Chapter 122


“Enough, Eros….” A female appeared out of thin air, and the space around her sparkled, making my jaw drop.

She was so beautiful, like nothing I had ever seen, and the elegance yet gentleness in her features was calming my senses. “My child… Come here”

She laid out her hand, and I felt like I was hypnotized. I pushed myself off the ground and walked toward her, still in awe of her presence. She motioned for me to sit beside her, and I hesitated, unsure if I was allowed to.

Selene’s hand caressed my fur, and all the uncertainties of not being worthy to sit beside her flew away.

“Are you taking me back to the moon?” I asked in a soft voice.

“Not yet. I still need you here.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Catherine is not yet in a place where I want her to be.”

“Are you giving her more suffering? Isn’t it enough that she has suffered a lot already? Have mercy on her, Selene…”

“I wish I could stop now. But there are things I cannot tell yet. But I want you to trust me, Purity, a
Cassandra M

Super late update. I was so tired and just shut down without finishing, but here they are. I know you're all waiting for her POV, so I hope Purity didn't disappoint! Thank you for all the gems, lovelies! There are a few more hours left before all gems expire this month, so make sure to drop them off in your favorite book, and if you have more for Purity, I will gladly catch them on her behalf! *winks winks* Have a great weekend, lovelies!  💜🐺🌙

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goodnovel comment avatar
thank you for letting us know how Purity felt and my heart goes out to her
goodnovel comment avatar
Annette Barber
Cass u always go above and and beyond love ur work
goodnovel comment avatar
Lori Ramsdell
I’m a crying mess! Purity is such an amazing wolf. No wonder Selene and Eros have faith in her. It was such a beautiful moment when Purity again sacrificed her own happiness for her beloved human Catherine. She witness her sweet Cath & Tyler’s marking but without sharing with Black broke my heart!

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