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‘Dad?’ I mindlinked with my father.

‘Where are you? I heard you entered the border almost thirty minutes ago.’

‘Heading to the old packhouse. Alice and I will stay there for tonight.’

‘And why?’

‘Mom doesn’t want her around.’ I answered truthfully.

‘She will come to terms with it.’

‘Just let her for now. I don’t want her to feel Alice is a threat to her being the Luna of her own house.’

‘She is the Luna here for a fucking twenty years. What more does she want?’ He sounded annoyed, and I was sure they had quarreled again.

‘Maybe if you made her feel like real Luna for the last twenty years, then she wouldn’t have this animosity toward Alice.’

‘What was that supposed to mean?’

‘You know what it means, Dad. Probably time to make your Luna feel like your Luna and not just a female you have hanging around you at the packhouse.’ There, I finally said it.

I hated Mom when she acted wickedly and tried to run my life for me, but I also saw what Dad was doing to her throu
Cassandra M

Here's for today, thank you for waiting! 💜 Full Moon is coming up and we have an Alpha visiting Eclipse Pack soon!

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Eugene going out during the full moon to get laid is a giant reg flag
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I totally love how much both Joshua and Alice have changed, and for the better, since they met and also agreed to give the mate bond a chance 🫶🏻🫶🏻!! Joshua has learned to be so romantic, caring & thoughtful & Alice! River has started coming out of her shell since she’s met Alice!!
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Annette Barber
I think it will be Alice brother looking for her

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