Chapter 125


The males went out to the forest for a game of hunting, as it was the start of autumn and the hunting season in the human world had just begun.

I, on the other hand, was in Amara’s office. We just ended a video call with Lexi as we notified her of the furniture that arrived these past few days for the big nursery that we renovated.

It was the same nursery that Jace, Tyler, and Austin used when they were babies and the same one I had, but I was there alone during my time.

There were three rooms and a big receiving room that served as the play area. Each room was painted according to the parents’ preferences.

David and Lexi would be arriving in a few days, and we wanted it to be ready, so David and Colton could use them together.

While Amara and Lexi’s pups get to stay with them most of the nights, the idea of a nursery was still very welcome for the much-needed alone time between couples, although Lexi said she didn’t need that.

But aside from that, it would also be a
Cassandra M

For those who want to relive the memory of Catherine at eight years old asking her dad for a dead deer, it can be found in the book He's My Alpha - Epilogue (1). 💙

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Lyn Novel
Oh, the good news coming about the council and the traditions these guys always look into to express their love tho their mates. Tyler is such a darling and a sweetheart like his father. He never fails to prioritize Catherine’s happiness. Such a perfect mate.
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Beautiful moment Cath! Once again
goodnovel comment avatar
Amazing chapter! Thanx for the update!!!

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