Chapter 127

Seven Months after the Beta Union.


My body stirred awake at the sound of an approaching car. I had no idea that I had fallen asleep because I’d been waiting for Tyler and my brother to come home.

I was glad I left the window open so I could hear them.

My lashes fluttered before I was finally able to open my eyes and stare blankly at the dark ceiling while my heart continuously thudded loudly.

My mind was still in a daze, but by impulse, I shoved my blanket off my body and rose to my feet. I made my way to the window, wanting to be sure if it was them that came home.

I drew the curtains to peer down at the packhouse ground and saw Jace’s car and another one behind him.

They were back.

I closed my eyes because this moment felt like something I had experienced.

Did I have deja vu?

My heart thundered as I swallowed hard, trying to remember a particular memory from my head, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

No, it can’t be. What was happening?

The second car
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Emma Reid
Wow a man who reassures and loves her through it all- perfection xxx
goodnovel comment avatar
Lyn Novel
Thank you Tyler for reassuring out Catherine. She feels so hard in letting go that moment. Both of you are really perfect and made for each other of how you fought the love that is yours from the very beginning <3 . I think, Cath is really having a twins:)

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