since I was a kid, I watched him repairing old cars in his garage and I can watch him for hours and hours without being bored."Are you sure.. that you're giving this to me? Dad said you love it so much." I asked him as I pointed at the old classic car in front of me."You're my granddaughter and there's nothing wrong with giving something that I love for you." He smiled and I hugged him."You're the best." I said and he chuckled."There you are.. Why are you spending your time here rather than spending time with me?" My dad walked in and he briefly hugged my grandfather.
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Chapter 5
Athena LemiereI was enjoying my peaceful nap on the rooftop when suddenly I heard someone bursting the door open. I got up instantly and guess what? I found Isaac and Xander. I cursed at them and closed my eyes again."Athena?" I heard Xander called."What?""What are you doing here not in class?" Isaac asked."I'm taking a nap.""I'm telling dad." Isaac said and I gestured him to tell dad. I slowly sat up straight and opened my eyes to see Xander and Isaac looking at the view from our school."This is amazing." Xander said."I know right but it's going to rain soon so it will be suck." Isaac said and I put
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Chapter 6
Xander RedentI stared at my locker blankly completely still confuse about what just happened earlier. I kissed Athena Lemiere, I freakin' kissed Athena Lemiere and even asked her on a dated. What is this? a miracle or something?It was the moment when we got into the building after running through the rain together. She was all wet and her t-shirt was tightly stick to her body showing her beautiful curves. Her hair were all wet and she was putting her all to the back showing me her sexy neck line.I was holding my beast inside when we're going down to get a new fresh clothes. I gave her my black t-shirt hoping that with that I won't get out control. Instead of making me better, she ended up making my beast get more crazy. When she walked out from the toilet, she tied my shirt on her waist since it's a lot bigger.
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Chapter 7
Athena LemiereI don't know if God knows what I'm thinking or what, but my house is so clear. There's no one because everyone is busy with their own thing. My mom and dad have an important dinner to attend, Chase and Caleb have things to do with work and Isaac went golfing.I can go with Xander peacefully. I looked at myself in front of the mirror and I think I look okay. I wear a white turtle neck with a black skirt. I tied my hair up into a ponytail and put my A necklace on along with my simple circle earrings. I put my boots on and slung my small Chanel bag around my body.My phone rang and it's Xander. I picked it up right away."Hello.""Come out.. I'm right outside your house." He said.
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Chapter 8
Xander RedentAthena is not the type of girl that you can give flower and be impressed about it. She's not the type of girl that can be impressed by your cheesy words. She's not the type of person that you can easily get. She's not the type of person who will give you her heart easily. There's a long list for it.Spending time with her was amazing until I didn't even realize the time that passed. She's smart, kind and has a really open minded mind. Not to mention that she always pays attention to other people, she never stays on her phone while others are talking which I really love. Some girls will concentrate on their phones and ignore when other people are talking."You stare too much, Xander, I feel uncomfortable." She said and I chuckled looking away from her."Mr. Red
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Chapter 9
Athena LemiereI felt my head so dizzy as I got out of my car. My chauffeur gave me my bag and I gestured to him to go. I walked towards school not bothering to hide my bare face. I looked like a zombie. I sneezed and closed my eyes for a moment."Athena.. what happened?" Serena asked."I got cold.""Not you too." She said and I raised my eyebrows."Who got cold too?" I asked."Xander." Oh boy."You want to rest?" She asked and I nodded. She supported my body and lead me to the nurse room. We walked in and Xander was sitting there being check by the nurse."Athena? You too?"
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Chapter 10
Athena LemiereI opened my eyes because my phone rang so loudly. I got up slowly and walked towards my table to open my bag taking my phone out. It's Xander and I smiled before picking up the phone."Hey.""Am I waking you up?" He asked."No.. No." I lied."How are you feeling now?" He asked as I laid again on my bed."A little better, how about you?" I asked him back."Yeah.. getting a little better after a long sleep." He said and I chuckled."Our dad knew, Athena." My body froze that second."What?""Our dad knew.. about us
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