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I wasn’t expecting Cyrus’ outburst, and no matter how I tried to tell myself I would not let it affect me, I couldn’t.

I knew I was wrong on many levels.

I didn’t like Eugene, and I knew how many Omegas he had pushed into his room over the years, but I kept turning a blind eye. Now, I was not even sure if he touched River, but I wondered if River told Cyrus something that made him so furious that I was not letting Eugene go.

Obviously, I had my plans. I wanted him out, but I wanted to wait until I became an Alpha. But who would be my Beta? I had no idea.

Cyrus was right. I was only planning for myself to get the title, but nothing for my pack. I was just like my father, not caring who would be the people in my ranks as long as he was Alpha.

I didn’t want to admit it, but Cyrus’ outburst opened my eyes to many things. So, even if my pride hit the floor, I followed him to his office after he walked out on me and requested to have another word with him.

We talked calml
Cassandra M

Here are two for tonight. I don't think we will be able to wrap up this story in one chapter ( as I mentioned, it will be 20 chapters only, lol!). So I will not say anymore how many chapters are left unless we are already almost at the end! Thank you for waiting and for all the gems!💜 

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Monica Digrindakis
Cassandra we miss you! Please update
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Valerie Bocachica
Love them all...
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Love your writing. I have gone back and reread the "parents " final chapters many times you have a way of writing that makes us invested !!

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