Chapter 128

“To the Moon and the stars that aligned in our favor.”


“Tyler!” One scream and my whole world turned upside down.

It was time.

I came home late from accompanying my Alpha to meet Alpha Nicolo - his and Catherine’s second cousin from Aunt Clair’s side and the current Alpha of the Night Howlers Pack.

Our pack and theirs had never had a good relationship, starting from the time when Alpha Thelon, Uncle Jake’s grandfather, took in Camilla and David as his pack members.

From then on, many more challenges happened between the two packs, which just fired up the animosity between the Alphas.

But Nicolo, after he took over as Alpha of their pack, extended a hand and offered a truce with Jace. Nothing was finalized, and we were letting our guard down. Like Jace said, in time, everything would be revealed if the old wounds could still be sewed and mended.

After the meeting, we headed home right away, as we knew Catherine could be giving birth anytime.

She was already having co
Cassandra M

Lovelies, thank you for reading. The next chapters are already the epilogues. I am quite emotional right now, as it took me 4months to write this book (ongest for a BSP/ABC series), and with so many emotions and beautiful characters that pop out from this book, it will be a challenge to write another one. This is not the end yet, as we have two beautiful epilogues coming (on Saturday, if not tomorrow), but I already want to say thank you for sticking around. This is just book two, and the series has more books to go. I hope you will stick around to learn more about the second generation. Thank you for all the lovely gems. We are at 36k gems, beating the gems for other books in the series (first and second gen), and I hope you will continue to shower us with more until the end. 💜

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Comments (29)
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Nikita Styles
Such emotional chapters, crying happy tears here. As always, Casssndra delivers the best HEA in her stories.
goodnovel comment avatar
Lori Ramsdell
I can’t imagine what emotions you went through writing this. Your characters are so beloved to me . They’re like family. Your babies Cass are amazingly strong, sensitive, fierce, just fabulous! Thank you so much for pouring your heart and soul into your books! Love your writing! Can’t wait for more!
goodnovel comment avatar
Emma Reid
Wow such a beautiful HEA for our incredible beta couple. Cass your series is everything xxx

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