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Two days had gone by swiftly, and all the packs I needed to visit were visited. Most of them were great encounters, while some were charged to experience.

Overall, I could say that I was able to accomplish what I wanted with this task.

This was the first time my father had let me meet Alphas on my own to renew alliances for the next year. I told him I wanted to add more packs to the list, and he told me to do whatever I wanted.

I was sure he would be surprised if he found out what packs I visited.

Eugene was supposed to come with me on this trip, and I was grateful Alice showed up, so I changed my plan. I was sure that aside from having Alice around being more pleasurable, having Eugene along would be more catastrophic than helpful.

Aside from Cyrus, Alpha Dominic and the Alpha of the Green Valley Pack, Alpha Caleb, laid out the same condition. If I took Eugene as my Beta, there would be no possibility of any alliance with them. I knew they were conspiring against me
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goodnovel comment avatar
He's so sweet I hope they overcome his parents
goodnovel comment avatar
Martha Kirkpatrick
Love this chapter! Kenneth is going to be a great Gamma. Now Josh needs to kick out Eugene. Hopefully his dad will hand over the Alpha position to Josh. Yep Josh will stand up to his Mother.
goodnovel comment avatar
Laura Montesinos
oh this is such a sweet hot chapter lol. I know there's more steam to come

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