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The dinner went without any problem, only because my mother did not join us.

She advised that she had a bad headache and wanted to retire to bed early. I knew it was all a lie. My mother had never been sick and hadn’t missed any family dinners where she could establish that she was the Luna of the pack. So tonight was the first time, and it only went to show that my mate was still not welcome in this packhouse.

But I could care less at this point. Dad was more welcoming and was conversing with both Alice and Roan. Either he was warming up to the idea that Alice would be his future daughter-in-law, or he was excited about a possible alliance with their pack.

Roan casually asked him when he thought he would pass the title to me. If my father was taken aback by his question, he didn’t show it and answered him in a calm manner.

A year from now — that’s what he said — a month after my twentieth birthday.

I then asked Dad if it was a concrete plan or if it could still change
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Hmmmm??? What does Kairo want? And the ugly green monster is rearing its head lol!!
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Lori Ramsdell
This should be interesting! Thx for the update!
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i smell trouble

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